will new batteries make laptops truly mobile?

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
The current laptop or laptop has a major hurdle to overcome: short battery life.
Despite the sleek style and improved performance of the laptop, it has never been a real mobile device.
Since the average available power of the battery is about 3 to 5 hours, most laptops are limited in time for electric hugs that are warm away from the wall plugin.
As most laptop owners will prove, when you send all the important commercial emails or watch your favorite movies, running out of power is always high on the worry sheet.
In today\'s jargon---
Time is too long!
Of course, with the advent of new technologies, the situation is improving (dual-
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The battery life of users using laptops is getting longer and longer.
But even if the laptop becomes smaller and more efficient, the short battery life is still a limiting factor for most laptops.
The problem hit the hardest on gaming laptops full of power consumption.
Try to play a game or watch a movie on your favorite beach and you will understand why the laptop battery is in urgent need of overhaul.
There is no doubt that the laptop manufacturer has been aware of the problem and the help may be relieved on the way.
In fact, the power solution
The challenge laptop is already here.
New technologies are back in the rescue.
The battery life of laptops and all handheld electronics is short and may be solved by two new sources of energy: Micro-fuel cells and printable solar cells.
The micro fuel cell can use fuel such as alcohol or methanol, which can provide 10 times the power of traditional batteries by only 1/20.
Ideal for laptops or laptops.
The fuel it actually burns can be quickly replenished by simply refilling the tank or replacing the new fuel box.
As we all know, it takes a few hours to charge a traditional battery, and it takes only a few seconds for this new battery to charge or refuel.
One of the main leaders of this new technology is MTI and its Micro mobilon®Wire-
Could replace the free power pack for lithium ion batteries.
These use direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC).
These creatures are expected to account for nearly 22% of all handheld devices by 2011.
If these new micro-fuel cells are accepted by the public who purchased them,
Before that day, you can say goodbye to your lithium ion battery!
Read more about the micro fuel cell here: http: More promising is the printable solar cell that can be folded up or wrapped in a laptop, provide them with renewable energy and electricity.
One of the leaders of this new technology is Konarka.
They produce a flexible lightweight photovoltaic plastic material that can provide solar energy for any device.
Since sunlight is not always available, Konarka technology uses all types of light, including indoor light, to generate electricity.
These low-priced printable solar cells can have a number of applications, including power supplies for laptops.
Cheap, renewable and rich.
Read more about photovoltaic solar cells here: http: what we may see in the future is a mix of the two technologies, micro-fuel cells and photovoltaic solar cells, working in tangents, provide never-exhausted energy for laptops.
Unlimited Power anytime, anywhere.
Micro fuel cells and printable solar cells will give the laptop the freedom and power you need to use anytime, anywhere.
These new energies will eventually make laptops truly portable.
It will also make the internet truly wireless, mobile and ubiquitous.
Death of thought!
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