Why is ternary lithium being used in the market? What are the advantages of ternary lithium-ion batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-19

I believe that many friends who are concerned about electric vehicles will not be unfamiliar with the ternary lithium-ion battery. The famous Tesla uses this kind of battery. The domestic battery giant BYD has been using lithium iron phosphate batteries for a long time in the past, and announced in the second half of this year that it will also focus on the development of ternary lithium-ion batteries. So, what exactly is a ternary lithium-ion battery? Why has it suddenly become the darling of power lithium batteries?

The ternary polymer lithium ion battery refers to a lithium ion battery that uses lithium nickel cobalt manganate (Li (NiCoMn) O2) ternary cathode material as the cathode material, and the ternary composite The cathode material precursor products are made of nickel salt, cobalt salt, and manganese salt. The ratio of nickel, cobalt, and manganese can be adjusted according to actual needs.

Safety is the top priority

The ternary lithium-ion battery is characterized by high energy density and higher voltage , So the battery capacity of the battery pack of the same weight is larger, the distance of the car is also greater, and the speed can be faster. But its weakness lies in its poor stability. If there is an internal short circuit or the positive electrode material meets water, an open flame will appear. Therefore, generally 18650 batteries will have a layer of steel protection. Since Tesla’s battery pack is composed of about 7000 18650 batteries, although Tesla has carried out all-round protection for the battery pack, it is in the extreme In a collision accident, there are still potential fire hazards.

The reason for this is that the two materials decompose when they reach a certain temperature. The ternary lithium material will decompose at a lower temperature of about 200 degrees, and the lithium iron phosphate The material is around 800 degrees. And the chemical reaction of the ternary lithium material is more intense, it will release oxygen molecules, and the electrolyte will burn rapidly under high temperature use, and a chain reaction will occur. To put it simply, ternary lithium materials are more likely to catch fire than lithium iron phosphate materials. But it should be noted that we are talking about materials, not batteries that have become finished products. , The ternary polymer lithium-ion battery does have better characteristics than the iron phosphate lithium-ion battery, but why its development has been hindered? The key to the development of new energy vehicles is also the key battery development that plagues mobile digital products. How to ensure that battery technology can meet the growing needs of consumers under safe conditions is not only the pursuit of automotive technology-related industry personnel, but also scientific research workers in the entire field.

When it comes to buying new energy vehicles, most consumers may think of preferential policies the first time. Although this is a bit embarrassing, it is indeed a very real reason. In the domestic sales environment, the need for new energy vehicles to open up is not only because of the long-term mission of environmental protection. The advantages of new energy vehicles in terms of selling prices and maintenance costs have indeed attracted most consumers who still focus on vehicle costs at this stage.

However, some consumers may temporarily stop their curiosity about new energy vehicles for some reasons. This is because they will be spontaneously ignited by new energy vehicles. The event has lingering fears. And this is exactly why the author writes this article today. It is necessary to understand the fundamentals of new energy vehicles-the pros and cons of energy modules, and do not understand the points to be noted during use, it is actually no different from buying a timely bomb and putting it around.

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