Why does a rechargeable battery wear out quickly and how to prevent it?

by:CTECHi     2020-01-28
Extend the life of your rechargeable battery!In this article, learn more about how to extend the life of rechargeable batteries!All kinds of rechargeable batteries-nickel-metal hydrogenation, lead-acid, zinc oxide, lithium-Ions and other substances are made from volatile chemicals that they change.The number of electrons they hold will change, which is how they hold and supply energy.They also have some maintenance needs that can cause the battery to wear out quickly if not met.
In general, the more times you charge a rechargeable battery, the faster the battery wears out.Over time, the materials in these batteries also degrade and accelerate when these materials are constantly charged.It is often said that the rechargeable battery has begun to degrade once it has left the manufacturing plant.
So, when you buy the battery, be sure to buy the newly made battery.For NiMH batteries, it is good to charge them in a loop every two weeks.I mean, you need to fully discharge and charge them.
The new NIMH also takes two or three cycles to achieve maximum performance, so make sure to discharge and fully charge in the first few uses.This makes crystal architectureOn the Nickel Plate of the battery.These crystals form short circuit, reducing the voltage output of the battery.
For Lithium-Ions, you shouldn\'t let them lose their charge.The battery pack becomes unavailable when they lose all their charging.To restore these batteries, just let them vibrate.
I mean force the current through the battery.To do this, find the DC (DC) power supply and set it to 5 V, then connect the positive () and negative (-) The terminals of the source are respectively given to the battery.Disconnect after 5 minutes.If you have an old LeeYou still want to use it, but can\'t use it because it\'s dead.
You can do this technique and see if it\'s back up.Keep this in mind: you can only continue charging if the voltage of the alkaline battery is not less than 1 volt.If it does, it may become hopeless.For all other batteries, it is good practice to always fully discharge before charging.
When you charge them, don\'t partially charge them and fill the battery with power.Some batteries like lithium batteriesIons can tolerate partial charging, but this will wear out quickly if the battery is not partially charged.Update!A new study on lithium-based batteriesLithium ion or lithium ion.
They found that it\'s better to charge them when they\'re around 20They charge 50%.Repair charges should be made once a month.To do this, please fill the battery from below 20%.
Stay 15-For safety, within the range of 19%.And don\'t overcharge the lithium battery
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