Who can go further with the same capacity lithium battery or lead-acid battery?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-12

It is understood that the internal resistance of lithium batteries is slightly larger, the discharge curve is relatively stable, and the speed difference between front and rear is relatively uniform; the internal resistance of lead-acid batteries is small, and the speed is relatively fast at the beginning, but it will decrease as the voltage drops. The comparison between the two is based on the discharge curve and the journey. It should be that the lithium battery will be a little longer. For example, if the lead-acid battery is determined to slow down the discharge, it can also add some mileage (the momentary big electricity exiles electricity, because The electrolyte in the plate vacancies is quickly diluted, and more than 90% of the lead sulfide molecules in the solution outside the plate holes have no time to diffuse into the plate vacancies. In this way, the specific resistance of the solution in the plate holes will increase, and the terminal voltage will drop significantly), The quality of other lithium batteries with the same capacity is only 1/5-1/10 of that of lead-acid batteries, so it is certain that lithium batteries have a longer mileage than lead-acid batteries! 1. Lead-acid batteries have a low cost, a mature receiving mechanism, low internal resistance, low working requirements, no need to protect the circuit, and almost no maintenance, so the foundation is lead-acid under severe conditions. Batteries are not lithium batteries, such as car starter batteries, field generator starter batteries, today's popular electric vehicle batteries, UPS batteries, etc., but there are also low specific capacity, high quality and volume, and low charging capacity. In the future, with the growth of lithium batteries, the path of lead-acid batteries will become narrower and narrower. 2. The benefits of lithium batteries must be experienced by the masters personally. Notebooks, mobile phones and various digital products are now equipped with lithium batteries as standard! Although errors and errors are well-known, problems such as bulging, burning and explosions are endless (the respondent repaired an IBM server that damaged the server’s RAID card due to a lithium battery bulge), and even avoided one of Samsung’s due to this problem. The model of mobile phone on the plane, it can be seen that its power is actually too huge. . . . But until now, there is still no battery that can exceed lithium batteries in terms of capacity and charging times, especially ternary lithium batteries. Although BYD’s lithium iron phosphate batteries are more secure, the gap in capacity can still only solve a part of the problem. Forget about it. (Probably super capacitors will shine in the future) Therefore, the best choice must be lithium batteries. Today's battery management units are gradually improved, and the battery care, balance and thermal management are getting better and better, although you don’t want to I feel that the popular lithium batteries for electric vehicles have hot treatment, but there are no ones, only those on electric vehicles. The quality of the balance protection board of the popular lithium battery pack is better, thank God! When we use lithium batteries, we should also pay attention not to over-discharge them frequently. Although there are protective plates, it is not suitable to use them against the lower limit each time. Please be careful not to mix them with lead-acid chargers when charging. Professionals should not disassemble and repair the lithium battery pack by themselves. Other special attention should be paid to the fact that some types of lithium batteries will suddenly decay when the voltage is too low under low-current use without care, that is, charging cannot be saved. Don't leave it idle for a long time or charge it for a long time. This is the same as the care of lead-acid batteries. The battery will be useless if it is too long.

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