Which is better than polymer power bank and lithium battery power bank?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-22
Is there anything I can buy a power bank, right? The bigger the better! Isn't it all that stuff? Another important question is whether to buy a power bank is better to buy a lithium battery or a polymer? 1. My phone’s battery is low, and I often miss a lot of calls because it’s out of power. What you need is a 4400mAh~6600mAh power bank. The larger the capacity of the power bank, the heavier it is, and it is not very convenient to carry. The larger the capacity of the power bank, the longer it will take to fully charge. A 10000mAh power bank will take about 12 hours to be fully charged. Do you have time to fully charge it? If there is no time to fill it up, what is the difference between buying a smaller one? 2. I often play on the phone and often run out of power. You need a 10000mAh~12800mAh power bank. There are 20,000mAh ones on the Internet, why don’t you recommend me to buy such a big one? Um... how long do you plan to spend to fill it up? 24 hours? Can you charge your phone without a power bank for 24 hours? 2. My mobile phone battery is 3000mAh, buy a 10000mAh power bank, you can charge 3 times, right? Generally, the power bank contains lithium batteries, and the power is transferred from the lithium battery to our mobile phone battery. There is a conversion rate, which is about 70%. In other words, for a 10000mAh power bank, the amount of power that can be transferred is 7000mAh. If your mobile phone battery is 3000mAh, it should be able to charge twice. 3. I heard that there is a power bank with a false label. Fictitious bidding is to mark a number higher than the actual capacity to deceive consumers. For example, a 4400mAh power bank is labeled as 6600mAh. In your actual use, you may feel little difference. 70% of 4400 is 3080, 70% of 6600 is 4620, which is 1540 less than the capacity of a battery. And when you usually use it, you often plug in the power bank to play, and you are still consuming the power of the power bank when you play, so the seller only needs to explain it a little bit and it will be fooled. How to distinguish it? Fully charge the power bank and calculate how many batteries can be charged at a conversion rate of 70%. Don't play with the phone while charging. It is best to turn off the battery at night. In this way, you can know if it is a false mark. 4. Which is better for power bank lithium battery or polymer? Turnip greens, all have love. Compared with lithium battery power banks, the main advantage of polymer chargers is that the thickness is much thinner and will never explode (lithium batteries may explode, you will know by Baidu), the conversion rate is slightly improved, and it can probably reach Around 73%-75%. Which one you choose is entirely your personal preference. If you like new technology and safety, buy a polymer power bank.
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