What is the significance of the protection board of the lithium battery pack?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-10

Lithium battery protection board protects the battery from over-discharge, over-charge, over-current protection, and output short-circuit protection. How to buy a high-quality battery protection board? Chuangfa Technology Co., Ltd. kindly reminds you that there are lithium battery protection boards Meaning is very important. Now let’s introduce:

First, the composition of the protection board

  The reason why the lithium battery (rechargeable type) needs protection is determined by its own characteristics. Because the material of the lithium battery itself determines that it cannot be overcharged, overdischarged, overcurrent, short circuit, and ultra-high temperature charging and discharging, when the lithium battery component always follows the specified value, it immediately controls the MOS switch (tens of milliseconds) to turn off To protect the safety of the battery cell. NTC is the abbreviation of Negativetemperature coefficient, which means negative temperature coefficient. When the ambient temperature rises, its resistance decreases. The use of electrical equipment or charging equipment can respond to and control internal interruptions in a timely manner to stop charging and discharging. ID memory is often a single-wire interface memory, ID is the abbreviation of Identification. The meaning of identification, storage of battery type, production date and other information. Can play a role in product traceability and application restrictions.

Second, the main function of the protection board

   generally requires Control (IC) to detect and control cell voltage and charge and discharge at -25℃~85℃ The working current and voltage of the loop, under all normal conditions, the C-MOS switch tube is turned on, so that the cell and the protection circuit board are in a normal working state, and when the cell voltage or the working current in the loop exceeds the comparison circuit in the control IC When setting the value, within 15-30ms (different control ICs and C-MOS have different response times), the CMOS is turned off, that is, the cell discharge or charging loop is closed to ensure the safety of the user and the cell.

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