What is the power lithium battery? Where is the gap between domestic and foreign power lithium batteries?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-02
As the core component and power source of new energy vehicles, power lithium batteries occupy an important position in the new energy vehicle industry chain. It is not difficult to understand why in addition to power lithium battery suppliers, major mainframe manufacturers have begun to join this market competition non-stop. So in this crowded capital market, what is the status quo of Chinese companies? Compared with the old Japanese and Korean power lithium battery giants, what is the gap? 1. What is the power lithium battery? The power lithium battery is the power source that supplies the power source for the tool. It mostly refers to the battery that supplies power for electric cars, electric trains, electric bicycles, and golf carts. It is importantly different from the starter battery used to start the car engine. Most use valve-sealed lead-acid batteries, open-mouth tubular lead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Power lithium battery features: high energy and high power; high energy density; high rate partial charge state (HRPSOC) cycle use; wide operating temperature range (-30~65°C); long service life, requiring 5-10 years ;Safe and reliable. 2. What is the gap between domestic and foreign power lithium batteries? 1. Joint ventures with OEMs are the mainstream. Speaking of the current representatives of power lithium battery companies in my country, it is inevitable to escape the two giants of the Ningde era and BYD. Judging from the cumulative domestic power lithium battery installed capacity data from January to October this year, CATL is far ahead of other battery manufacturers with a total installed capacity of 13.2GWh, with a market share of 37.97%, while BYD ranks second with 8GWh. Occupy 23.06% of the market share. Other companies such as Guoxuan High-Tech, Guoneng Battery, Wanxiang, Tianjin Gateway, and AVIC Lithium Battery have shared the remaining shares, and their achievements are not bad. Take Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the four most important sales markets for pure electric vehicles in China. In addition to Shenzhen, where BYD’s headquarters is located, CATL has achieved in-depth cooperation with local powerful vehicle companies in three other cities. In Beijing, as a supplier of BAIC New Energy, the share of Pride jointly established by CATL and BAIC Group is very stable; in Shanghai, many models of SAIC Group have adopted CATL batteries, and they have also established a joint venture with it to establish a power lithium battery. Batteries and recycling companies; In Guangzhou, CATL also formed two joint ventures with GAC Group in the field of power lithium batteries. First of all, BYD is the only car company among the top ten companies in terms of installed capacity to independently master power lithium batteries; second, since the first half of this year, BYD has been focusing on the divestiture of power lithium batteries. It is expected at the end of 2018 or early 2019. It will be split and will no longer be self-sufficient; at the same time, BYD also plans to independently list its power lithium battery company from 2022 to 2023 to raise funds for expansion. By then, the market's explosive power must be amazing. 2. What is the focus of the comprehensive strength contest? At this stage, European, American, Japanese, and Korean companies are vying to lay out the power lithium battery category. Among them, European and American companies place more hopes on all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries with higher energy density or next-generation lithium-ion batteries (such as lithium-sulfur batteries and lithium-ion batteries). Li-air battery, etc.) on the body. In the current generation of lithium-ion battery technology, the three-legged pattern of China, Japan and South Korea will only consolidate rather than weaken. However, with the opening of foreign investment conditions in the field of new energy vehicles and power lithium batteries, the CATL and BYD are the representatives. Can domestic power lithium battery companies compete with Japanese and Korean battery giants? In the end, where is the overall strength of battery companies to be compared? As a well-known leader in cylindrical batteries, Panasonic’s NCA material 18650 battery has a maximum cell energy density of 250Wh/kg, and the 21700 cylindrical cell used in Tesla Model 3 has a cell energy density of 340Wh/kg, which is currently in the market. The battery with the highest energy density. Most of LG Chem’s power lithium batteries are designed with laminated soft packs. Its 2020 target for the energy density of single cells is 270-280Wh/kg, which is 50% higher than the current mass-produced energy density. However, it can be seen from the above comparison that in terms of the actual battery capacity density, except for the clear gap between Panasonic’s 21700 cylindrical battery and LG Chem’s power lithium battery, the remaining gaps are not very large. When choosing, the price becomes an important reference factor. In addition to the difference in power lithium battery technology and price, in the entire power lithium battery industry, LG Chem has distinct advantages in the vertical layout of the industrial chain. LG Chem has extensive research and rich products in the front-end materials, middle batteries, downstream packs, supporting bMS, and even the motor and electronic control of the core components of the vehicle. This has also made LG Chem become Battery supplier to almost all mainstream new energy automobile manufacturers in the world. Summary The above is the whole content of Xiaobian explaining to you what power lithium batteries are and where is the gap between domestic and foreign power lithium batteries. In fact, the dispute between China, Japan and South Korea in the power lithium battery industry is, in the final analysis, a comprehensive contest of the strength of the industrial chain of various countries. Although the current domestic industrial chain layout is not perfect, fortunately, CATL has taken the lead in grabbing a considerable market share through the establishment of joint ventures with powerful vehicle companies, and the cooperation with them has also fostered the CATL to a certain extent. It is not impossible for the core supplier’s thinking to gather forces in the future to build a company with strong strength, a complete industrial chain, and a clear vertical and horizontal layout.
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