What is the life of lithium manganese oxide battery?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-25
When we talk about lithium manganate, we say that it has a spinel structure. This refers to the crystal shape that it is used in lithium-ion batteries. When lithium manganate is not used in lithium-ion batteries, it has a layered structure. Relatively speaking, the spinel structure is more stable than the layered structure (although based on chemical properties, it seems that the stability of different shapes in geometry can also be thought of), so the spinel structure is still used in practical applications. The number of cycles of lithium manganate batteries can generally reach more than 800, and the life span is not shorter than that of traditional lead-acid batteries. In addition to lithium manganese oxide, lithium cobalt oxide and ternary lithium ion battery positive electrodes are also spinel structures, but the spinel structure of lithium manganese oxide is very distinctive compared with its two counterparts, namely: advantages and disadvantages Both are very prominent. Its advantages are: low temperature resistance, good rate performance, and easy preparation. The disadvantages are: the material itself is unstable and needs to be mixed with other materials, poor high temperature performance, poor cycle performance, and fast attenuation. These shortcomings of lithium manganate come from the characteristics of manganese. However, due to the widespread existence of manganese, it has obvious cost advantages. Lithium manganate battery refers to a battery that uses lithium manganate as the positive electrode. The nominal voltage of lithium manganate battery is 2.5~4.2v. Lithium manganate battery is widely used because of its low cost and good safety. Lithium manganate battery parameters Output voltage range: 2.5~4.2v Nominal capacity: 7500mAh Standard continuous discharge current: 0.2C Maximum continuous discharge current: 1C Working temperature: Charge: 0~45℃ Discharge: -20~60℃ Lead model: National standard line UL3302/26#, line length 50mm, white line is 10KNTC protection board parameters: (each parameter can be set according to the customer's product) overcharge protection voltage/each string 4.28±0.025V overdischarge protection voltage 2.4±0.1V overcurrent value: 2~4A lithium manganate battery voltage range Lithium manganate battery refers to a battery that uses lithium manganate material for the positive electrode. The nominal voltage of the lithium manganate battery is 2.5~4.2v. The lithium manganate battery has low cost and good safety. being widely used.
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