What are the ports of the battery protection board?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-29

There are many kinds of ports in the battery protection board, and each port is marked with a corresponding letter symbol. Today we will share which ports on the battery protection board are. VDD is the positive pole of the IC power supply, VSS is the negative pole of the power supply, and V- It is the over-current/short-circuit detection terminal, Dout is the discharge protection execution terminal, and Cout is the charge protection execution terminal. 2. Description of the protection board port: B+ and B- are the positive and negative terminals of the battery; P+ and P- are the protection boards, respectively The output is positive and negative; T is the temperature resistance (NTC) port. Generally, it needs to cooperate with the MCU of the consumer to produce a protection action. As will be introduced later, this port is sometimes marked as ID, which means the identification port. At this time, R3 is normal. It is a resistor with a fixed resistance that allows the CPU of the electrical appliance to distinguish whether it is a specified battery.

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