what are the benefits of solar lighting?

by:CTECHi     2020-03-01
In the 20th century, the main energy sources were oil, natural gas and coal.
We are in danger of exhaustion.
At the same time, under the increasing pressure of environmental protection, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the development trend of various industries.
As an inexhaustible clean energy, solar energy will be the most ideal green energy in the 21st century.
Solar photovoltaic power generation technology is an effective way to convert solar energy into electric energy.
LED LEDs are a device that converts electricity into visible light.
It is characterized by pollution.
Free of charge, it has been applied to lighting in many areas.
Therefore, as a comprehensive advantage of solar energy and LED-state lighting---
LED solar street lamps and solar LED lighting systems are the perfect combination of new energy and new light sources.
The solar street light series is also designed to be powered by solar power.
The main principle is that solar panels generate sunlight during the day and store the transferred power in the battery to release the power to the LED lights at night.
Our star products
Solar street lamps are characterized by simple pipeline laying, high cost, safety and energy saving
Saving, pollution
Free, stable and reliable operation and maintenance-free.
Our solar energy street lamps can also be designed according to customer requirements.
The key to the perfect combination of solar and LED lighting is that they all use DC low voltage and can match each other.
The combination of them does not require an inverter, which is used to convert DC current into AC current.
Therefore, this function greatly improves the efficiency of the solar street lamp system.
At the same time, the advantages of photovoltaic power generation system based on photovoltaic grid-connected power generation technology are more obvious.
Green energy and sustainable development are important tasks in the 21st century.
At present, the government attaches great importance to the development of new energy sources and makes full and reasonable use of existing energy sources.
At present, solar technology and semiconductor lighting industry have entered the commercial stage.
The products have been applied to road lighting, traffic lights lighting, night lighting, courtyard decoration and other fields.
Through the analysis of the feasibility and technical features of solar street lamps, we believe that the solar system of solar street lamps will develop at an unprecedented speed, leading us into a new era of green energy.
LED Solar lights have proved to be more suitable for street lighting in the past few years: its rectangular spots are mostly used in an effective range of road lighting.
LED street lights save 50% under the same conditions-
The power is 60% higher than the traditional HPS lamp and still has a higher CRI (>75)
More suitable for night lighting.
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As a professional Solar LED lamp manufacturing and sales company, we are constantly developing and developing smart LED street lamps to adapt to the international market.
Its intelligent function is mainly realized by light control, time control and temperature control.
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