Weihong Power's first-generation lithium titanate battery 'gloriously retired'!

by:CTECHi     2021-08-25
Practice is the only criterion for testing truth, and time is the touchstone for verifying product quality. Recently, Weihong Power’s first-generation lithium titanate (LpTO) battery 'gloriously retired' after successfully completing a ten-year fast-charging long-distance race. After professional testing, it was found that the overall battery attenuation was only less than 6%. After ten years of practical verification, the ultra-long service life of Weihong Power Lithium Titanate (LpTO) battery has withstood the test of time, fully demonstrating its fast charging and long life characteristics, and also perfect for ten years of efficient operation Answer sheet. 01 The line has been operating well for ten years. It is understood that the batch of lithium titanate batteries retired this time are mainly used in Chongqing Liangjiang Bus Route 687, which runs between the Airport Hub and the Airport New City (round-trip mileage 20Km). The sections with a slope of 15% are 6Km and 3Km respectively, while the sections with a slope of more than 20% are 0.5Km, which is a typical geographical feature of the mountain city of Chongqing. The 31 fast-charging electric buses that were retired this time have been on this complicated route for more than ten years. The average operating mileage of each vehicle is nearly 650,000 kilometers, and the battery status has been maintained during the entire operation. 80% of the fleet of the 687 bus route is pure electric bus models. After adopting the Weihong power fast charging battery system, it can not only realize 10 minutes of fast charging, but also has an ultra-long cycle life of 20,000 times. This unique feature can effectively deal with many problems in Chongqing, such as diverse landforms, small scale of bus stations, dense lines, and relatively concentrated passenger flow. Pure electric buses equipped with micro-power lithium titanate (LpTO) fast-charging batteries It has excellent performance in terms of cruising range, operational efficiency, and capacity guarantee, and has also won the trust of the bus company. When purchasing pure electric bus models in the future, it is unanimously required to be equipped with a Weihong power fast-charging battery system. The picture shows the fully charged operation in less than 10 minutes. During the 10 years of operation in Chongqing, the fast-charging pure electric bus fleet has been generally welcomed by local passengers, and the battery itself has withstood the test under Chongqing’s harsh operating conditions. It has always maintained excellent cycle life and fast charging characteristics. The life cycle of Weihong Power Lithium Titanate (LpTO) battery also far exceeds the life of the entire vehicle, and its durability is evident. 02 Excellent overall performance of lithium titanate (LpTO) batteries Starting in April 2011, Chongqing Public Transport Group's first batch of pure electric buses with fast charging was operated on Chongqing Road 687. At the beginning of operation, the business of fast charging pure electric buses Can the operating model stand the test of actual operation, and can it stand the test of Chongqing's climate and topography? Is it really possible to charge the bus in 10 minutes to ensure the normal operation of the bus? Facts have proved that Weihong Power Lithium Titanate (LpTO) battery has made a strong response to these questions with excellent performance. Lithium titanate (LTO) material is used as a negative electrode material in the battery. Due to its own characteristics, the material and the electrolyte are prone to mutual use and gas evolution occurs during the charge-discharge cycle reaction. Therefore, ordinary lithium titanate Ion batteries are prone to flatulence, leading to swelling of the battery cells, and battery performance will also be greatly reduced, which greatly reduces the actual service life of lithium titanate batteries. Weihong Power has conducted in-depth research on this characteristic of lithium titanate materials and developed a modified LpTO material, which fundamentally solves the flatulence problem of lithium titanate batteries and greatly increases the mass-produced titanic acid The service life of lithium-ion batteries. The actual application of Chongqing fast-charging pure electric buses also shows that after the batteries are assembled, the battery performance is also quite excellent, which can ensure the daily commercial operation of pure electric buses. In addition, lithium titanate (LpTO) batteries have excellent rate charge and discharge characteristics, a wider operating temperature range and better safety performance. The batch of pure electric buses operating in Chongqing make full use of lithium titanate LpTO With these characteristics of the battery, the vehicle is equipped with a battery pack that meets the mileage required for a single trip. The driver can use the time of waiting for a rest at the hub's starting station to quickly charge, fill the battery within 10 minutes, and then put it into the next round of operation , Effectively improve the vehicle attendance rate. 03 It can be expected in the future. According to statistics, up to now, Chongqing has launched a total of 2045 new energy vehicles equipped with Weihong power lithium battery system, of which lithium titanate (LpTO) batteries accounted for 70%. All over the world, Weihong Power Lithium Titanate (LpTO) batteries are advancing faster and faster. In addition to new energy buses, the application of Weihong power lithium batteries has long been extended to port transportation equipment (AGV), electric heavy trucks, energy storage, logistics transport vehicles and other fields. The picture shows the distribution map of Weihong lithium titanate battery market operation. Standing at the starting point in 2021, Weihong Power’s new generation of lithium titanate battery products will compete in the next decade and will surely get a more perfect answer.
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