ugreen 2-in-1 apple watch and iphone portable charger review

by:CTECHi     2019-12-29
The charging cable for Andy Boxall/Digital trend Apple Watch is very long and it can be annoying to carry with you.
It was unpacked in a bag or box and ended up looking like a very white noodle that was wrapped together in everything.
The Apple Watch, like your iPhone, needs to be charged every day.
The battery pack with cable is a stimulus for us and we would rather avoid it when we go out on weekends.
In our UGreen 2-in-
1 portable Apple charger review, we take a closer look at a convenient solution to this problem.
UGreen\'s charger completely eliminates the need for any cable by having its own built-in features
In the Lightning charging cable of your mobile phone and the magnetic charging CD of your watch.
The inside of the battery pack is a 4,400 battery, in our test it charges our iPhone Xup to the maximum and breaks through the watch from about 40% of the power, with enough juice inside, more can be added later.
UGreen says it will charge the Apple Watch eight times, or it will charge the iPhone 8, and it will be enough to charge 50% for the second time.
In other words, on one night away from home, it was easy for us to rely on the UGreen charger as it could charge both devices to full capacity without carrying any other cables or charging appliances.
However, you may feel battery anxiety because you rely on it for two nights.
If you have both an iPhone and Apple Watch, this is a solid advantage and a strong reason to buy a UGreen charger.
What about the battery pack itself?
It has a rectangle of a rounded end piece and is covered with the familiar soft
We found the touch material on many battery packs.
It is pleasant to have a lot of grip and the quality of the building is good.
As long as the Apple iPhone X is twice thick and weighs 141 grams, it is not light.
But it\'s far less annoying to carry the Apple Watch charging cable with you.
Andy Boxall/Digital trend charging system is Apple certified-
Specifically, the disk and lightning cable stored in the fuselage.
It stretches out a few centimeters and charges your phone neatly without causing travel hazards.
UGreen\'s protection system helps to avoid excessive usecurrent, over-
Voltage, high temperature or short circuit.
The body is also made of flame retardant materials.
In our tests, the battery pack was never slightly warmer as you would have imagined.
There are four LED lights on the top of the body.
A single indicator indicates that the charging capacity of the internal battery is 25%.
When you plug in the device, a button on the side starts the charging process.
Finally, there is a micro usb port on the side to charge the package itself.
It\'s strict for Apple users.
You can plug in another cable from the charging port even if you wish;
So don\'t buy this if you have an Android watch and an iPhone.
For Apple watches and iPhone users, we think this is a great product with real problems --
Solve the benefits-
It\'s great not to have to charge the cable with a stupid watch any more.
UGreen for sale 2-in-
1 portable Apple charger via Amazon for $60 in the USS.
, And £ 60 in the United StatesK. .
At the time of writing this report, Amazon USA provided a $5 couponS.
Make the transaction more attractive.
We have tried other Apple Watch chargers like Kanex gopower, it still needs cell phone cable, dual charging dock, and like products like Time Porter from 12 South, maintains the organization of cables and other watch accessories. UGreen’s 2-on-
1 portable Apple charger solves the problem of traveling charging we have experienced several times in a way that other products do not have.
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