Swedish company develops graphite anode material to keep battery high performance at low temperature

by:CTECHi     2021-09-23
On March 21, Talga Resources Ltd (ASX: TLG), a high-tech material company in Sweden, announced that the company has successfully tested Talnode?-C, a graphite anode material that enables lithium batteries to achieve high performance at freezing temperatures. It is understood that Talga is developing graphene and graphite-enhanced products for the multi-billion-dollar global battery, coatings, construction and composite materials market. Usually under freezing conditions, the capacity retention rate and cycle efficiency of lithium-ion batteries will become lower, resulting in shorter operating times for devices such as laptop computers and mobile phones, or shorter driving distances for electric vehicles. In colder countries in the northern hemisphere, it is measured that the mileage of electric vehicles can be reduced by 41%. Low temperature can also cause lithium metal deposition to produce lithium dendrites, causing problems such as internal short circuits and battery fires. How to maintain excellent performance of lithium batteries at low temperatures is a key technology. Talga's Talnode-C product outperforms the negative electrode materials on the market, maintaining 100% capacity and 100% cycle efficiency at freezing temperatures (0°C). As shown in the figure below: Figure 1 Comparison of capacity retention between graphite anodes on the market and TalnodeTM-C at 25°C after 30 charge-discharge cycles; Talga managing director Mark Thompson said at 0°C after 60 charge-discharge cycles, ' Talnode-C allows lithium batteries to maintain performance in cold weather applications, while traditional graphite anodes are difficult or fail to function. This also proves the potential of Talga's anode materials in the rapidly growing lithium battery market 'At present, the product has been tested in an independent battery research institute in Japan. With its unique process, Talga has developed into a high-tech advanced materials and technology company, creating a supply chain that vertically integrates graphite to graphene products. Talga owns several high-grade graphite assets in northern Sweden, including three high-grade graphite mineral resources in Vittangi, Jalkunen and Raitajörvi. The Nunasvaara graphite deposit is part of the Vittangi project. It is the world’s highest grade JORC/NI43-101 graphite mineral resource (total resources of 12.3 million tons, 25.5% graphite). In addition, Talga also revealed that its one is called Talnode-Si The graphene silicon battery negative electrode material, compared with the negative electrode that only uses graphite, the energy that can be stored in a lithium-ion battery is increased by about 70%. Commercial samples have been sent to large international battery companies at the end of February. Talga will also extend its business to cobalt mines, buying the Kiskama project in 2012, which is the largest cobalt deposit in Sweden. In addition, Talga also owns other high-grade copper-cobalt-gold projects in the early stages of exploration in northern Sweden.
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