Spacecraft enters \'cosmic purgatory\'

by:CTECHi     2019-12-21
NASA\'s Voyager spacecraft 1, 11 billion miles from our sun, has entered what NASA described as \"cosmic purgatory\" as part of a space that has few solar winds.
The latest data transmitted by NASA\'s Deep Space Network to the Earth (DSN)
Indicates that Voyager 1 has entered a new space area known as the \"stagnation zone.
\"We have been using the high-energy charged particle flow of Voyager 1 as a wind sock to estimate the wind speed of the sun.
We found that the wind speed in this area is very low and gusts are irregular, \"said Rob Decker, a traveler researcher at the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, in a statement
\"This is the first time that the wind will even blow back to us.
We are obviously traveling in a whole new area.
Scientists have previously suggested that there may be a stagnant layer, but we have not determined its existence until now.
\"Voyager 1 is still inside the globe, and the globe is surrounded by charged particles blown out of our stars, but the data shows that in the near future, the ship will travel through interstellar space.
The next few months, or years.
This seems to be a big gap in estimates, but given that Voyager 1 and 2 have been flying for more than 30 years.
This is the most distant man-made spacecraft launched from Earth, surpassing Pioneer 10 in 1998.
Voyager 1 and her sister ship Voyager 2 were launched on 1977.
Their initial mission was to explore Jupiter and Saturn, and they found active volcanoes on Jupiter\'s moon Io.
The mission expanded to include visits to Uranus and Neptune, and Voyager 2 still only visited them.
The current task of the traveler is called the traveler\'s Star Mission (VIM)
The goal is to extend the exploration of the solar system to the edge of the solar sphere of influence.
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I think the magic flight launcher (mflb )
It is a small, fast, portable vaporizer that can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time.
I would prefer my tax money to go to NASA and some of the reasons I chose.
I don\'t have a toaster by the way, but there is a great toaster oven!
Interestingly, I was 5 years old when it took off!
It\'s like an old friend I \'ve been following, starting with a second check in, and it\'s probably the best investment the government has ever had since they got all the information from there!
I think the traveler in this picture is from Saturn\'s orbit. . .
Or at least the line came from there.
It\'s still cool to just observe that this thing is still running and send us back information.
It will be a sad day when that thing finally runs out of juice.
It\'s okay. I see. I see it now. . . .
Voyager 1 began flying in that direction after seeing Saturn.
Voyager 2 continues to observe Uranus and Neptune before heading in another direction.
Travelers will return to Earth in the 23rd century (Stardate 7414. 1).
That\'s Voyager 6.
Can you hear me now?
A good prank for any alien is to quietly put the traveler in the NASA parking lot in the middle of the night. Yeah!
Title: $2 for repair. 95. GENIUS!
Alien to Earth: stop littering. . .
What happens if we cross interstellar space and poke \"someone\" in the eye? ! !
You can\'t poke anyone\'s eyes.
You may have an interstellar conflict with NASA and Voyager!
Cheers for more years of exploration!
\"The latest data transmitted by NASA\'s Deep Space Network to the Earth (DSN)
Indicates that Voyager 1 has entered a new space area known as the \"stagnation zone.
\"In fact, the latest data was sent to Earth by the Voyager and received by NASA\'s Deep Space Network.
NASA\'s Deep Space Network does not transmit data to Earth.
We want to know why so many people do not believe that the media can understand the details of the story correctly.
Choose more.
The statement you have chosen is basically correct.
Save it so that it may be in the next article when they are completely wrong.
After attending StarCraft school, you are perfect now.
CNN-can you stop using religious terms to describe things in Lightyear blogs?
I wonder if you did this to start a flame war?
In fact, CNN has just quoted the religious term \"universal ease \".
Like Jupiter, Saturn, etc. Ha! Good one!
Purgatory is described in Dante\'s hell, not in any religious text. Ah-HA!
Purgatorio is a separate poem.
The three works \"hell\", \"pugadorio\" and \"Heaven\" are the divine songs of Dante.
Don\'t be wrong when you correct someone, because I\'m looking at-ha ha ha
Patrick used purgatory to convert the pagan Irish people in order to integrate the faith of the fiay land into Christian politics? NO, we won`t.
Can a spaceship be made to run on poop? yes.
I drive my car on my poop.
I converted the driver\'s seat into a toilet seat.
Driving and all the wing buffets you can eat are my friends, but they can put a bumper sticker that says \"driven by scattering matter\" and sail within a limited distance (or wild guess)
We can still receive communications from travelers?
Any signal sent will eventually get there or here.
This is a matter of time as long as the spacecraft continues to work properly.
There is no such limit in scope (
Of course, the further away it is from us, the longer and weaker the signal will arrive here)
Just like there is a limit on the power of the spaceship.
It is powered by radioisotope thermoelectric generators, so in the end it will no longer have juice to transmit the signal back to Earth.
It should be able to reach about 2025, according to Wikipedia articles. Clearly yes.
What determines the distance is the last message received.
In contrast to the above two, there is a scope limit.
However, it is defined by signal strength and noise, not how far light will go.
Yes, the light will eventually get here from wherever the traveler may go, but the further they go, the weaker their signal will be, and it will have to compete with more static signals.
When we improve our signal detection system, we can expand this range (
No contact with travelers)
But the scope is limited.
No, I don\'t know what the scope is.
The interesting thing about sending a probe to another system is that if you consider the speed of improvement, you send a probe every 10 years. . .
When the first one arrived there, the trip to and from that system was as routine as the future.
In the past few decades, the speed of technological progress has been negligible.
NASA is badly under-funded and the American people are more interested in guessing when Jesus will come back and then exploring the universe we live in.
However, military technology is advancing by leaps and bounds!
Remember, this is the most important thing.
The only important thing
What do you mean when Jesus comes back?
Isn\'t he already here?
NASA has no shortage of funds.
Just to get anything done, all the red tape they need to go through is wasting their resources. Actually.
They must experience a lot of red tape and insufficient funds.
Imagine a dollar bill representing the entire US budget.
If you cut a piece from the end of the dollar to represent NASA\'s funds, you can\'t even get the ink.
NASA\'s funding is 0.
For God\'s sake, 06% of the total budget!
Don\'t believe me? Look it up.
Do we have the \"quality of content\" standard? \"Ha ha ha ha. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Get a life. . . . . .
You posted on CNN. . . . . . .
Remember the movie The Burning saddle? ? To paraphrase. . . . . . \"Standards! Standards? ? . . . . . .
We don\'t need any stinking standards! !
In fact, this line originated in the treasure of Madre in 1948 by Humphrey Bogart.
Mel Brooks just tore it off for a joke in the burning saddle 26 years later. LOL.
Okay, DiNozzo. \"badger?
We don\'t need stinking badgers!
What I find strange is that AIRR invented it.
You seem to need them, I wonder if it\'s lonely? No.
It plays with itselfIt and it\'s hard to imagine that this thing has been running at the speed of light for 30 years and is only about 11 hours away.
It\'s exciting to try to imagine how big the universe is or how small we actually are.
Isn\'t that true! Simple really. 42.
Do you remember your towel?
The Voyager ship did not fly at a speed close to the speed of light.
This is a chart on NASA\'s website showing the relative speed of the Voyager spacecraft: distance, speed, and round-trip light time (7/29/11)
Traveler 1 traveler 2 distance from the Sun (Km)
17,623,000, 00014,361,000,000 from the Sun (Mi)
10,951,000, 0008,924,000,000 from the Earth (Km)
17,545,000, 00014,240,000,000 from the Earth (Mi)
10,902,000, the total journey since the launch of 0008,848,000,000 kilometers (Km)
23,194,000, the total journey since the launch of 00022,170,000,000 kilometers (Mi)
Relative to the speed of the Sun 14,419,000,000 13, 776, 000,000 (Km/sec)17. 05415.
The speed relative to the sun is 458 (Mi/hr)
38,14734, at a speed of 577 relative to the Earth (Km/sec)41. 49334.
The speed relative to the Earth is 951 (Mi/hr)
92, 81778, 182 round-trip light time (hh:mm:ss)
32: 29: 5826: 23: 14 plus stay, thank you for the data, but re-read the original post.
He did not say that it traveled at the speed of light, but that it was only 11 hours away from the Earth at the speed of light.
Are you a relative of spook? No Jim,I\'m not!
Either GaryO copied NASA\'s data incorrectly, or NASA lacked basic knowledge about the solar system.
Distance from the sun: 10,951,000,000 miles from the Earth: 10,902,000,000 miles from the sun to the Earth: 51,000,000 miles? ? ? ?
I thought it was 93,000,000 miles.
Howard, you know the Earth goes around the sun.
Go once a year.
Sometimes the Earth is closer to the traveler than the sun.
Sometimes the sun will be closer to travelers than the Earth.
Sometimes there is a moment at the same distance.
I think, given the rotation of the Earth around the sun, this happens twice a year.
Say I\'m crazy but somehow I think NASA knows the solar system better than you do.
Howard, are you assuming they\'re all on the same line?
I don\'t think they are.
I don\'t know the geometry of this moment, but on can imagine a traveler with the same distance as the Earth and the sun.
You\'re wrong. 10.
The fact that these still exist and are running for 5 hours proves that my toaster oven should not break down after a year.
It is clear that Wal-Mart\'s products are of poor quality. Come on!
If a spaceship is bombarded with radiation in a vacuum in space for more than 30 years, the toaster can certainly continue to bake for more than a year.
I hate Walmart.
They can\'t sell you a new one without breaking it. Made in China?
Obviously you need a toaster powered by plutonium. Nice!
More crispy toast
You got burnt! So Funny! ! ! ! and true . .
But it\'s really fun! !
I\'m pretty sure your toaster was not designed and made by NASA scientists.
Of course, it will not be sold in Walfart, only some of the arrogant rich
People magazine will publish it.
In fact, now that I think about it, because NASA is no longer putting people into space, maybe they can start working on longer lasting toasters and better video game consoles.
Or how about that flying car?
We only have more than two years, otherwise people will begin to believe that future movies are not based on real stories.
But seriously, Professor troves, the comments are good.
I need to laugh.
Dear Professor T.
In fact, the part in the vacuum will extend the life. . .
Just as the body will not break down in space, these parts will not be oxidized and deteriorated as quickly as in an atmospheric environment. . .
It is called \"internal out of date \".
Walmart may hate you.
Second, your oven is not vacuum.
Third, buy a toaster next time.
My parents have a toaster that works well over 60 years.
As far as I know my sister has it and it still works.
Gold made in America! ! !
Heck, I was impressed that the two cars were still running and kept in touch all the time. Pssst. . .
They are not \"vehicles \".
You\'re thinking about your 77 year Knight.
There was no such model in 77 years, and the Voyager spacecraft was a space vehicle.
The poster above is correct on both accounts. .
This is a car. .
It has a gold record (Google it). .
The knight was launched in 82 years.
Your Google Fu sucks.
I like these things.
11 billion miles away and 30 years away, the stars in the closet are 4 in addition to our sun. 2 light years.
Great, man is pi $ Ant in the universe. *closest ?
No, you\'re just a pi $ ant.
I was lucky to be born in the days of NASA.
It\'s great. it\'s really great. Andrew-
Thank you for your personal belongings here.
Is the man who built this still alive?
Detroit can definitely use them in their 70 s. 90s!
At least they have the wisdom and model to solve problems.
This is about our collective scientific achievements, is there not enough other forums and channels to express the personal political will of some people?
That\'s great, isn\'t it! !
I was born on 1945.
Change in my life. . .
Space. . .
I remember I told my little daughter that just after she was born in 1970, she would live a lifetime in a world where humans have been to the moon.
Now, my baby great-grandson will spend his life in a world that is actually likely to travel faster than the speed of light! And, now. . .
Voyager 1 and 2 have been flying for 34 years and will soon be in Star Space! !
How cool is this? ? ?
My grandfather was born in 1890 and lived in 1972.
He pointed out to me that he was a teenager when he was in the Eagle (1903)
The Wright Brothers are alive to see humans walking on the moon.
You want to talk about change in your life!
He told me that he planned to stay on Mars long enough to see people walking. Oops.
In a sense, technological progress may be slowing.
No one has been more than 250 miles from Earth since 1974.
We used to travel 250,000 miles to the moon.
Perhaps we are now a declining civilization. Here! Here! Right you are.
We expect $2012 in military spending to be between $2. 6 to $3.
$4 billion per day.
We have to cut NASA\'s budget?
You mean between $2 \". 6 AND $3.
4 billion \"when you use the word\" between \", this and\" If you want to use the word \"to\", you have to say \"From Here to There \".
It\'s hard to believe, but there are rules in English. Seriously?
Are you feeling better now?
I mean, is it important what he/she says?
Words are very important.
There are no signs of smart life here! Copy that.
We will continue to search.
So, when the spacecraft goes beyond the solar layer, I wonder if we will become a lens by looking at the parts of all the other spaces, and whether this will become apparent;
Refraction of light, distortion of perspective, distortion of perception of distance and depth.
Imagine if what we find is not a worm hole, subspace, or hyperspace, but an interstellar jet stream of charged particles along a predictable path.
What if we find space like water?
\"If\", that\'s true, but your guess should remain the same until some kind of evidence that supports your idea appears.
The wormhole is still a guess, however, an entire subculture revolves around the idea that not only do they exist, but they can be tamed and used for travel, building an imaginary future world.
I think this extension of pure speculation is absurd.
That said, it would be interesting to see what\'s out there if the traveler could survive that long. Cool, dude. . . .
Man, I think I need some serious ideas to understand the concept.
Where is Tommy Chong when you need him? I like it, Ben.
I also think that the solar layer is like a lens that distort the light and depth. . . .
However, I believe this is only a minor correction when we calculate the distance between stars and galaxies.
The minute correction is 1 to 10 light years depending on the distance we are looking.
From our new \"bubble\" understanding of the outer edge of the solar layer, there may be a greater degree of refraction and/or ambiguity in some areas.
I would also like to know if there will be more significant temperature changes after this area.
The solar layer can protect us from the heat source, as if the fingers are wet, and if hot lead is inserted quickly, it can provide short protection against severe burns.
These bubbles may be like steam insulation.
An interesting article about major scientific achievements-probably one of the most remarkable achievements of humanity-all you idiot can think of is to stick your stupid political and/or religious madman in? Wow. Just, wow.
The sooner we die, the better.
It\'s really a feat of engineering, not science.
My friend, do you think the birth of the project is a vacuum?
Fundamentally, science is all about it.
Unfortunately, technology and science are co-evolved animals.
Science is the pursuit of a better understanding of nature and technology (engineering)
It is our application of \"approximate\" knowledge of nature that makes nature work for us.
You can learn more scientific knowledge with technology. engineering)
This is developed using known science and technology and you can make better technology (engineering)
By strengthening the understanding of nature (science)
Create better tools.
You won\'t have \"basic science\" or \"basic technology\" without it.
Dear IdahoTom, this is exactly what I said, no wor wordy. Engineering (technology)
It is the product of science and medicine.
Science is really fundamental because we understand how the universe is better. nature)
Put together.
Obama killed NASA!
Obama killed OBL too! Easy to fact-
NASA\'s budget has increased under Obama\'s leadership.
At George W.
It is declining during President Bush\'s term.
Obama\'s statement of \"killing\" NASA is consistent. out LIE.
Very real and well stated.
Most people are poor little thoughts.
Look at what they think is important and listen to the sheer nonsense they believe and support.
I think they are more enlightened than the witches who burned in Europe and America in 300.
Scientific illiteracy abound, and we are all doomed to fail if humans cannot surpass themselves and surpass the nonsense they absorb. V-
GER ~ The name given after the machine planet will send it back to the creator who searched for it. .
I think so too! !
I was a little surprised that so many people linked the Voyager ship to that movie.
It\'s not really good. it\'s boring.
I\'m not sure if my brother has been awake all the way through.
No one is satisfied with the project. . .
I blame the studio, it\'s not their fault.
Andrew, you look a bit like tw @ t. I might be.
But at least I\'m not going to make some empty statements and call people I don\'t know.
So at least I always have
I like the idea behind this movie.
Machines are combined with people.
Machines look for their creators like humans.
Where did I come from?
All looking for purpose.
Too bad, the execution of the film is so uneven.
I think it means that after about 300 it will return to Earth with a huge cloud ready to destroy all the carbon units.
But everything is fine, Kirk.
The unit will be there.
Will the father of spook contact us once he enters interstellar space?
At the time of the Asian light speed school Zhengdan-\"more than 1 ms\", The Enterprise will get there in 1 ms. . .
Of course, you will agree that math does not work;
MPS 0 for 186,000 times.
000000001 will not let you into that community within that time frame.
But I appreciate your point.
It depends entirely on who you look at from.
From the enterprise\'s point of view, the relativity effect still plays a role in the suboptical speed. . .
Therefore, due to length shrinkage and time expansion, they can move that distance in milliseconds because the distance becomes arbitrarily smaller.
However, from the perspective of the Earth, it will take longer for this trip. (
Brian May wrote a song for the 39-year-old Queen, all about time inflation.
From the perspective of the Earth, people on board need to travel for a year and need 100.
Cool song, and now this guy has actually got a PhD in astrophysics and is getting cooler)
I have a cool fact for you. . .
You will die alone!
Andrew: You\'re obviously a complete m0r0n with no basic knowledge of physics.
Throw \"impressive\" pronunciation words at random without knowing what they mean, which is a sign of certainty.
At the \"Asian light\" speed, 1 ns moves you less than 1 feet. Do the math.
Or ask someone who can do basic math.
You idiot, no magic in relativity. Umm, what?
Look, the time expansion said something very simple.
There is always less time to experience in your own framework than in other frameworks.
T = γ t where t = time in frame (
\"Appropriate Framework\" or the time you experience)
, Gamma = Lorenzo factor or sqrt (1-v^2/c^2)
, T\' = the time experienced in the ready frame, or the time you didn\'t have to travel together.
So what happens when v approaches c?
This means that it becomes sqrt (1-
Numbers very close to 1)
It becomes a very small number, which makes it a very large number.
Note that there is no constraint on the value of the Lorenzo factor.
The faster you do v, the greater the gamma.
So, let\'s take it back to the whole question of \"can you travel so far at sub-speed.
The answer is yes, but it is entirely up to the framework of who you are talking about.
The framework on earth is the \"basic framework\" relative to the enterprise \".
If you make the speed v high enough, you can have t (
The time you experience)
1 ns, even if 100 is required in the primer frame (earth frame)
, If you are close enough to the speed of light, it may still take 1 ns.
You can call me an idiot, but I\'m sorry it\'s my major.
I can go through the derivation of the Lorenzo factor from simple geometry if you want, but frankly, if you can\'t grasp the point I\'m trying to make, I don\'t know how capable you are in physics. (
Seriously, the only thing you can complain about is \"not strong enough, you should write out an actual conversion matrix explicitly\", but if you are complaining like this, you should already be clear, in a person\'s personal frame, I was right that light Travel takes a few hours of travel and it takes only one millisecond for a person to travel. . .
If they go fast enough
From the frame of light, it is absorbed in the moment it is emitted, just as it will not pass at any time. )
11,000,000,000 miles, no sign of flying pasta monsters!
I\'m starting to lose faith.
Don\'t give up hope, brother!
That\'s because he\'s been hiding behind the moon, stupid.
If you just have faith and prayers, his affiliate will touch you.
Some cracks will not hurt either.
May you be troubled by his goodness and accept the magnificence of his emptiness in your heart, in your soul, that you will be free forever.
We pray in the name of pasta. Ramen.
That\'s because, my fellow pastor, his noodles are everywhere.
If you have to, but the distance target should not be, it is the Pope. . . .
It is the dimension of truth and answer.
He has had many English lessons.
His name is Yoda, Du!
Nuclear energy will solve our problems. . .
Remember, it\'s \"nuclear weapons-yuh-ler\". well. . .
Who knows that these rubbish is true, and certain scientific things are lies. . .
These guys play too much x box. . . lol. . . star wars. .
Is science a lie? Huh?
\"Who knows if this garbage is true? \" we know -- we \'ve measured it now.
Have you read this article? yeah. .
Don\'t trust NASA, but eat Ron Paul\'s garbage or the Republican\'s. . . smart choice. Yes, dude . .
This is true, yes, man designed and launched a probe that will be the first time in human history to leave the solar system. DO yo get it?
No, if it is for you and your brain, we will still jump from branch to branch in the tree.
Within the first flight of less than 100, humans have been able to rise from the ground and start exploring outside the solar system. . .
Either you grasp the importance of this, or you don\'t, and never will.
Your tin foil hat is a bit too tight on your pointed head.
Why, fgy, do you want to talk to us, not your \"faith \"?
One day, there will be aliens somewhere to find the ship.
They will clear the crude oil drawings on the side and play with the gold plate.
They will look up and scream at us in the night sky: \"No matter who you are, send some more chuck berry! !
\"Ferdy Biddy. . .
This is the kind of punch.
People like Phil really show a really narrow mind.
I am a religious person and I do not think that other alien life will destroy my religion;
The Bible has never said that we humans are the only intelligent life in the universe, assuming this is human arrogance;
The Bible does not rule out or deny the possibility of alien life outside the solar system.
I think God has infinite creative power to create other intelligent lives in a very large universe.
I think Phil is a little nervous about the afterlife;
I don\'t want to consider that a supreme person might make everyone an alien, or be responsible for what they have done in this lifetime. .
The Bible does not rule out the possibility of \"one plus three.
Does this mean that this is a possibility?
Deam Koki: where did you get it about religion?
Reviews for the Buck Rogers TV show make more sense than you! ! ! !
Dean Coki, are you asking me?
I\'m glad you have your opinion, but I want to know where you got it from.
I think he just had a good time.
You are a long man, I bet, totally negating the opinions of others. Get a grip.
I just took off my tin foil hat.
Humans are not ready to believe in other lives in the universe.
It will destroy the religion currently used to control humanity.
Not only do we keep in touch with other forms of life, but we have a space port on the dark side of the moon.
Have you ever seen the dark side of the moon?
Pyramids on Mars
There is a reason to hide things from you.
The reason will be clear. . . . . . . . soon. DingDingDing.
We have winners!
In November 25, Dream onI saw the dark side of the moon, and all the other 7 billion people on Earth saw the dark side, who bothered to look up at sunset.
The 27 Americans who traveled to the Moon Saw the distant side, which you may have referred.
So far, we have six space ports on the moon, all nearby.
I told the truth. You do not. Thank you. . . so much. . . Eh?
Christians and Jews have believed in other lives in the universe. . . . angels. (
Try different arguments. )
Life outside the Earth will not destroy Christianity.
I have two weeks a month to see the dark side of the moon.
If you need help finding it, this is the part that is not exposed to the sun.
What is your point? Is it time yet? When is \"soon\"? Now?
Please check my math!
It has gone 11 billion miles in 35 years, so, I calculate that it will go 1 light year after about 18660 years.
Is this close, right?
The 300,000 km M gold starA is about 1 light second away.
So all you have to do now is multiply and divide a bit. Ummm. . .
Thanks to Excel, I came up with someone who is 2011-1977 = 34 years old. 364.
25 days a year, 24 hours a day---
60 Minutes/hour-8742 hours/yrX---
524520 minutes/yrX 60 seconds/minute----
31471200 miles per second for 186,000 seconds/year (
Approximate speed of light)-----
5,853,643,200,000 miles/year (1 light year)
Divided by 11,000,000 or 5,853.
643200/11 ioss532. 149381818 . . .
11 years cycle sx35 years--------18625.
22836 years from 1 light year-35 years of travel-----–18590.
Travel 22836 years 0ne light years (
Assuming the speed remains the same)
Maybe in the next 18,000 years we can figure out how to travel faster than light to pick up travelers so by then we won\'t be causing trouble for international travel
The law of galactic garbage, I\'m sure it\'s brewing somewhere now.
I\'m really jealous of this machine.
It\'s really bold to go where no one or things have been! ! ! . . .
Or women, chimpanzees, giraffes, etc. . . . ?
By the way, this is a major idea in the minds of most scientists and engineers when launching satellites.
My father was a deputy producer of the first film, and because California Institute of Technology scientists and engineers loved Star Trek, they were invited to JPL with Gene many times, so in the first film, they put it around the Voyager ship.
Before the launch of the satellite, they had seen the actual satellite, and trekkies went out to play with Gene Roddenberry.
It\'s no secret that the Big Bang Theory was set as a model for the California Institute of Technology.
If you haven\'t seen the first movie yet, don\'t look at it. it\'s not very good.
Paramount showed the film ahead of schedule, so the film had the necessary completion date, a classic case of studio intervention.
There are enough talents related to this project. . . boring.
The night before the release and premiere of the film, the production team watched the full screening, so gene, bob, my dad, the editor, and their respective spouse/date objects (
Who is my mother! )
And, seeing what is about to be released, the gene directs the charge to the bar.
They were not amused.
It\'s a really cool story, Andrew. Tks. Andrew.
You have a relationship with the nerd royal family.
Those involved in the Voyager launch and Star Trek creation.
I bow in front of your altar, my spook ears are tightly connected, and a map of the universe is sewn in front of my Jedi cloak, and I say to you: Use this awesome wisely
You\'re lucky.
I don\'t know how bold it will be.
It has no choice in this matter.
If so, it will be cold.
To put it simply, what was made in 1977 has gone that far and is still sending back data.
Go and die. it\'s so cool. Indeed.
It\'s a pity that we have dragged our space program so long.
Hope is just an interruption.
Another reason Obama was stuffed into the bin was 2012.
Some people think that maybe we don\'t actually have a plan to limit space;
What does the public know? Think about it. . . .
Other countries have been stealing our technology around.
It makes sense that we will be covered up.
Regardless of conspiracy theory, I wouldn\'t be surprised if we really spent \"more\" but labeled the cost as a hammer and toilet seat. ?
Not Toyota either.
Really cool.
To all space fans. . .
How can the battery last that long?
They don\'t use batteries.
They use nuclear thermal reactors (
Think of the mini reactor but very low
Level response-basically just a long-lived heater)
A small amount of radioactive material produces heat.
Heat is directly converted into electric energy through thermal coupling.
This will last for a while, but it will not last forever.
They use strength. . . LOLAgreed.
They seem to be able to adopt the same technology in cars to eliminate demand for oil.
Anyway, it would be interesting to see what VGER found.
Isn\'t that a Star Trek movie?
Star Trek is the first Star Trek movie.
These days, people don\'t want anything close to nuclear weapons anywhere near their home. . .
Do you think they will want it in the car?
Ford has a model called nuclear.
Of course, this will run on the standard uranium of the power supply, not on the RTG.
The other day, I read some articles about making RTG prototypes in a company.
It will travel millions of miles or other places before it is replaced.
Please forgive me, I am blank in detail.
I can\'t remember the name now.
I\'m sure someone will find it here.
I can\'t say it better. I agree. it\'s great! ! ! Agreed.
We should send Piglosi on the satellite. . .
I will take the current Republican contenders (
Including Kane and Trump)
And increase the IQ of the rest of the general population by a few points.
Talk like a six-year-old. Thank you.
A very precocious child.
Calling him six is an insult to a six-year-old! ? (
Yeah, I stole it.
Seeking treatment it will last forever as it will encounter aliens, black holes, comets, or some larger planetary space than we thought. . .
It has a very small chance of hitting something.
In fact, the chances of it meeting something in enough time are relatively certain.
It will pass within 1.
In 445 alone, Gliese was 6 light years 40,000.
Open the door of pod bay Hal. . . . \"Hal,. . . .
Wake up! !
\"Longevity and prosperity V-
When it comes to \"veeger\", maybe it will hijack the \"enterprise\" like in the movie \"! ! !
Who knows, but I guess, the name of the first intergalactic human transport device ever built, of course, will be called Enterprise. I mean, come on. . . duh. .
Great, but do aliens believe in Jesus?
Maybe someone in this smart discussion group can find one out in the next 150 comments. Which Jesus?
Our cult is better than yours-just ask us!
Like a real \"Blue Oyster\" hahaha. . nice.
The alien who believes in Jesus is a long-term problem.
The theological may disagree for selfish reasons, why would he die for another match?
We protect our religious beliefs very much.
If aliens worship our Jesus, will you believe in Jesus?
What we see around us, what science teaches us, what we experience in life, seems to point to life, not chance.
The universe has laws of physics. Who wrote them? I did!
Other civilizations may not be tested as we think. . .
Therefore, others may not have fallen from grace and do not need Jesus. . .
Look how stupid these two sounds are?
Aliens may have different Jesus.
Our Jesus is the embodiment of human piety.
Other civilizations are not human beings, but other things.
Without Jesus, another example of the divine incarnation of civilization, there is Kronarch, the gender 3 tripod drone Nastronom that perfectly bred from Emathra colon, the fifth moon of the planet Angas.
Compared to our Jesus, this male Hebrews from the perfect conception of the city of Nazir on Earth.
Both are the physical manifestations of God\'s followers on a given planet, but are independent physical individuals, even though their spirit is shared by the son of God who is called Jesus here.
Or God does not exist. Jesus. . .
He made my Angel witness the UFO landing, claiming that our \"neighbors\" believed in a universal God, and then our God, as stated in the Old Testament and Torah,
The Bible also mentions that Jesus is the son of God and the son of God on Earth.
How do we know that maybe God has other sons in other worlds.
We will find it in time!
I don\'t think it\'s evil.
When we see more of his wonderful creations, God seems to be getting bigger, which means that all the talk about the \"Holy Trinity\" is also hot air, because there is no son. .
It also makes people think that other things that are touted as \"truth\" are not. .
Maybe we should all talk about The Sacred Twenty-body?
Difficult troll = failtroll.
The eternal name sounds quite religious in connotation. Discuss. . .
11 billion miles nothing, I walked nearly 20 billion miles in the same period, excluding my trip in the center of the Galaxy, when I rotated at a speed close to 1100 miles per hour, I did it and I don\'t even need to make a fix.
At least let people know what your medication is so they can take the same medication and join your journey.
I don\'t want to say to you in this public forum, but if you are on Earth, you are 34 years old and older and have gone on the same trip.
I don\'t want to say to you in this public forum, but you are a researcher.
No one likes to study.
My comment was just to ask what medicine he was taking because he was one of the most sober reactions to date. Tah.
Is that what you really think?
Man, it\'s thinner than graphene.
You just don\'t understand.
The right response is silence or recognition.
Digging a deeper hole just makes yourself look worse.
I take back what I said below.
You are also a scholar.
Self-righteous very interesting!
It was reasonably found that a poo sandwich was eaten somewhere in koiber\'s belt.
If found, the alien will ignore him.
Poor? Poop sandwich?
At least you got an astronomical reference there and it was a faint attempt at validity!
Work harder-you can do it!
Humans should reasonably test Kleenex\'s absorption rate from outer space with painful tears.
Hey, you should admit that you didn\'t understand the joke!
Don\'t eat that poop sandwich.
Love, JeebusIf is crying reasonably in the Kuiper belt around no one, is this making a sound?
If you were the person in charge of human evolution, we would still live in a cave.
Suppose evolution is the real reason we exist. . .
Cw, the vast majority of the evidence suggests, or at least we\'re on the right track.
I think the key to evolution is that no one is really responsible for it? I get it.
Aren\'t we all on Earth?
@ Reasonable, JT. . .
Guys, think about it.
He was describing the movement of the Earth during that period.
Why does this change my comment on his medication?
Because you think what he described was an illusion that medication was needed, and in fact, he really described the movement of our planet, and so, during that time, all the journeys went through
In other words, because you\'re an idiot.
Please see my answer to meandog above.
Although your answer is very academic, it is more to point this out, so cheer.
He refers to riding on the surface of the Earth during his lifetime when the Earth rotates.
You idiot need education.
Ignorance is the fall of human beings.
A person can be smart. . . .
People are stupid.
Examples here.
In fact, the decline of human beings will be due to children entering puberty before they have time to learn all the things they have to learn before puberty.
So far I think 3 to 5 passed the test and the result is not too bad.
Also, in their assessment of my mental state, two people who failed were at least interesting.
Not even going to the toilet?
So you spin around the Sun, around the Earth, around the Milky Way, but you\'re still here, travelers haven\'t had it for a long time.
You haven\'t been anywhere relatively speaking.
Relatively speaking, the traveler did not go anywhere when we left 11 billion miles.
No, special relativity does not apply to acceleration.
In the Solar System/Voyager system, the traveler is the one who accelerates and leaves.
Now the kids stop fighting, I\'m just kidding.
The results of this test will not count into your final score.
Two academics and an idiot argue on the CNN forum.
Travelers continue to move forward.
Great science!
When it reaches the back wall of space, it bounces back from the opposite direction of the launch and returns to Earth.
I linked your thoughts. . . .
Hope it will not drag anything. . . . . .
The answer was wrong.
When it hits the back wall of the space, it deflates according to its angle.
Then play ping-pong for a few miles.
Until it was captured by weird aliens in Star Trek I.
But we should have a flying car by then. . .
Then Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 will turn into sperm whales and crabapple!
@ DeMeglet-oh no. . not again.
\"All the way down are turtles!
\"There is nothing more terrible than this. . .
All the way to the Obama family! LMAONo. . . . even worse. . . .
I see you have accepted the whole \"anti-corruption\"Matter, Anti-
Gravity aura \"thing.
We\'ll soon know what you\'re saying, right?
If it starts to slow down under the influence of the anti-rejection force, then reverse the directionGravity.
It might jump back and forth like those old computers pingAnimation of table tennis.
Obviously, you don\'t know what the First Amendment is about.
The government cannot limit your views. CNN.
Com is not the US government, so you have no right to just post privileges on the message board.
Sorry, did people forget what the word purgatory meant?
Are you really going to get hung up in one word? Nope. . .
Just to make the church make money, and make up some nonsense. . .
Looking up \"the warden of the Sun\" tells me that you found that \"the warden of the Sun\" entered the list of broken fairy tales a long time ago.
The technology of this story is the cancer treatment that is provided for important people.
Whether you like it or not, for a long time to come, or until someone overthrows someone like Einstein, we are all stuck on this rock.
Don\'t get me wrong. . . .
I like to tell a good story to my older children.
By far the most impressive feat in human history. Really ?
What good is this for human beings?
If you ask, there is no hope of even trying to explain to you.
Look at football or something.
I didn\'t say that. .
I made an impression on people.
But since you asked, it\'s good for humans, and you won\'t understand it if I need to explain it.
Thank you for asking. Benefit? In what way?
Are you not saying that economic interests are the only interests of mankind?
Knowledge is power. . .
Maybe not today, but who knows?
Do you think Einstein came up with general relativity because he knew that one day it would make it possible for a microcomputer so that you could complain that scientific efforts are not good for humans?
I\'m going to take a risk here. you\'re supposed to be a conservative. Bob.
This is not the answer.
I really want to know what good it is for the Earth.
It took the ship more than 30 years to get to where it is?
What will this tell us? Really? What a close-minded d-bag.
The exploration of space is the curiosity of most people. Brain-
Dead idiots don\'t care what\'s out there.
I\'m glad Newton asked me what to do and why?
But I believe that in the 17 th century, more than one Dural asked him how his experiment and his attempt to quantify what he observed benefited mankind.
Close to 7 billion.
It will not be oil or Taliban for the next 30 years, but food and water.
Nature has not kept up with new diseases such as plague, typhoid fever or AIDS.
I will put it in the category \"very cool\" and \"fun trivia.
What is the greatest benefit to mankind? Doubtful.
But then again, what?
I\'m glad we\'re exploring space outside.
When Columbus sailed west and fell from the edge of the world, did anyone really think that his \"madness\" would help humans at that time?
Didn\'t you say Columbus is good for human beings?
His exploration led directly to the death of millions of First Nations, the beginning of the Western Empire, which translates into today\'s economic and environmental problems, as well as the spread of infectious diseases and threats to biosafety.
Sorry for the syntax error above, my keyboard needs to be replaced.
I mean, \"I hope you\'re not. . .
You\'re right.
We \'d better run about half-
Naked, dancing around the fire, living in a tent, throwing spears at Buffalo.
What is the next feat I want to know?
Perhaps one will understand that the integrated knowledge of human beings has led to the ability of some very dedicated and intelligent people to do something really cool. . . .
Very cool.
Knowing that we are capable of doing this, we will all benefit, and in our own way, we have all made a little effort to achieve this.
Even if it is not direct, our ancestors will do something.
We are all part of it.
Our species has taken the next step. . . .
Our planet is a planet. we just sent a text message to spook (
If he\'s outside)
To save ourselves. . . . .
Or do we need to be taught by spook?
Maybe we can marvel at how some brave little apes figure out how to do such incredible things, so what we can do about the community. . . .
What an amazing boost to morale, wow, don\'t we all need to boost morale these days? . .
Smile, enjoy it!
This is a true proof of American ingenuity and a one-time rich space project.
I was lucky enough to see the beginning of the space race today, with the news from travelers.
I remember a long time ago when we made cars and TV.
Living in PAC West, I watched Boeing move from making aircraft to assembling parts made elsewhere, and since the labor force is more reasonable, they will move most of the 787 plan to the southern states.
I can\'t blame them. . .
Strict management.
\"Strict business\" will ruin everything for everyone.
You mean btw is \"strictly greedy\" @ Gabe. The reason for reducing costs is not greed, but necessity.
Airplains in other countries also have other manufacturers that create cost factors that must be achieved.
Yes, profit is motivation, anyone doing anything is motivation, people will volunteer when profit is not motivation.
Catch and stop the command that references comunist.
It is sad that mankind has accomplished this incredible feat of miracles, and we still have some rich people who rule the earth, and most of them who are just ordinary fools.
One day, I hope that human beings will catch up with their technology.
ROBITA spoke well! ! !
Obama is a stinking 1%. Bon Voyage !
Is this blog broken?
Why is my post not showing up? Ay carumba. . . and it talks! ! ! From zobcabra! ! ! !
Do we have the \"content quality\" standard?
When I responded to a person who was definitely worth it, I used the word \"duh\" because he cried loudly. Story ERROR.
\"The latest data transmitted by NASA\'s Deep Space Network to the Earth (DSN)\" is wrong.
The data is transmitted to Earth by the Voyager spacecraft and received using NASA\'s DSN (
3 antennas on Earth).
How does the DSN transmit to Earth when it sits on Earth? ? ? Duh.
3 antenna tracking stations. Not 3 antennas.
Do you know nasa is part of the Illuminati?
Let\'s check it out. . .
That\'s why you really shouldn\'t have praised NASA because they didn\'t work for the better of humanity, they were contributing to the lies that the media provided us with and helped the plot of death and destruction
Praise Our Lord Jesus, God almighty!
He died on the cross for us, showed respect to you, and accepted him.
He\'s the only way. Awaken people!
I wouldn\'t be surprised if this comment was deleted. . .
This will prove how the government will do anything to cover up the truth.
Pay attention to your own business and find a page with others like you and your agenda.
Just ignore that. .
It\'s either a trolling attempt or they actually have a problem and it\'s not worth wasting time reading it anyway.
I wonder if he knows it\'s not 16 th century now!
As a game, we start to die if we stop learning!
Well, now that you have proven that you have a certain quality, come back to your narrow view of the world around us.
Look, I\'m one of the council elders of the Illuminati and I\'m annoyed by these random posts.
Can\'t you let us take over the world in peace?
Oh, are you going to commit a crime?
Otherwise, your Lord died in vain. Thanks, buddy.
Good for me.
You have fun hanging out now!
After all, I died just to make you happy! Troll.
Nobody is so stupid. You need help.
In other news reports today, Voyager 1 has sent back a picture of a large spaceship with a metal plaque on it that says some multiple pictures that look uglyleged, two-
An alien with four eyes and a map depicting the Andromeda Galaxy.
The best translation of the article so far is that it says, \"We heard you\'re here, we\'re here \". Ugly? Racist!
I also saw this before my screen went black and they turned to commercial ads. Weird.
In fact, they are coming to destroy our planet and make way for the construction of the interstellar bypass. This.
Those nasty aliens are destroyed. really? . . . c\'mon. . . .
Christians, Jews, or others who believe in fairy tales cannot. Nope. . .
Only scientists can accomplish such a thing.
Mendel, the father of genetics, is a Christian monk.
In this way, you will not live in ignorance because you believe that only atheists can think. You\'re welcome.
Many scientists are Christians.
The two are by no means mutual. exclusive.
In addition, the success of travelers is actually less science and more engineering. . .
God is an engineer.
Chuck, you\'re right about religious scientists.
However, the proportion of scientists is quite low compared to the general population. Really david?
Now that you claim to have the knowledge of statistics, maybe you can tell us the actual percentage.
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences 97% (
Top scientists in the country)
Non-religiousLook it up. 93%.
Still the vast majority. Why not? Go away.
Can this thing turn around and take pictures of the solar system from where it is located?
All the planets?
So cool!
Like the stars. no.
Only the sun looks like a star.
Not a planet.
Only the Sun is a star. .
I mean, when the stars appear, the planets will only look like highlights, not close-up images we see.
But thank you for your input, Krishna.
Planets don\'t look like stars, nor do they reflect light.
From the traveler\'s point of view, the light source is beyond the reflective surface.
They will look black if you can see them.
Essentially, if you are a traveler, you will see the dark side of each planet. AGeek . . .
This is the dark side only when they are between vger and the sun.
If the planet is on the far side of the sun, it is not dark.
The St. Valentine\'s Day did so a few years ago.
Search the JPL website. It\'s been done. . .
Go to Wikipedia and search for light blue DotI billions of times.
It did so a few years ago.
The painting is the basis of Carl Sagans\'s book light blue dots, because that\'s how the Earth looks from there.
If you want to be humble, Google light blue dot and listen to Sagans comments on youtube.
It really makes you think. . .
There is not enough power to run its camera = (
Peter, this is what Voyager 1 did in 1990.
At Carl Sagan\'s request, the spacecraft launched the camera and took the last picture of the Earth as it left the solar system.
The resulting figure is called \"Light Blue Point \".
It was more than 20 years ago, so I suspect it can still see the Earth.
For more information, you should Google the light blue dot.
I look like a star in the night sky.
You can\'t tell a star/a planet.
The last photo taken by the traveler is February 14, 1990.
This is a look back on the sun.
If you go to jplnasa.
You can search it.
At this point, the sun will not stand out and it will turn things around with too much limited fuel.
I have seen some photos of the sun taken from travelers.
It\'s dizzy.
The planets are too far away to see.
But there\'s Newt Gingrich.
That\'s not the real Inuit. . .
This is the aura of his great self. . . . Amazing. . . . great job NASA.
You make the world proud of you!
Perhaps Muslims are busy perfecting algebra, radically changing the medical methods we use today, building the first observatory, developing the chart of stars, and developing the first concept of the algorithm, the concept will be well applied after the era of computer science.
All of this was done in the 7 th and 10 th centuries.
Without them, the traveler would not do any travel at all.
Although there is religion, science is accomplished, not because of religion.
Maybe it\'s the case now, some religions are more than others, but it makes sense to have some scientists who have made a huge contribution to our world to do so, they try to find the answer from their \"god\" mind.
Science comes from religion, though?
The first made by mansolid)
The object enters the interstellar space. .
A small step across space, a big step for mankind!
Don\'t be surprised if they start flying back to Earth in 2030 and fall into the Atlantic Ocean.
Gold records will be auctioned on eBayGalactic.
Just kidding, NASA did a good job.
We are proud of you.
I think this article is very interesting, I did math and it was 16 miles for 11 billion miles. 4 light-
Travel time; Dintersestin?
We may never reach that Earth.
Like a planet 600 light years away.
If we know the earth is there, we can find it.
We can at least take a beautiful picture of it in the end. . . .
One day, this small spacecraft may be the only thing in the universe that can mark human existence. haha (
This is very real.
People do not realize that global warming is changing exponentially.
We are now at the knee of the curve, the melting of the glacier, and so on.
Once the curve is bypassed, global warming will be so fast that humans will die (sp? ).
Think of it as chasing a bus speeding out of the station.
-You can\'t catch it.
What happened in the past 200 was so short in geological time that mother nature and evolution had no chance to offset it. It\'s up to us!
Therefore, I will continue to plan for the occurrence of global warming and make corresponding plans.
Blow the smoke into the air and live in a fun way because you will die tomorrow! Wrong.
One day, this craft will become the only moment of human existence.
NASA says the process and speed of the flight means it will fly forever (
Or until the end of the universe anyway)
Nothing happened.
Unless, of course, the Klingon or something like that detects it and picks it up. Very true.
I believe we are far behind other civilizations.
They can see us well, but they can\'t find us yet.
In only 81,000 years, it will reach the next nearest star system, the neighboring star.
I will wait! Ummm. . .
I don\'t think I actually will.
By then, I may become oil.
I don\'t want to point something out, but wouldn\'t they be 34 if it was released in 1977?
Thank you for letting me ever er?
The article says they have been \"flying for more than 30 years \"--does that help? :-
Maybe they\'re deducting the time they\'re running around the planet? !
Only calculate the time to travel away from the sun.
Yes, 34 years old and still running well. . .
Not even a Windows update.
In that era, the product was well designed in the first place.
Lol will never run on Vista, even though the view is awesome!
Unfortunately, it\'s not moving in that direction, so you\'ll be waiting 80000 years as I can\'t remember when Voyager launched it was really great to see the Saturn V carrier rocket rise to the sky.
The ground shakes under your feet.
What happened to this sense of adventure and achievement?
In order to create jobs and national pride, we need something like this again.
We need to go to Mars. Pronto.
Mission Control for Voyager 1: We found a large object during our collision with you.
We estimate the impact within 5 hours.
If you received this message, we were wrong at the time.
It\'s 16 miles. 4 light-Travel time. and?
Are you wasting our time answering questions that no one has asked?
Go somewhere else and touch your crappy self
We can all use calculators. @LeviWow, Levi.
Did you come by short bus?
Tell us how things are when you are diagnosed with Aspberger syndrome (Or first-
Yin Xun language syndrome). . . haha! Good one.
Sticks and stones. .
Like many astronomers, engineers and scientists.
You really shouldn\'t treat it as an insult because we tend to be very smart and scientific --oriented.
Also, it doesn\'t even make sense in the context here.
I guess you don\'t even know what it is.
Do a good job of Nate, which may save those who rely on their fingers. .
Shane\'s right.
I can only count twenty at most. Twenty-
If I drop my pants, just one.
I find these trivia interesting. .
I don\'t need to pick some trivia to make myself feel better because I don\'t (or couldn\'t)
Think about it first.
Personally, I thank you for the facts.
I didn\'t check it, but given that it\'s been 30 years since the traveler, the light hour tag surprised me. . . voyaging. Thirty years.
Obviously, Voyager is not made by GM.
Very correct, but yu did not pay 30 million for the Chevrolet Nova. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Thank God it was not blocked by the Republican Party.
They will kill it if they know it will be a successful government project. . .
Windows is obviously not running either.
One of the truly remarkable feats of humanity, a car we designed will leave the solar system\'s range in interstellar space! Awe inspiring.
Now, we would be better if it could use the detector as a target to practice and stay away from the Klingon spacecraft.
When can we get the same nuclear battery as the traveler for our phones? ! ? !
When the risk of cancer no longer exists.
Or do you want to have a tumor in your head as big as a pug? Troll! ! !
Oh, Richard, please.
Is it crazy to answer a question asked?
Good luck to your parents.
Since we can call you Dick as well, have you chosen Rich?
As for the nuclear battery, well. . .
They\'re still there-use. The recently-
The technology used by the Mars probe is basically the same.
Dozens of people are still known to use the same technology as heart pacemakers.
However, due to waste disposal problems, they are now only used for special applications such as space detectors.
I don\'t think the waste disposal of such ships is a problem. (
Not in my backyard! )Finally!
How much is our tax!
We should send a signal to one of the ships to b22. Yo! Pal!
Wake up, man. you must have dozed off.
This is my station. you are blocking the aisle. please go away.
What is amazing is that the ship is still working 30 years after space.
As for the discovery of our aliens, they are more likely to receive the Arecibomessage sent to us on 1974 and then find the traveler.
NASA can be proud of this achievement and the many technological breakthroughs they have given us, which have helped strengthen the status of the United States and contributed to the economic growth of the United States.
We can see the many benefits of this project, which is sad.
Put our information in a bottle.
Awesome achievements.
It can drive under several lights.
30 years.
Considering that the nearest solar system is 4 light years away and the best livable system is hundreds of light years away, I won\'t be too worried that aliens will find it soon.
When someone finds it, even its plutonium reactor core will be a harmless cold lead block.
Yes, what we really need is the warp drive.
You won\'t have a warp drive, will you?
Because we can really use warp drive now.
Are you sure you don\'t have a warp drive? Oh, well. . .
Ah, but remember what happened to the traveler (aka V\'GER)
In the movie Star Trek
It fell into an inconvenient black hole and went far.
In the grand scheme of things, it is self-evident what travelers and pioneers may encounter.
Until now, scientists are not sure about this stagnant area.
Now, if the traveler suddenly disappears, it is found again in a different direction towards the sun. . .
That\'s strange.
As for aliens finding it and tracking us, it\'s part of the mission.
The following is from Wikipedia: Gold is carried by every traveler\'s space probeplated audio-
If intelligent life finds any spaceship, visual disc-
Forms from other planetary systems.
These discs have photos of the Earth and its life form, a series of scientific information, and verbal greetings from people (e. g. the Secretary-
The United Nations and the president of the United States and the generals of the children on Earth)
There is also a medley, \"the voice of the Earth,\" which includes the sound of whales, the crying of babies, the breaking of waves on the coast, and the collection of Earth Music, including Mozart and Chuck Berry\'s Johnny B. Goode\".
Do you have best buy? ?
The aliens found the disc and they sent back a message: \"send some more Chuck Berry.
\"He just ripped off that Calvin Klein kid.
In fact, both ships have a gold-plated phonograph record of who created them and where they came from.
These are for any alien civilization that may one day encounter a spacecraft in the depths of space. Not to worry.
They may not be found on Earth for at least thousands or even millions of years. Or. . .
I can find it tomorrow.
It is either equally possible.
As long as aliens use record players.
Just in case, we also sent a needle.
I hope the aliens are Retro hipsters and still use vinyl.
One day, they will become tourist attractions, where people build a mobile platform around the spacecraft in space, where ships can dock and people can look down on artifacts, like in a museum.
By that time, of course, we had sent them away.
These two ships are small engines that can be done! ! .
When is the Atomic Energy of Voyager 1 and 2 exhausted?
The main scientific instruments will start to shut down around 2020 and between 2025 they will not be able to run any instruments2030.
Several experiments have been completed and closed.
I read somewhere that power can last 50 years.
I believe NASA is as surprised as we are that after 34 years, travelers are still traveling through space trucks.
See what happens with something made in America!
Haha is made in USA by baby Hogan and FREEDOMWERE.
Shame nobody cares about. Surprised?
They were designed for operations in 2025. What\'s surprising?
Even if the electricity ran out, the thing would be \"transported by truck \".
This is the essence of the void.
Unless it touches something that can fly forever.
This is the basic physical system. .
Michelle Buckman and Newt Green are also native Americans. .
What did this tell you? .
If they were able to build a 11 billion mile boat in 30 years, why couldn\'t they let my toaster last for more than a few months. . . .
Did you think it was you?
The traveler will not last 6 months if my child uses it.
\"Did you think it was you? \"Exactly.
Everything seems to be going well in space. Because:1.
It is made in China.
Because the corparation wants your money more, no one in the moreYour electric oven uses ChinaBecause to pay $0. 865 billion for 30-year toaster. . .
Because no one puts a fork in it.
Your toaster should not dri
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