Solve the misunderstanding of 18650 lithium battery protection board and battery

by:CTECHi     2021-07-23

With the continuous development of the electrical industry, the lithium battery industry has attracted more and more attention. As the core component of lithium batteries, the lithium battery protection board will also become the focus of people's eyes. What is a protection board, as the name suggests, is the protection function for the battery, which has the main protection functions of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit and so on. However, driven by profits, inferior lithium batteries also appeared, and people began to misunderstand the lithium battery industry. For example, the 18650 is unsafe and easy to explode; the 18650 has fallen behind and is a low-end product. Today, Guoren Chuangfa will discuss with you on the topic of solving the misunderstanding of 18650 lithium battery protection board and battery.

It has been many years since the birth of the 18650 battery. Not only did it not stop production, but it also developed to be used globally. In fact, 18650 is used in a wide range of fields, but we generally rarely see it directly. Most of the laptop batteries we use in our daily life are battery packs composed of 18650 batteries in series, but we can't see them because they are wrapped by the laptop battery shell. So is the 18650 battery abandoned in notebooks now? Obviously not, only Apple notebooks and some brands of ultrabook computers that are mainly thin and light use polymer batteries. I believe that 18650 batteries will continue to be used in the notebook field for a long time.

18650 is also very high in the flashlight industry, especially high-end bright flashlights. Because the 18650 battery has the advantages of large capacity, long life, high voltage and stability, it is very suitable for strong light mobile phones. At present, 18650 can be said to be the dominant position in the flashlight industry. To replace it, you may need to wait for better battery products to be developed.

The above two are just application examples of 18650 batteries that are closer to people’s lives. The examples here are just for everyone to agree. In fact, they are used in signal light power supplies, household batteries, In terms of ion battery system batteries, 18650 batteries are in an indispensable position. 18650 batteries are also used in motorcycles and electric motorcycles. Yamaha's new electric motorcycle 'EC-03' uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery manufactured by Sanyo Electric as the driving power source.  

If you see here, you still think that the 18650 lithium battery is unsafe, easy to explode, and it is outdated. It is a low-end product. Next, it will definitely make everyone feel safer.

Tesla Motors of the United States announced at the Detroit Auto Show press conference on January 13, 2009 that it will use the 18650 battery pack supplied by Panasonic. The 18650 battery is the earliest, most mature, and most stable lithium-ion battery. The consistency and safety of the 18650 battery have reached a very high level. Tesla uses the 18650 battery, which is indeed the best choice. The combined use of 18650 accelerates the application of lithium-ion batteries in the power field and energy storage field.

Finally, the Chinese people create a warm reminder to everyone that facts speak louder than words. The 18650 battery is still in its heyday, absolutely safe, not lagging behind, and not low-end.  

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