Solutions to low-temperature 'sneak nest' of electric vehicles

by:CTECHi     2021-09-02
On January 26, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology gave a solution to the low-temperature 'squatting' situation in electric vehicles. In response to the obvious performance degradation of power lithium-ion batteries in low-temperature environments, battery capacity degradation, and reduced driving range, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that it has organized vehicle and power lithium-ion battery companies, industry institutions, and colleges and universities to carry out technical research and speed up Ru0026D and industrialization of low-impedance film-forming additives, all-climate batteries, etc., to improve the low-temperature driving performance of electric vehicles. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that it has also organized an expert seminar recently to promote the resolution of this problem. There are several measures: One is to require automobile companies to strengthen after-sales service and promptly resolve user demands. Organize industry institutions to strengthen popularization of science and guide scientific use. The second is to support vehicle companies and battery production companies to strengthen technological research, improve low-temperature driving performance of electric vehicles, and improve user experience. The third is to step up research and formulation of relevant technical specifications, accelerate the promotion and application of working conditions in my country, clarify the performance and technical requirements of products in low-temperature environments, and strengthen product access and production consistency inspections. At present, key companies and industry institutions have taken active actions to publish winter car guidelines, increase after-sales service forces, and deploy scientific and technological research projects. It is understood that vehicle and battery companies are stepping up technical research and service upgrades in order to resist the low temperature 'killer' of cruising range. BAIC New Energy uses a PTC heating system, which is similar to installing “floor heating” on the battery. The structure is simple and the cost is relatively low. However, it consumes electricity for heating and also sacrifices a part of the cruising range. In addition, BAIC New Energy has also begun to study ultra-low temperature cold start and all-climate batteries, and developed the fourth-generation IBTC battery thermal management technology. The BYD blade battery adopts a 'module-free' structure, allowing the heating pipeline to enter a large heating plate, and the large plate is used to heat all battery cells. The heating efficiency is higher and more uniform, and the temperature of the cells is consistent, which is beneficial to release More electricity; on the other hand, by continuously reducing the wind resistance of vehicles, using low-viscosity grease suitable for winter conditions and other measures. NIO has perfected related supporting facilities such as swap stations to cope with low-temperature driving. The challenge lies in the operating efficiency and service standards of the swap stations. From mid-to-late April 2020 to the end of the year, Weilai has put in more than 70 replacement stations, that is, an average of about 2 stations per week in more than 30 weeks. Weimar Motors adopts an all-weather battery pack thermostat thermal management system. It is important to control the battery cell temperature more stably in an efficient and safe temperature range through independent liquid cooling design, PTC electric heating system, and minus 30°C polar heating system. Improved the available battery capacity and charging and discharging efficiency in winter. In addition, special inspection services in winter have been launched. In addition to the special design of the cathode material and electrolyte of the single battery, Lishen Battery is also actively cooperating with universities to develop battery self-heating technology. At the same time, it does a good job in the integrated design of the battery pack, taking into account the temperature control system and battery efficiency. Balance.
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