solar panels - lighting for the beginner

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
The use of solar energy is not just the property of people who want to spend thousands of pounds to reduce their electricity and carbon footprint.
Often overlooked is the ability of solar energy to provide reliable, cost-effective power in situations and locations where power is not available or impractical.
The potential use of solar lighting solar energy can provide reliable power throughout the year in remote areas, even in the UK.
In many cases, no power supply may be required.
From casual garden lighting to basic telecommunication and street lighting, these are all available.
Solar lighting is a relatively new concept for most people, but it has great potential to bring light to buildings where electricity cannot be used due to practical or economic reasons.
Solar lighting system is ideal for stables, farm building, remote residence, garden shed, garage, dog house, summer house, garden studio and office, wooden house, greenhouse, beach cottage, garden lighting, street lighting, children\'s playground. . .
The list continues!
The benefits of solar lighting can be well utilized anywhere in the sun.
The cost is usually very favorable compared to the new main power connection or generator installation, in addition to this, the electricity generated is completely silent and free.
Another advantage of solar panels is that they do not have moving parts, so there is little maintenance required.
They only need to clean once or twice a year to prevent dirt build up and reduce production.
Their life expectancy is usually over 15 years old, and they are often assured of this effect.
In addition, they do not produce pollution emissions and contribute to climate change.
Solar lighting is simple and safe to use, and there is a complete kit to make the installation simple and quick.
When they operate at a 12 v dc voltage, qualified electricians are not required and construction regulations are not applicable.
The solar lighting kit has the added advantage of being completely muted, running and maintaining at the lowest cost and safer compared to the generator.
Criminals find highly portable generators easy to carry and sell.
In the case that remote buildings are used to raise horses, farm animals or pets, effective and reliable lighting is essential for daily work such as feeding, cleaning up garbage, the most important thing is to help animals keep and care well.
In this case, the solar lighting system makes it easier and safer to perform tasks in winter and morning.
Solar lighting can also provide long-lasting lighting in case of an emergency, for example, if an animal is in Labor or the animal needs a veterinary examination.
How to solar lighting WorksSolar photoelectric (Solar PV)
It is the process of taking energy from the sun and turning it into electric energy.
The solar lighting system uses solar photovoltaic panels to capture energy from the sun and then store it in the battery until it needs to power the lamp.
There are three types of solar panels that are widely used in the market today: single crystal, multi-crystal and amorphous.
Most solar lighting systems use polysilicon panels because they provide the best balance in terms of price and efficiency.
The use of solar lighting systems is required from our usual gung-
The attitude of using city electricity!
When the light is turned on, the power obtained from the battery needs to be replenished from the solar panel when the sun shines.
You may have noticed that the sun is not shining every day (! )
So the size of the battery is to ensure that there is enough power storage on sunny days to provide power for a series of cloudy days.
Therefore, the size of solar panels and batteries should be determined by the estimated typical daily lighting needs and the estimated daily sunshine supply.
Generally speaking, the lower the demand for electricity, the cheaper the system will be.
Most solar lighting systems use low-energy lamps and typically operate at 12V instead of the usual 230V power supply, as this is the most efficient way to use storage power.
If 230V lighting or power supply is required, this can be achieved using an inverter that can be purchased separately and easily added to the system.
2-provide lighting
In the UK, 3 hours a day in winter and more than 7 hours a day is a very easy cost-effective level to reach.
Extended requirements for electricity during the winter months may significantly increase the cost of the system, but this is usually still advantageous compared to the cost of installing a new primary power connection.
In the case of high power demand in winter, it is often cost-effective to add a small wind turbine to help the winter battery charge and reduce the cost of the entire lighting system.
The time of the year has a great impact on the amount of sunlight we receive, so winter lighting needs are often the starting point of the design system.
Conclusion solar lighting is a practical solution to solve the lighting needs of many buildings that cannot be powered by mains or mains supply is very expensive.
The DIY kit is relatively cheap, easy to install, or can design and install custom systems for more complex situations.
The solar energy used will not cause climate change, will not cause any pollution, and will not make any sound at all.
There are no moving parts for solar panels, so they are reliable and have little maintenance.
Most importantly, there is no running cost, so you don\'t spend a penny once the power supply is installed.
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