Smart Electric Drive driven: a clever car with narrow appeal

by:CTECHi     2020-04-01
Is the mileage of electric vehicles too large?
Sounds like a stupid question.
After all, this is an age of range anxiety, an era of \"running out\", so why choose to risk being stuck on the side of the road, the dangerous warning lights will fade gently, not even one jerry can save?
\"It depends on the use of the car,\" said reasonsHorst Michels, battery engineer at Smart . \".
\"Larger batteries cost more and weigh more;
All the bad things in the electric car
\"Additional battery power also takes more time to charge, will you cover more than 100 miles if you only want a city to run?
This is the scope of this new, third claim.
Battery generation-
Electric Intelligent ForTwo.
Although to be honest, there are 4 KW air conditioners and fans on a route to the Miami waterfront and it\'s hard to cool the cabin
Worldrange is more like 75 miles.
Smart\'s first battery car was launched in London in 2007 as a limited trial of 100 cars.
These cars have melted after the transformation of Zyteck.
The salt battery has a range of 70 miles.
In 2009, the first one was Tesla-
Lithium supplied
Ion batteries (Mercedes was then a shareholder of Elon Musk\'s automaker) with 80-mile range.
In 2012, Smart launched what it calls the second generation (which others call the third generation) Smart power drive (ED ).
More power and better lithium
The ion battery has improved performance and has a range of 87 miles.
Now, sales are on the rise for every generation, with the total sales of smart ED reaching 16,500.
Mercedes reused the lease of the car, which is the measure of success --
Return and exchange-
In the 13 MW power storage facility in luenun, Westphalia, the battery is used for the second time, which helps to balance the peak demand and supply of the German power grid.
So for this fourth (third) generation car, Smart is spreading electric love with the same power system used in four generations of cars
Gate 4 and taxi.
The drive system is driven by a 81 hp, an 8 lb foot motor and a 17. 6kWh, 400-volt lithium-
Ion battery packs using LG bag batteries with the latest nickel, manganese and cobalt material technology.
After for2 loss in the whole production process, Mercedes-
Mercedes-Benz teamed up with Renault to develop this third model-
Replacement, shared rear-engine, rear-
Drive system and foundation
The third Twingo, two and four versions.
Always planning an electric version, which explains that the height of the gasoline is a bit unnaturalpowered models.
For the first two, Mercedes wisely chose to keep 2. 69-
The meter is long, so this is an attractive little thing.
It benefits from better solutions than its predecessor, while still having a clear connection with the first \"watch\" smart car that Swatch founder Nicholas hahayek first proposed 22 years ago.
The cottage has also been greatly improved despite the confusion (as Mercedes-
Mercedes avoided them) it had a touch screen in the center of facia.
A small pod at the top of the dashboard has an analog turntable that displays power flow and battery charging status.
The instrument binnacle is a semi-circular, speed indication at the perimeter, and the heater and air conditioning controller are at the bottom of the center display.
Considering that electric trains usually enter the interior of the car, you will think that this little smart car is really crowded.
But for the two passengers, there is spacious legroom and head space, and there is no loss of luggage space (admittedly already small ).
The battery is installed under the floor and the motor, single
Speed transmissions, chargers, power electronics and cooling compressors are all mounted on the back-very unobtrusive.
Smart quickly replaced the front landscape of the first model. leaf-
The spring arrangement of the MacPherson pillar (although it retains the rear of De Dion), the suspension system is too poor to work properly, so the improvement of this model is very welcome.
Not a 1,040 kg two.
Seat with wheelbase-
The Duck will provide the best riding quality-the front wheel has a decent bump, but the rear wheel bumps on the drain cover and expansion joint, the side --to-
The side cast is enough to throw the occupant\'s head.
Part of the reason is that the electric version carries the extra weight of standard Smart 140 kg.
However, it is not a disaster to say dynamically, although
Assistance and lowGear steering.
The stability system will soon overthrow any attempt.
Driving the car, but Smart\'s size, cheeky demeanor and fast acceleration make it very interesting to travel through Miami (or London)\'s bloated suv.
You will never get tired of the steering lock, which gives a remarkable turn Circle of 6.
95 m-less comfortable than the black cab, comparable to the most flexible vehicle.
Like all electric cars, Smart is away from traffic lights until performance starts to drop at a torque of about 50 miles per hour, where, poing still has enough speed to keep up with US Highway traffic at 60 to 70 mph.
There are some crawlers built into the system, which makes it easier and more familiar for anyone driving an autonomous car to start and manipulate Hill.
Front/rear drum brakes are progressive, especially given that they combine electrical regeneration with friction lag to slow you down.
The highway trip is quite exquisite, but you do hear a lot of moaning and spinning from the backmounted air-
Fan and air-conditioning pump for cooling motor for cooling engine room and battery.
Mercedes has its own way of recycling and charging.
The car\'s radar system can sense upcoming traffic jams and raise these regenerative braking devices to a level that will be more active when you lift from the throttle.
When you are on the coast, this forces more power back into the battery to simulate the inertia of conventional cars.
At other times, the \"regenerative\" brake is negligible and the smart roll looks like it will last forever. Steering-
Wheel dials that regulate the amount of regeneration are considered and rejected after the trial, indicating that the public does not understand or use them.
Not all of this is very helpful.
Driving gently, I only used ten percent of battery power after 6 miles, ten percent after 13 miles, and ten percent after 18 miles. 2 miles.
At this point, I consider turning off the radio and driving a few more miles.
It may be a humble city car, but you still want to start every journey with a fully charged battery.
It takes 6 hours to charge the battery from 0 to 80
Amp home power supply, 2.
Use 32-5 hours from wall box
Amp cooker circuit and three-45 minutesphase, 32-
Fast charger for Amp.
However, the cost of charging varies greatly.
The full charge is about 2.
At home prices, but there are many more stations on open roads.
All British cars will be equipped with 22 kWh chargers, and the half hour charge on the fast charger will be put into the battery pack for about 10 kWh.
It\'s about 1.
At the UK\'s domestic average electricity price, the electricity value of £ 20, however Ecotricity charges £ 6 on its highway express charger for half an hour.
That figure has risen by 500.
This is the economy of the new electric vehicle world.
The first delivery is in the fall of next year, and while the price has not yet been officially announced, it is expected to be around £ 21,000, with a government grant of £ 4,500 and around £ 16,500.
About 2,000 more than the equivalent. powered Smart.
Cabriolet ED will add another 2,000 and the forversion version will add another pound.
Smart is a second car and a city car, it\'s almost perfect, but don\'t think it\'s a replacement for home cars.
More honest and more useful than this.
FACTSTested: Intelligent three-
Car with three doors
Phase, synchronous AC motor driven by 17. 6kWh lithium-
An ion battery that drives the rear wheels.
Selling Price: from around £ 21,000, the government\'s £ 4,500 grant gives a price of around £ 16,500.
2017 Spring on sale, first delivered in autumn 2017.
Power/torque: 81 bhp/118lb ftTop speed: 80 mphRange: claimed 100 miles in the NEDC cycle with observed acceleration of 75 miles: 0-62mph 12.
Energy consumption in 9 seconds: 12.
CO2 emissions per 62 miles at 9 KW: zero in the wheel drive belt: 0 (0 in the first year and 0 thereafter) judgment: this generation of smart cars is by far the best.
It looks good and drives well, if not the best, then it is enough for such a short wheel base.
This battery-powered version will not be too much affected by the extra 140 kg, it is brisk and fun, and if no exception, its range is practical for the internal city grade: all the latest news, suggestions and comments from telegram car, please register our weekly newsletter by entering your email-
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