Should I choose lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries for data centers? Listen to what Huawei says

by:CTECHi     2021-08-06

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is collecting advanced applicable technology products for green data centers in 2019, including energy and resource utilization efficiency improvement products (power supply and distribution systems, etc.), renewable energy utilization, distributed functions, and microgrid construction technology products. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued a policy to use power batteries as data center energy storage batteries in pilot cascades to implement peak-shaving and valley-filling. The transformation of data center energy storage is imperative! So, who is leading the trend of power supply and distribution in data centers, lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries? Since Pangu opened up the world, a mysterious canyon has developed on the edge of the continent. Here, what the waterfall falls is not water, but electricity; even Pikachu, who releases one hundred thousand volts, came here to learn electric skills. Yes, this is the legendary 'Power Canyon (Data Center)'. A group of residents live on the canyon: UPS Xiao Gongju and its power partners. People who eat melons: 'UPS? What is that? Do I have a PS?' Of course not! UPS refers to the uninterruptible power supply system, and it is the little public who guards the power valley. They have a strong lightning protection design, and even the famous 'Thor' can't break through. In fact, it is not only UPS Xiao Gongju who has been guarding the safety of the canyon. For many years, she has also been guarded by two great law guards. They are lead-acid battery and lithium battery. Although on the surface the two guardians are very friendly, they are also fighting openly and secretly in order to win the heart of UPS's small public service. Once upon a time, lead-acid electric gods took advantage of their huge family network and were favored everywhere. However, time has passed, and the lithium battery keeps a low profile, practiced hard work, and finally began to show its dazzling brilliance in front of the UPS small public event with its super high ability. Speaking of lithium battery gods, it is simply 'lithium' and 'lithium'. Since 1970, it has undergone continuous development and has been applied to industries such as mobile phones and electric vehicles, giving full play to the power of Jin’s “lithium”. With the development of the power valley business, UPS Xiao Gongju decided to reuse lithium battery gods, hoping to make the valley the safest home for the power gods. Nowadays, in order to compete for the heart of the UPS small business, the lead-acid battery and the lithium battery are about to start a battle. Before that, first enter the ruthless talk link. Lead-acid battery god: 'Yo~Yo, you are too low, dare to challenge me, are you strong enough?' Lithium battery god: 'A mountain is higher than a mountain, brother, don't flash your waist!' Come on, Showtime! The first round: the contest of life. We know that the main responsibility of UPS is to protect the safe operation of the power canyon. In order to ensure 'always runningIn the canyon, the battery will be charged and discharged frequently in some application scenarios with poor grid quality, causing loss. Therefore, the battery needs to have an ultra-long cycle number. The number of lead-acid battery cycles is generally 600, while the number of lithium battery cycles can reach 3,000, which is a significant lead. In the first round, the Lithium Protoss won. The second round: a contest of safety In addition to life, safety is also the key. If something happens in two days, don't talk about guarding the power valley, just guarding yourself is enough to toss. Compared with lithium batteries, frequent charging and discharging of lead-acid batteries can cause reactions such as softening of the active material, leading to failures such as swelling. In order to reduce failures, a lot of manpower needs to be invested in daily/professional inspection and maintenance. The lithium battery can be installed with an intelligent system to avoid daily inspections. It really complies with the sentence-'You are already a mature battery, and you must learn to manage yourself.' Moreover, although you can't help or spend it, you can save dozens of them. Ten thousand operation and maintenance costs. In the second round, the Lithium Protoss won. Round three: Space contest For UPS Xiao Gongju, how could her little heart be occupied by two male gods at the same time? Therefore, she will definitely choose the male god who can hold her inner space. So how do lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries perform? Let's take a look at this set of data comparison. 1. Weight energy density (Wh/kg) lithium battery (lithium iron phosphate): 100~150 lead-acid battery: 30~502. Volume energy density (Wh/L) lithium battery (lithium iron phosphate): 200~300 lead-acid Battery: 60~90 Let us see more intuitively: under the condition of 800kW load and 15min backup time, lead-acid battery occupies 11.2㎡, and lithium battery only occupies 3.06㎡. Lithium batteries are still small and exquisite when they have 18 powerful martial arts, so they can naturally grasp the heart of UPS's small public activities. In the third round, the Lithium Protoss won. After three rounds of fighting, the Lithium Protoss demonstrated its strength. The lead-acid protoss had to stay in the corner depressed. Lithium battery god: 'Brother, your name is lead acid, but don't be sour, let us fight together!' Lead acid god grieved: 'huh...!' Nowadays, there are more and more UPS devices on the market. Choosing lithium batteries is an irreversible trend for the industry. Lithium batteries have outstanding performance in many indicators such as lifespan and reliability, and will surely contribute more excellent and stable energy to the protection of the power valley in the future. 'I am born to be useful, and lithium batteries are all about moving forward!' So, what does Huawei UPS Xiao Gongju think about as the leader of the UPS small public service group? In her eyes, to build the safest home of the power protoss, not only the lithium power protoss, but also the leader in the lithium power protoss. At the same time, the four major forces in the lithium battery Protoss have been surging to win the heart of Huawei UPS Xiao Gongju... Seeing that an internal battle of the Protoss is about to set off, who will win the love of the Xiao Gongju at first sight?

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