Should I Buy a HX6511 or HX6711?

by:CTECHi     2019-12-24
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Are you interested in buying a new \"quality\" electric toothbrush? -
And are particularly interested in two Philips models: HX6511 (EasyClean)and HX6711 (
Healthy White 710)models --
However, not sure which one is appropriate, the objective and brief comparison guide for these two electric toothbrushes should help you ---
By highlighting their differences and similarities in function and specification,-
Therefore, you can easily and quickly decide which model is more suitable for your dental needs and preferences (
Provide your best value at all).
First of all, both models are equipped with the unique \"electronic technology\" developed by Philips, allowing them to clean their teeth \"up to 31,000 movements per minute (
In this regard, obviously more capable than a \"manual\" toothbrush)--
This means that toothpaste and other liquids can enter a very tight space between the teeth and are able to get close to the teeth (& clean)
Your gum. xa0Eventually lead to a cleaner and healthier mouth as a whole (
So it\'s also more likely to be whiter).
Philips Sonicare easy to clean sonic electric toothbrush, HX6511/50 Amazon price: $97. 95 Buy Now(
Prices as of December 14, 2015)
However, if HX6711 is slightly different in this department (
More advanced in nature)
It has two modes.
Mode \"one\" is the \"clean mode\" just mentioned above \"(
You got it with HX6511.
But it also has a second mode called \"clean and white mode \".
The latter option gives you two minutes of the above process \"clean mode\" and also provides an additional 30 seconds of \"White mode\" with a focus on the visibility of the front teeth ---
It can reduce stains such as coffee and wine.
Make your teeth (
In a very short time)
Get lighters and lighters (white)shades.
The brush head HX6511 also comes with a specially designed ergonomic \"proportional output brush head\" to help \"remove [\"Cause disease]
\"Ultra-through profile-
Soft bristles adapted to the shape of teeth--
It gives you a more comfortable and effective brushing experience.
The HX6711, however, is equipped with new \"more effective\" brush heads as they effectively incorporate the same concept as the above, but now have a larger coverage (i.
Increased surface area)
& This in turn ensures a \"deep\" cleaning between teeth.
They are also equipped with two time tracking systems: Smart-
Timer, tell you when to stop brushing your teeth in two minutes (
Time period officially recommended by dentist)
& Then the four beats that beep every 30 seconds indicate that you change to a different oral quadrant (e. g. upper-right, lower-right, upper-left, lower-left)--
When in a clean white mode, the HX6711 adds an extra 30 seconds.
If you need to stop, you can click on the power button & then click on it again to go where you left.
Both models run on rechargeable batteries-
S0 about running time-
They should all be able to run for two weeks (
Four minutes a day-
2 minutes in the morning and evening)
Although 3 weeks is a recognized standard-
All of these are charged 24 hours, so ideal for those traveling.
It also has a small LED light detailing the condition of the battery when it needs to be charged.
In terms of design, both are quite similar --
The modern look and slim figure, as well as the ergonomic grip design, give you complete control and stability when brushing your teeth.
Health benefitsxa0As described by the Philippines, it claims to be the number one brand of dental equipment recommended by dental professionals.
These two models are more effective in removing plaque 100% than manual toothbrushes (i.
E double effective).
Sonicare has also been shown to be helpful in reducing gum inflammation, and each model can be safely used for \"positive teeth, dentistry, veneers, implant materials and sensitive teeth \".
HX6711 has been \"clinically proven\" to help whiten teeth \"to reach two colors in two weeks\" by using its clean and white pattern on a regular basis \".
Size and specification shx6511: size-1. 3 by 1. 1 by 7.
5 inch | weight-14. 4 ounces.
Start by pressing easily.
HX6711: size-1. 3 by 1. 1 by 7.
5 inch | weight-14. 6 ounces.
Start by pressing easily.
The average level of customer reviews is 4. From 5 stars and 6 stars (rounded it up)
More than 394 reviews (sourced Amazon. com)--
So, as you can see, the model does work on it, \"light-year hand brush head \". The HX6511 (EasyClean)Economist2013-10-135.
The average value of 0055/5 HX6711 is 4. From 5 stars and 4 stars (rounded xa0it up)
More than 706 reviews (sourced AMazon. com)--
Again, although the model is a little more expensive, 710 of users value the extra \"clean\" white aspect. The HX6711 (
Healthy White 710)Economist2013-10-134. 5054.
5/5 further information both models have two years of support (24 months)
Warranty for repair/replacement.
The Sonicare toothbrush gradually increases the power during 14 times of use, allowing you to gradually get used to sonic technology.
What did you get in the box?
HX6511 and HX6711: Toothbrush, toothbrush head, charger, travel cap.
Conclusion: you should buy HX6511 or HX6711, so the only real difference between the two models is that the HX6711 comes with an extra \"clean and white\" mode
This promotes teeth that look whiter, and only this aspect really distinguishes them (
Almost everything else is the same. g.
The same sound technology).
So if you have yellow and stained teeth (
Or just want to make your teeth whiter)
Then choose HX6711 (
I know I need it).
However, if you are satisfied with their appearance and are interested in keeping them healthy ---
Then, by getting the HX6511 model, you won\'t miss anything and save about $50 as well.
All in all, you can see that both models are incredibly well received among users, each model is well thought out and combined with the quality level of the process and engineering --
With an electric toothbrush, it does what it says well. -
At the same time, it provides great value relative to their price tag.
We highly recommend it. . . Oral-
B. price of 1 yuan for precision black 7000 rechargeable electric toothbrush: $219. 99Buy Now(
Prices as of December 14, 2015)
Which electric toothbrush will you buy, if you have any comments, questions or concerns about the comparison, Why buy: HX6511 and HX6711, or any model (i.
Functions of E. HX6511 or HX6711, etc. )
Then, please do not hesitate to make these comments in the comments section below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.
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