Primary Battery:

This Primary Battery has many advantages, such as its ability to use low drain and low-cost products, and is easy to operate. At the same time, its shelf life is very long, the price is cheap, and basically no maintenance is required. In this column, you will see Primary Battery of different sizes and shapes, all of which have reasonable energy density and are very safe and reliable. You can choose according to your needs or application. Our disposable batteries include Li-MnO2 Battery (CR Battery), Li-SoCl2 Battery (ER Battery), Li/(CFx)n Battery (BR Battery), 1.5V Li-FES2 Battery, We primary battery has discharge voltage stable,excellent storage characteristics,low self discharge rate of less than 2 percent,long shelf life,excellent fast pulse discharge characteristic,wide operating temperature range from -20℃ to +60℃.They can be used computer mainboards,car alarm,tire tester,PDA,industrial motherboards,calculators,watches,shoe lights,electronic thermometer,electronic toys,flashlight,fiscal processor,medical instruction,small electronic gifts,blue tooth wire-less products,multi-function wireless remote control,MP3,electronic key,card type radio,IC card,smart appliances,digital cameras,mobile phone and other devices.

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