my country's telecommunications backup lithium-ion battery compound growth rate in the next four years exceeds 100%

by:CTECHi     2021-08-28
According to a survey conducted by the Advanced Industry Research Institute of Lithium Battery (GGII), in 2018, affected by policies and government guidance, my country’s communications backup lithium-ion battery market shipments were 3.8GWh, an increase of 216.7% year-on-year, mainly because the tower and my country Mobile started to scale up. Use lithium ion battery. GGII predicts that my country's communications reserve lithium battery market will maintain a super-high-speed growth, reaching 45GWh in 2022, and a compound growth rate of 80% in 2019-2022. 2016-2022 my country's communications backup lithium-ion battery shipments and forecast (GWh, %) Data source: Advanced Industry Research Institute of Lithium Battery (GGII), June 2019 In 2018, my country's communications operators and tower companies began to officially Bulk purchase of lithium-ion batteries for communications, among which my country’s mobile purchases is the largest, reaching 0.8GWh; my country’s telecommunications battery bidding is still a large part of the battery; my country Unicom’s bidding for lithium iron phosphate batteries is larger than telecommunications but the total amount is still far smaller than that of my country. verb: move. From the perspective of the development of operators' demand for lithium batteries, my country Mobile's promotion of demand is significantly higher than my country Unicom and my country Telecom. my country’s communication backup lithium-ion battery important case data source: Advanced Industry Research Institute of Lithium Battery Research (GGII) compiled GGII believes that the industry critical point of the communication backup lithium-ion battery market is approaching, and 2018 is the rapid pace of my country’s communication backup lithium-ion battery industry In the first year of development, on the one hand, the base station construction and maintenance company Tower Company announced that all subsequent base station backup batteries will purchase lithium-ion batteries. In 2018, Tower Company has completed the procurement of 1.2GWh cascade batteries. On the other hand, my country Mobile, the leader in 5G construction, began to officially purchase new batteries on a large scale. In November 2017, a public bidding of 800MWh lithium-ion batteries was used as a communication backup battery in 2018. This marked the trial of communication lithium batteries in previous years. The water period has been completed, and the subsequent communication backup battery will be large-scale lithium-ionized. Judging from the shipment volume of lithium-ion battery companies, my country's lithium-ion battery companies not only meet the needs of the domestic communications market, but also export in bulk to Southeast Asia and other markets. According to data from the Advanced Industrial Research Institute of Lithium Battery (GGII), in 2018, companies with a large number of domestic communications backup lithium-ion battery shipments were exported overseas. The top five companies in the market size were Ha Guangyu, Nandu Power, and Hai Star, Vision and Topband, etc. Data source for the ranking of domestic communication backup lithium-ion battery companies in 2018: Advanced Industrial Research Institute of Lithium Battery Research (GGII), April 2019 Starting from 2019, my country's communication backup lithium-ion batteries will continue to rise rapidly, and the main driving forces for the increase are: 1 ) my country's 4G transformation and 5G new base stations: 5G base stations of my country Telecom and China Unicom will be more than twice the current number of 4G base stations, and my country Mobile will be more than four times the current number. According to data from the 2018 annual reports of various operators, there are at least 14.38 million base stations in my country to be built or renovated. In addition, because the energy consumption of 5G base stations has risen sharply, it means that there are 14.38 million sets of backup energy systems to be improved. Based on the power consumption of 2700W per station and the emergency response time of 4 hours, the market has at least 155GWh of accommodation space. 2) The Tower Company expects to consume at least 5GWh of tiered lithium-ion batteries and new lithium-ion batteries in 2019. This lithium-ion battery is importantly used in the replacement of lead-acid batteries in the original 4G base station. The demand for 5GWh will further drive my country's communications backup The rise of lithium-ion batteries. 3) Increasing demand in overseas markets: With the development of Southeast Asian market economies such as India and Vietnam, when laying communication facilities in China, due to the scarcity of electricity, high-capacity and high-rate communication lithium-ion batteries are used. This demand market will rapidly increase with the increase in the construction of 4G base stations. The communication market and the electric vehicle market are both trillion-level markets. Under the attraction of huge application prospects, the number of players has gradually increased. When many companies and investors entered the field of communication lithium-ion batteries, they did not understand the current industry reality. Situation, lack of industry-related data.
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