must have tips for installing battery backup sump pumps in you basement

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
When you finish the basement, it is better to have a high quality sewage pump and install a battery backup sewage pump system.
I have been getting a call from the homeowner who caused the basement flood due to issues related to the sewage pump.
Maybe they finished the basement themselves or used a contractor who had no experience with the basement renovation.
If it\'s not done or done wrong, it causes problems that you don\'t want to have.
To prevent a system from failing, you need to follow some very important tips.
First remove the old builder grade sewage pump you have and install the high quality heavy duty pump.
Builders put in cheap garbage and construction waste throughout the construction process. Second.
Please install the backup system for qualified plumber.
This is the best way to ensure the system works properly. Third.
I repeat that you have to install the backup system on your own socket and on the stand-alone breaker.
If you just plug it into the outlet with an existing sewage pump and the circuit blows your left without working the pump.
If you need to run a new circuit, please do it with a qualified electrician to avoid fire hazard or electric shock. Fourth.
My experience is that the batteries of these systems usually only last 4-5 years.
When you install the system, make a note of the date and post it on the battery or calendar to replace it when the time comes.
If the battery is not charged, it is useless to use the battery backup system.
Hopefully this will help you keep your basement dry and worry free for years to come.
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