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by:CTECHi     2020-03-20
We live in an era of notification, and the beeps and pings from many of our personal devices have become part of our daily lives.
While most of these stimuli can cause curiosity, what users don\'t want to hear from their devices is a signal that the battery is running out.
Fortunately for us, the power bank has stepped in to save the day, but the number of equipment and price points makes it possible to pick one to purchase the task itself.
The international market is full of famous brands such as Anker, Jackery and Aukey, but in India, a small home --
A growth company called Ambrane has received attention at affordable prices. priced, high-
Capacity battery pack.
Their latest product is 13,000 mAh P1313 and we have been working hard to power our gadgets for the past week.
The kit contains a power supply group and a small white USB cable for handling charging tasks.
Cable is not very long, this is usually a strategy to minimize the loss of energy, but also Micro
A wide variety of USB, so modern gadgets with USB-
C will need their own cable.
While power bank also has silver, pink and black, our review version is dull gold.
The surface has a slight texture, which means it is unlikely to slide off the surface like our smooth interior
House Anker Astro e5
It looks good, although the bar that holds four blue LEDs that show charging levels and the intersection square on the decorative sides reduce the appearance to some extent.
P1313 also comes with a flashlight activated by a double
Press the power button.
The device has two ports, which, like our Astro, are said to be able to intelligently boost power to a maximum of 2.
According to the connected device, 1A is under 5 v.
This is a welcome departure, and the rating of each port must be viewed before inserting.
Ambrane is a rather powerful performer who has come to its job.
We used a more expensive but slightly larger 16,000 mAh Astro for comparison, and Ambrane kept himself in good condition, in addition to the cable it came with that disappointed it.
Use AMP app (
Available free on Play store)
The average charge displayed is about 360 mAh at 4 V (
Energy loss is always involved)
When using the Ambrane cable.
The same cable inserted into the Anker power supply group produced similar results to our Moto G4 Plus, which was able to charge quickly.
For reference, the quick charger that comes with G4 plus displays an average of 2620 mAh at the same voltage.
But let\'s not waste the equipment itself because of the cable, which may be a problem with our equipment.
Change the stock cable to the one we lay down and see Ambrane go toe-to-
Toe is output together with Astro, with an average of about 2,000 mAh connections for both devices.
This means that the electricity Bank has more or less fulfilled Ambrane\'s commitment to a 2.
Maximum output 1A.
For a 3,000 mAh device, the power bank can keep about three charges on average, and it takes five hours or more to charge, which is expected for its capacity.
The indicator light is not always reliable in indicating the charging progress, and sometimes we find that the device does not have juice even if the light appears on the body.
At the end of the day, Ambrane P1313 is a good product, although the company-
Rs quote.
The 2,999 is a bit steep.
However, the inventory of some online retailers is half the price, which is an acceptable transaction.
If you have a higher quality cable than the one that comes with it, it charges the same price.
Despite the number of 13,000 mAh, do not expect it to be able to charge all portable devices multiple times at a time.
But for a person looking for decent
Looking for a power bank that does the job without destroying the bank, P1313 will do the job-if you get the job at a price below Rs. 2,000.
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