Market share analysis of lithium batteries in the future

by:CTECHi     2021-08-01

In recent years, the small and exquisite lithium battery UPS can reduce the space occupied in the uninterruptible power supply system by 50-80%. With the rapid development of the UPS power supply market, the application range of UPS batteries has become more and more extensive. With many breakthroughs, the market share of lithium batteries will rise from 1% to 35%. The editor predicts that in the future lithium batteries will quickly occupy one-third of the data center UPS battery market. The editor below will analyze it from several aspects. By 2025, lithium batteries will occupy one third of the UPS battery market share. With the deepening of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence applications, lithium battery UPS has become the main driving force for market growth. Research data shows that in 2017, distributors and agents are still the sales channels for the lithium battery UPS market share, reaching 2.78 billion yuan, accounting for 45.1%. With the transformation of the UPS battery market from a single product sales to an integrated solution model, system integrators have achieved rapid growth, accounting for 23.3% of the overall market. Financial analysts predict that the overall demand for backup UPS batteries in data centers in North America and Europe will rise from 3.5 GWh in 2016 to 14 GWh in 2025. During this period, the lithium battery UPS market share will rise from 1% to 35%. By 2025, lithium batteries will account for one-third of the UPS battery market. Lithium batteries will gain a 40% market share within 8 years. This is not surprising in a market where UPS battery technology is not changing very quickly. Although the current early-stage cost of lead-acid batteries is much lower, due to the substantial increase in demand in the next ten years, lithium batteries will greatly reduce costs, most of which will be used in electric vehicles. Reduce costs This helps to speed up the adoption of lithium battery UPS for backup in data centers during this period. Advantages of using lithium batteries in UPS power battery systems 1. Reduce the size and weight of the UPS battery system in order to use space more effectively. This will help customers increase the area available for IT equipment, thereby saving investment costs and Continuous operating costs. 2. Extend the life of the lithium battery UPS and reduce maintenance costs. The long-life design of the lithium battery will greatly reduce the cost of replacing the UPS battery and the burden of maintenance. 3. Lithium battery has strong adaptability to high and low temperature, and can be used in the environment of -20℃-60℃. After the process, it can be used in the environment of -45℃. 4. UPS lithium battery is green and environmentally friendly. The lithium battery does not contain heavy metals such as lead, nickel, chromium, etc., and there is no pollution in production and use, and it meets European RoHS regulations. 5. High energy ratio: Lithium battery UPS has high energy and high storage energy density. 6. Reduce maintenance and cost savings: UPS batteries can reduce air-conditioning installation and maintenance costs, maintenance costs, and electricity costs for users. 7. Long cycle life: The lithium battery UPS has a long service life. It can be used for more than 6 years in one case, up to 9 years. 8. No memory effect: Lithium batteries can be charged and discharged at any time, can be charged and discharged quickly, can be fully charged more than 80% in 20 minutes, and can be discharged in 15 minutes. The use of lithium batteries in UPS battery-powered systems will become a trend. For the data center industry, can it maximize the use of existing space and minimize operating costs, especially UPS power cooling energy consumption, battery repair and battery replacement service costs especially important. The lithium battery has become the key to solving these problems because of its excellent performance. With the continuous maturity of lithium battery technology, the advantages of using lithium batteries as UPS battery backup power sources are becoming more and more obvious. Lithium battery construction solutions are also adopted by more and more companies. We see that lithium batteries are gradually becoming data centers Indispensable new friends in the computer room. Lithium batteries may rewrite the history of UPS batteries. Lithium batteries are the first choice for environmental protection. Lithium batteries do not contain heavy metals such as lead, nickel, and chromium. Compared with ordinary lead batteries, lithium batteries have light weight, high energy storage and low self-discharge. At present, many large enterprises at home and abroad have begun to deploy the UPS lithium battery market. Although lithium batteries are currently 2-3 times more expensive than lead batteries, with the continuous development of lithium battery technology, its cost will also drop significantly. At present, the price difference between these two batteries is shrinking at a rate of 20% per year. It is not difficult to see that lithium batteries are gradually changing the history of lead-acid batteries dominating UPS batteries. By 2025, lithium batteries will occupy one-third of the UPS battery market share, which is destined. As a manufacturer of lithium battery UPS power supply, Cuneng Electric is well versed in the development characteristics of the industry. In the future, lithium batteries will be put into use in UPS power batteries on a large scale, and lithium battery UPS will be sought after by customers.

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