Manufacturing method for automatic liquid injection sealing of lithium battery

by:CTECHi     2021-08-22

Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of high voltage, high specific energy, many cycles of use, and long storage time. They are not only widely used in portable electronic devices, but also widely used in electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and power tools. In terms of medium-sized electric equipment, especially the lithium-ion power battery among them, is the main direction of the development of major battery manufacturers.

A major technical problem in the development of existing lithium-ion power batteries is the sealing problem of lithium-ion batteries. During the use of lithium-ion power batteries, the battery sealing affects the long-term performance of the battery. And a key factor of safety performance, if the lithium-ion power battery is not sealed tightly, the battery will heat up during the charging and discharging of the battery, and the electro-hydraulic will quickly volatilize under the influence of temperature, and the electro-hydraulic will be easily depleted, resulting in a rapid increase in the internal resistance of the battery. The battery capacity is rapidly reduced, causing the battery to fail. In some extreme cases, the battery’s electro-hydraulic leaks, and it is easy to catch fire and explode when encountering an open flame, posing a safety threat.

At present, with the development of power batteries and the maturity and improvement of electric vehicle technology, the market has an increasing demand for large-capacity power batteries. The sealing method of the traditional battery is a steel ball method, and the sealing method of the steel shell battery is a mechanical seal. With the increase of battery capacity, the amount of electrolyte to be injected into the battery is increasing, but the traditional sealing method of smashing the steel ball has a limitation on the size of the injection hole, which causes the injection efficiency to be too low, and the mechanical seal of the steel shell battery The method reliability is too low. Therefore, the current large-capacity lithium-ion power battery mostly adopts a large-diameter liquid injection hole sealing method. The current sealing method for large-capacity lithium-ion power batteries mainly uses a nut fixing method. The disadvantage of this method is that the sealing is poor and easy It causes battery leakage, which seriously affects the performance and safety of the lithium-ion power battery.

Therefore, the lithium battery automatic production line can realize automatic scanning-injection-weighing-replenishment-sealing operations in the super clean glove box, realizing high efficiency and complete unmanned automation Production greatly saves labor costs, greatly improves production capacity, product quality and yield, and maximizes the benefits for customers. The automatic production line of lithium battery can ensure the efficiency of liquid injection and the sealing of the liquid injection hole of the lithium-ion power battery, avoid battery leakage, and effectively ensure the performance and safety of the lithium-ion power battery.

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