Major good news for solid-state lithium batteries frequently

by:CTECHi     2021-09-25
Why did Tesla fall sharply? Last night, Tesla fell sharply! Isn't the concept of new energy vehicles extremely hot this year? From time to time, the market value of the stock price of the car racing late at night is also reaching new highs. What happened? In the past two days, solid-state lithium batteries have made major breakthroughs, and good news has come out frequently! But it caused a big blow to Tesla. On December 8th, the solid-state lithium battery developer QuantumScape announced the latest data on the solid-state lithium battery developed by it. It only takes 15 minutes to charge 80%, only half an hour to fully charge, and the range has also increased by 80%. I have to say that this charging speed is indeed excellent, and I heard that it can not only be used for cars, but can even provide power for airplanes. It is not the same with the support of Volkswagen, SAIC, and Bill Gates. The ones running on the ground, the ones flying in the sky are all covered! The other is Toyota. According to yesterday’s news, the solid-state battery currently being developed by Toyota has a cruising range of twice that of traditional lithium-ion batteries, charging for ten minutes, and having a range of 500 kilometers! In addition, safety issues have also increased significantly, energy density has doubled, and the risk of spontaneous combustion has dropped significantly. It also sounds very exciting. As soon as these two news came out, the market became lively. Tesla fell nearly 7% due to the bad news, and its market value evaporated more than 300 billion yuan in a single day! What is so good about solid-state lithium batteries? As a means of transportation with public attributes, new energy vehicles are safety and convenience conditions that must be met. Compared with traditional lithium batteries, solid-state lithium batteries can solve the safety problem—no risk of spontaneous combustion and self-explosion. At the same time, the upgrade of its endurance capability has obvious convenience. The double breakthrough has indeed had a great impact on the development of the industry caused by new energy. If these solid-state batteries really start mass production, it will bring disruptive changes to the entire automotive industry. Is Tesla really going to be subverted? Although the mask brother was very excited when he watched the news, he calmly and rationally analyzed it: the data released by these companies is indeed eye-catching, but there are still differences between the experimental environment and the real environment, and the applicability of these test data in real conditions needs to be verified. . And in terms of power, it is not much different from the 4680 electrodeless ear. In addition, although important progress has been made in research, QuantumScape will not start mass production until 2024, and Toyota will not start using it until the next few years. For such a long time, relying on Tesla’s ability and financial resources, is it still Is there no way to develop a better battery?
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