Guoneng Battery faces the 'life and death robbery'

by:CTECHi     2021-08-28
Recently, according to employees of Beijing Guoneng Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Guoneng Battery'), the after-sales maintenance of Guoneng Battery has been interrupted in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang and other places. At the same time, Guoneng Battery Beijing has been in arrears with its employees for half a year, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan in arrears. What is more serious is that the current Beijing plant of Guoneng Battery has been suspended for a year, the production base has been transferred to Zhengzhou, Henan, and Beijing only retains the functions of the headquarters. The Beijing plant has stopped production for nearly a year and was established in 2011. Before that, it was a power lithium-ion battery company that ranked among the top ten in China in terms of shipments for many years. As one of the nine bases planned by Guoneng Battery, the Beijing plant originally planned to produce 300 million ampere-hour batteries and 500 million ampere-hour PACKs. It is one of the important bases of Guoneng Battery. But this has long since become history. It is understood that the current Beijing plant of National Energy Battery has been suspended for nearly a year, and there are more than 50 employees waiting for the company to solve the salary problem. Regarding this matter, Guoneng Battery did not admit it at first. In May 2019, Guoneng Battery announced a notice stating that the asset ratio of Guoneng Battery has been maintained at the lowest level in the industry, and that it has established a good cooperative relationship with large domestic auto companies and has been strongly supported by the government. 'At present, everything in production and operation is normal, and all the employees have always worked together to overcome difficulties.' However, this announcement finally proved to be just a 'figure sheet' to cover up their own plight. On July 19, Guoneng Battery announced a notice saying that due to the adjustment of production and operation strategies, it was decided to adjust the work locations of relevant departments after research. Beijing only retains the functions of the headquarters, and the company will uniformly allocate and arrange the work locations of employees. Employees in Beijing must report to the chairman of the board for approval, otherwise the minimum wage will be applied. In this regard, an employee who did not want to be named frankly said that this can be said to be 'dismissal in disguise' from the employees. “At present, the general manager has resigned and left, and the chairman does not know where to go. Some of the remaining employees have applied for arbitration, and some are still waiting. The boss is either denying it or saying that he has no money.” The employee said, At present, nearly 50 employees of the Beijing company have jointly applied for labor arbitration, claiming compensation for labor compensation and reimbursement of advances paid for work. Most of the remaining employees are salespeople and mid-level senior managers with large arrears. Industry reshuffle intensifies the reasons for wage arrears. Guoneng Battery explained in a notice announced on July 22: Affected by the new energy industry, the company’s current 1.2 billion yuan of accounts receivable has not yet been recovered, resulting in part The compensation, wages and reimbursements of employees who have left the company were not paid in time. At present, the important leaders and sales staff of the company are raising funds. It is expected that part of the economic compensation will be settled on July 31; all will be settled on August 31; the reimbursement will be paid in accordance with the company's internal employees. In addition to the unpaid accounts receivable, the business risk of National Energy Battery is also considered by the industry to be one of the reasons for its financial problems. Luke Electronics, one of the shareholders of Guoneng Battery, was reminded in 2018 that due to its own risks, the company's rights and interests would be frozen, which would bring about the risk of financial asset impairment. In addition, the reporter checked the Beijing Trial Information Network and found that Guoneng Battery had as many as 74 pieces of information involved in the case in 2019 alone, and the total amount of funds owed to suppliers was as much as 26.86 million yuan. 'The situation of Guoneng Battery is not unique. In 2018, Shenzhen Waterma was also'shuffled' out due to a fracture. The reason for this phenomenon is that the batteries produced by some companies are not of high-quality production and cannot be compared with brand-name battery companies. Compete vigorously.' Shen Jianbin, an automotive industry analyst, told reporters that in addition to the above reasons, the decline in financial subsidies is also one of the reasons for increasing the financial pressure of National Energy Battery. “Guoneng Battery’s customers are mainly concentrated in the commercial vehicle field and are very cost-sensitive. In addition, the downturn in the auto market will also exacerbate its dilemma.” “In recent years, the brutally growing and speculative battery companies seem to have high output, but vehicle manufacturers It won’t be useful. In the future, 90% of battery companies will be eliminated.” Fang Jianhua, a member of my country’s Electric Vehicles Association of 100, said that the current production of products that can truly meet the performance requirements and market needs of vehicle companies is not in excess.
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