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by:CTECHi     2020-04-08
Every woman should have a vibrator...The vibrator is perfect for masturbation, and the vibrator is great when making love.If you\'re having a hard time reaching orgasm (like many women), or if you \'ve never reached it, you really need to have a vibrator.According to statistics, one out of every ten women has not reached a climax!We often hear men talk about the dependence of vibrators.
Hey guys, don\'t you want to use a vibrator to help your lady reach her climax instead of letting her suffer because she doesn\'t have a vibrator?Remember now-The infamous fake climax scene from now onHarry\'s old movie when he met Sally?The reason it\'s so interesting is because it\'s so real.Like steak and apple pie.In our lives, we all want to make choices between the two.The vibrator can\'t provide a lot of things.
It can\'t hold us with its arms, it can\'t hold us tightly, it can\'t even take out the garbage.Again, the vibrator can do something that a man can\'t do at all --At least without a little help.Guys, the vibrator can be your best friend.
You don\'t need to do tongue exercises to keep your body in shape.Before you are exhausted, it also reduces the stress of women.It just makes life easier for both of you.
Trust me, there is no doubt that your lady has come to a real climax in your mind.So, guys, this can be difficult, but try to put your self aside and show your woman the joy you really understand and care about her.Contrary to what is generally believed, most vibrators are not intended to be used internally.
..They will feel good inside, but in order to get rid of them, most women need to install a vibrator on the clit.One of the best feelings in the world for many women is being penetrated by a penis, finger or vibratorAt the same time, put a vibrator on the clit.This combination will most likely provide the strongest climax of all orgasms.
When you start using the vibrator for the first time, don\'t take it home, open it completely, and lean it against your clit.It\'s so intense that someone might have to peel you off the ceiling!Start slowly, all the way up.Your body will tell you what it wants.We advise you to play your first vibrator yourself until you are familiar with it.
It can be difficult to teach a man to handle your vibrator for you.He has no idea what you need and when.If you want him to feel like it\'s a joint effort, you can try to get him to hand over your hand.Better yet, let him find your g-with his fingers-spot.
About power and noise.
..The noise and power of each vibrator are different.Usually, the vibrator with better quality has the maximum power and the minimum noise.Of course, better quality vibrators will cost more money.
Please note that the cheapest vibrators get bigger as they age and wear out.The electric vibrator we sell is the quietest.These are also often the most powerful, but they are actually too powerful for some women.
Most vibrators are made in the east.
Many vibrators come with batteries that look interesting.Throw them awayThey are not alkaline batteries of good quality and often leak and damage your vibrator.This is because their use of our American alkaline batteries in packaging is some kind of export violation in the east.
That\'s why our toys also sell good quality batteries.Make sure to order them if you don\'t already have them at home.Also, some vibrators have a sheet of paper in the battery box that tells you how to insert the battery.
Leave this paper in the vibrator unless it tells you to remove it. Your vibrator will not work without it!However, some vibrators using a hand-shaped battery have a circular piece of paper on top of the battery that needs to be removed to work.If you fly with a vibrator, please remove the battery so that the battery does not turn on unexpectedly.
Better yet, buy LELO Iris and you don\'t have to worry about the battery at all --Just lock it in the closed position until you reach your destination.For privacy, put the toys in your checked baggage.Usually, the personnel of the airline are respectful.
Battery vibrators have many advantages: they are cheap, easy to carry, and often have variable speed control or a variety of vibration and pulsating sensations.However, life span can be unpredictable, ranging from one week to a few years.Don\'t drop the vibrator.Plastic parts may break.Store the battery outside the vibrator;Both the vibrator and the battery will last longer.
By removing the battery when the vibrator is not in use, you can also avoid accidentally keeping the vibrator low.Keep all vibrators out of the water to prevent corrosion of metal parts (except, of course, waterproof vibrators ).Clean non-Wipe the waterproof vibrator with a water-stained cloth and/or our antibacterial toy cleaner, which you can find in the vibrator section of the store.
If there is a wire between the battery pack and the vibrator, do not pull the wire.When removing the vibrator from the vagina, grab the vibrator itself with your fingers;Don\'t pull it out like a tampon.Please do not insert this vibrator at will.
The rope is easy to fall off and the vibrator is left in the rectum.Use only toys with an expansion base for anal stimulation.Clean and dry toys thoroughly after use.Place the condom on more than one person\'s toy used during sex, or on a toy from the anus to the vagina;Put a fresh condom on the toy before inserting into the next position.
Warning: any battery-The operating device generates heat during operation.If the vibrator does not have access to the air, it may become hot enough to cause damage.So please do not lie on the vibrator or battery pack.
Always turn off the vibrator and put it away when not in use.Don\'t fall asleep by opening the vibrator.The Japanese Rabbit Pearl has been our best-selling vibrator for the past 20 years.
This is a vibrator known for \"sex in the city\", although it was popular long before the show was made.Rabbit Pearl is a vibrator whose penis shape is close to the shaft and has Rabbit ears outside for the stimulation of the clit.This is also a vibrator with a lot of cheap knockoffs (more below ).
In addition to the original Japanese Rabbit Pearl, we also provide rabbit habits (in addition to the control on the base) and Japanese velvet.These are good things for Japan.These are great vibrators.Not just for masturbation.Ladies, men are peeps deep inside.They like to watch.Show him!Recently a lady told us that her husband was very excited to watch her use the new Japanese Rabbit Pearl and that he was finally interested in trying out some of the areas he had previously rejected that he or she was interested in.The best way to use Japanese rabbits.Gently bend the shaft above the small bead to form a slight angle.
We gently stress that because you can easily break it by overbending.Open it and see what happens.When the rabbit ears outside stimulate the clit, the axis of rotation will definitely hit your G-Point.Don\'t be fooled by imitation!You will often see the same thing in the Hong Kong version.
Don\'t be fooled!The rabbit atmosphere made in Hong Kong often has names such as \"Jack Rabbit\" or \"very Rabbit.While they may look the same, they are almost different in quality from the more expensive Japanese models.Know what you got.The names are very similar and sometimes the only difference is the packaging.
On the right is the Japanese packaging, which says Vibratex (they are the only importers of these Japanese toys ).Japanese vibrators are usually more expensive than imitation in Hong Kong;However, we have recently been able to lower prices and bring you the lowest prices in the industry, so it\'s time to buy prices.The knockoffs we sell are because we realize that not everyone wants to invest in quality in Japan, and we do sell several knockoffs vibrators that look almost the same as Japanese models.
We are trying to find cheaper alternatives that are still good quality for $30$60 range.We usually have something similar that we find to hold up well but don\'t expect miracles.Although, according to availability, the imitation of our inventory may change.
Best-For those of you who want the best, you will want to see Pulsatron.This is a kit with several accessories for inserting speed/function controllers.It even has a cock ring sleeve, one of which can turn the man into a human vibrator.
The sleeves are made of super soft silicone.This is by far the quietest battery vibrator we have ever seen.The motor transitions smoothly when you click on 7 different functions.
In addition, other toys with plug Jack will work with the controller unit.You must see the new pineapple ring that works with the egg attachment.If you already have Pulsatron, a cheap pineapple must be addedon.
Watch our video demo.
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