Grafoid launches graphene polymer nanoporous membrane

by:CTECHi     2021-08-23

Lithium Grid News, Founded in 2011, Grafoid is a graphene research, development, technology licensing and investment company. The company cooperates with leading companies and institutions around the world to provide expertise for transformative industrial-scale graphene applications As well as products and processes. A few days ago, the company announced the launch of graphene polymer nanoporous membranes for next-generation lithium-ion battery applications.

Grafoid company launches graphene polymer nanoporous membrane

GPURE graphene polymer membrane (GPM) technology is Grafoid’s seventh GPURE-based technology The new achievement of the membrane development platform, the GPURE platform is the company's research and development platform for the continuous development and expansion of new, high-performance, ultra-thin graphene industrial application membrane products.

GPURE membrane includes seven types:

GPURE(A)-a high-performance, independent membrane for water desalination applications

GPURE(B )-A stable large-area membrane, suitable for wastewater filtration in very high temperature operation applications

GPURE(C)-Developed large-area self-supporting membrane for water filtration pretreatment, suitable for gas Separation applications, which can be used as lightweight parts for automotive and sports equipment applications

GPURE(D)-large area membranes that can be used for gas separation and sensing applications

GPURE(E) -Large area membrane for gas separation applications

GPURE(F)-It can be used as graphene varnish on wood surface to prevent moisture, UV light and high temperature

GPURE Graphene Polymer Membrane (GPM) technology, which is suitable for lithium-ion battery protection, is the seventh product in this series.

The GPUREGPM product was developed as a chemically inert, stand-alone membrane for graphene composites to test ion selectivity using monovalent and divalent ions. Ion selectivity is a key requirement for semi-permeable membranes in the structure of lithium-ion batteries.

By protecting chemically sensitive electrode materials from unnecessary chemicals, GPUREGPM only diffuses and collects the energy of monovalent ions such as Li+, Na+, etc., while conventional membranes lack such unique properties.

Grafoid President and CEO Gary Economo introduced: 'The innovation of our GPURE film products for next-generation battery applications aims to improve battery performance, extend battery life and improve its safety.'

Goldman Sachs Equity Research estimated in its report 'Chargingthefuture' on September 27, 2016 that the global automotive battery separator market was valued at approximately US$600 million in 2015, with a total surface area of u200bu200bapproximately 500 million square meters, and will rise to 15% by 2020 Billion square meters. By 2025, this number is expected to grow to 7 billion square meters, which is equivalent to the growth of gigawatt-hours of car batteries.

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