get the best phone battery life with some quick adjustments

by:CTECHi     2020-02-21
Your phone is as good as its battery.
Once the power runs out, you can make a phone call on the virtual map, check the email and determine where you are.
Almost everyone runs surprisingly low, frantically looking for an open socket at a local Starbucks.
This may be the way you charge your phone.
You shouldn\'t have it plugged in all night.
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If your smartphone battery is dead until the end of the day, you can make some adjustments to help it.
Some of the features in smartphones are constantly running out of batteries.
Most of the features you don\'t necessarily need, turning them off can do wonders for your battery life.
Now, if you have an old iPhone, it could be the battery itself.
Apple has offered to replace some iPhone batteries for $29.
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Please note that on your mobile phone and operating system, the steps to complete the energy saving task in this article may be different.
If this is the case, please look around in the menu specified for similar settings.
It is helpful to check the location service for each appGPS, but it takes up your battery.
In theory, you can completely disable the location service of your phone.
Obviously you will lose the update of the location
Sensitive Apps such as maps/transportation guides, outdoor running/hiking exercise trackers, and even social media checks-
In apps like Facebook and Foursquare.
You may not need these locations.
Based on features, so it won\'t cost too much to turn them off.
One less drastic approach is to limit the location service for a particular application.
Most apps don\'t need to turn on location tracking all the time, and some apps don\'t need location tracking at all to work properly.
On iOS, you can limit the location access of the app to \"never\" or \"always\" when using the app \".
For most applications, \"while using the app\" will be the best setting.
If you feel that location information is not required for a particular application, you can limit it to \"never \".
Having said that, setting the location of each app to \"always\" will be a big battery kill error you want to avoid.
To check and modify the location services for your iPhone, open Settings> Privacy> Location Services \".
From here, you can turn off the location service completely by switching the switch or scrolling down and setting the settings for each application.
For Android users it depends on your Android version and device model, but usually you can check the app\'s location service by going to the Settings app> Personal> Location> \"recent location request
To control the location tracking of the device, go to \"personal\"> \"location\"> \"mode\"> and then switch \"location\" to \"off \".
Turning off background refresh background apps is usually programmed to constantly refresh even if you don\'t use them.
This allows the app to occasionally check your location, send a push notification, or update its status automatically.
It\'s convenient, but too much activity will leave your battery dead.
Similar to the location service, look at your settings and close the background app refresh for unwanted apps.
To check the background refresh on your iPhone, go to Settings> General> Background App Refresh>, then switch the general background app refresh setting to scroll down to select the app you want to enable.
No third on Android
Party app, no general switching of background app stopped.
You can try to access the Settings> Application Manager> and then select the application to stop.
Stopping receiving emails all the time push emails will consume your battery, especially when multiple email accounts get messages from Ethernet at the same time.
To be more efficient, turn off the email push and set the phone to either get it manually or get it at a set time interval.
To change this setting on your iPhone, go to Settings> accounts and passwords> get new data> and then switch push to off \".
On the same menu, you can set up each account to get according to the set schedule or manually. (
To save battery, set the extraction schedule to manual. )
On Android, it also depends on your Android version and device.
Typically, you can go to Settings> Accounts> select the email account you want to modify> change sync settings \".
The quick setting you can adjust is your screen timeout setting.
When the screen is idle, the longer the screen opens, the longer the battery life it consumes.
Try to shorten the timeout settings for your phone to be more efficient as this will turn off the screen faster when you don\'t use your phone.
Set your automatic
Lock settings on iPhone, go to Settings> Display and brightness> Auto
Lock> then set autolock duration.
The shorter the better.
It depends on your device for Android, but try to set> Display> Screen timeout to shorten your time.
Avoid extreme temperature due to lithium
The cathode, electrolyte and anode chemical reactions of ion batteries work, and it is critical to avoid extreme high temperature or cold as much as possible.
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Never put your phone in a hot car or under the sun, because heat will accelerate the chemical reaction that will cause the battery to lose capacity.
These reactions break down the electrolyte and reduce the accumulation of lithium ions on the anode, which means that the capacity of the battery is reduced every time it is exposed to a higher temperature.
Exposure to a cold environment is not bad, but it will also temporarily shorten the battery life of your gadget and even turn it off.
When exposed to low temperatures, the liquid inside the battery may freeze.
Adjust the brightness of the screen you may not consider the brightness of the screen, but it will play a huge role in your battery life.
If you are a power user and you keep full brightness all the time, you may lose two to three hours compared to the same half brightness usage.
The dimming screen is very useful for keeping the available time on your phone.
You can also turn on the automatic of your smartphone
Brightness, so it automatically adjusts to the current ambient light.
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On iOS you can set the brightness and turn on auto
Go to Settings> Display and brightness \".
On Android, go to Settings> Display> Brightness \".
You can slide here to the desired settings and turn on auto brightness \".
\"Don\'t run it out to zero and let the lithium of your smartphone-
The ion battery has a longer life and should not be completely exhausted. The lithium-
The ion battery does not have the \"memory effect\" of the old nickel battery \".
Nickel batteries must be completely depleted, as they tend to forget part of the total capacity if they do not drop to zero before charging. In lithium-
Ion batteries, the opposite.
If you drain lithium
The ion battery drops to zero and you\'re actually lowering its capacity, so it\'s better to turn it off manually before the phone \"dies.
\"The total store is at 50% chargeIf you store unused phones for a long time-from hours to weeks-to store the battery before 50%.
For a longer period of time, turn on the phone every six months or so, plug in the power, and charge the phone back to 50%. Lithium-
If it is not discharged for a long time, the Ion battery obviously has a tendency to destroy and stabilize.
If it\'s unstable, lithium-
The ion battery can produce a heat runaway effect and explode.
Fortunately, modern lithium
Built-in ion battery-in self-
The destruction mechanism that will be launched before the stability is destroyed. If the self-
But the battery will never be able to be used again.
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