German highways start fast charging of solar energy storage electric vehicles

by:CTECHi     2021-08-26
Introduction: Fastned and Tesla have opened what they claim is the largest fast-charging parking lot in Germany. Electric vehicles will be charged with green electricity-some of which come from on-site solar and wind power generation. The project includes 2 milliwatts of battery energy storage. The Dutch electric vehicle charging expert Fastned and the American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla opened what they claim is the largest electric vehicle fast charging parking lot in Germany at the junction of the Hilden highway A3 and A46 near Dusseldorf, Germany. Tesla has deployed a large number of batteries in the past decade, which puts it in a unique position in evaluating lithium-ion technology and production schedules. Over the years, Musk has promised to be able to completely replace the battery, a battery life of 620 miles can be achieved on a single charge, and 1,000 solar roofs can be produced per week. Cars with a capacity of up to 300 kilowatts can be charged at 8 fast charging stations at the same time, including 20 Tesla super charging stations, as well as additional charging stations provided by bistro operator Seed u0026 Greet for employees and customers. In the future construction phase, the power station’s 44 charging points will be expanded to 114, and all charging points will supply renewable energy power generation, some of which are directly derived from the 336-kilowatt photovoltaic system installed in the garage and two small wind turbines. German battery manufacturer Tesvolt supplied two energy storage containers with a total capacity of 2 microwatts to temporarily store excess solar and wind energy and reduce the costly peak load that may occur when electric vehicles are charged at the same time. When electricity prices are lowest, these containers can also store green electricity. Project planners believe that the energy storage system will pay for itself within a few years. The project is the creation of Roland Schulen, owner of Hilden Schulen Bakery, who is an ardent supporter of renewable energy. Speaking of the new 'New Energy Law' (EEG) that will be introduced this year, Shu Lun said: 'I hope that the future EEG amendment will not hinder the development of such projects. Several people approached me and said that they also want to start a similar project. Projects. If the EEG amendments further restrict the use of self-generated electricity, imitators will be thwarted.” Fast charging stations will be installed all this year, and the power station owner plans to expand the photovoltaic array to a system exceeding 700 kilowatts. According to the team’s analysis, by the end of 2022, a new office building will be added to the office building, and then the bakery will carry out “vertical farming” between these buildings, planting in 1,000 square meters of wall space on four floors. Lettuce, strawberries and blueberries.
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