german company plugs into l.a. area for its electricity storage operation

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Los Angeles billionaire Elon Musk is driving more than just electric cars: the head of Tesla Motors
His company\'s Powerwall battery, which was designed to stop some owners from using solar panels, often made headlines.
But a company in North Hollywood has been quietly beating Musk and Tesla in selling residential power storage batteries. Sonnen Inc.
Six years ago, Bavaria, Germany appeared on the world stage. At present, the global residential battery sales are 13,000 units, and the current monthly sales are about 900 units. U. S.
Sales at Sony\'s US headquarters in North Hollywood accounted for about a quarter of each month.
According to a possible shareholder letter, Teslais is still increasing Powerwall production, but in the first three months of this year, Teslais delivered 2,500 Powerwall worldwide
According to company records, Sonnen sold 2,600 residential batteries in the same period.
\"Elon Musk has the name,\" said Boris von Borman, chief executive of Songnen.
\"Yes, we are leaders,\" he added.
\"Thorne has barely registered in the United States with great fanfare. S.
Operating less than a year ago, and opened the Southern California office in January.
The company has expanded its product range, including commercial power storage, which should be delivered by the end of the year.
But the main driver is the residential storage market, which Sony provides.
Built-in battery with a storage capacity of 4 KW, up to 16 KW.
Prices range from $6,000 to $24,000.
Instead of offering direct sales, Sonnen operates through the installer.
In the development of the power industry, the pursuit of affordable energy storage is considered the most important step.
Storage allows those who generate electricity
Whether it\'s a utility or a homeowner with solar panels on the roof --
Control the time and way of using electricity.
As we all know, renewable energy sources from the sun or wind are variable and cut off when light or gusts disappear.
\"I think it\'s a lot more urgent than most people realize,\" said Brad heavana, policy director of the California solar industry association.
\"In order for the solar market to continue to grow, we need to store it quickly,\" Heavner said . \".
\"If we don\'t stick to it, we will be found unable to provide electricity at the right time.
\"California Independent System Operators manage most of the state\'s power grids, and he warns that if there is no storage, electricity generated by solar and wind farms may have to be reduced or shut down by 2024.
Strong growth in roof solar continues.
For example, Edison in Southern California connects 4,000 to 5,000 new homeowners or commercial solar systems every month.
San Diego Gas and electricity caused the country\'s three major shareholders to generate 5% of their electricity-
Called roof solar.
For von Borman, a German Hamburger who joined Sonnen three years ago, the future of his products will not be brighter. See the most-
On January, Sonnen announced a partnership with top American companiesS.
Manufacturers and developers including SolarWorld
Domestic silicon solar manufacturers;
Peterson Dean, the country\'s largest residential roof company;
And Spruce, a leader in solar and efficiency financing.
\"We are all determined to provide a complete solar solution that includes and facilitates the arrival of storage,\" Petersen fast-
In a statement, the solar sector is growing.
Musk is proposing to follow a similar route for Tesla to announce its acquisition of SolarCity, which is run by Musk\'s cousin, Linden River.
Musk is the chairman of SolarCity.
Other companies such as Adara Power in San Jose are vying for market share.
Matt Roberts, Executive Director, Energy Storage Association
In Washington, D. C. C.
The residential storage market currently accounts for about 20% of the industry, while utilities account for 80%, he said.
2020, Roberts said he expects a 60% market for residential storage.
He said it was harder for the right.
Now consumers can think about electricity from the perspective of \"you can put things in the box and then use it again.
But Mr. Roberts says Sonnen is helping lead the way in storage.
\"Boris and Songnen\'s team have always been a driving force.
They must have played a leading role in Germany, and they have definitely achieved great success in the United States. S.
\"Von Borman soon attributed Musk and Tesla to energy storage, which helped spark interest in energy storage.
\"Don\'t get me wrong,\" he said.
\"Musk is good for the industry.
He is pushing the technology forward.
\"While the storage price is high, von Borman says his company has experienced a 80% cost reduction from 2010 to 2016, and has experienced another 80% in the past 24 to 36 months.
Like solar systems, storage systems can be purchased without needmoney-
Through leasing projects or financing related to property taxes.
If solar or wind power systems are added, it is also eligible for a 30% federal tax credit.
\"It\'s important for people to know that this has happened,\" 44-year-
OldVon Bormann has worked in international trade for 17 years and 8 years in the solar industry.
\"We have been doing it for six years.
\"The unit is very simple.
It is very suitable for the decoration of most families.
The stylish cabinet of the device is usually located next to the fuse box.
This technology uses lithium.
Store the excess power generated by solar panels for ion batteries for night use.
The smallest unit is about the size of a large poster of 3 feet by 2 feet and stands out about 9 inch from the wall.
The larger unit runs about the size of the big refrigerator.
In addition to storage, Sonnen provides intelligent technology that allows the management of energy use within the home, such as controlling the time spent using appliances to reduce power.
Although Sonnen was founded in the United StatesS.
Based in Los Angeles. A.
The company expects strong sales in California, attracting buyers from other states such as Utah, Missouri and South Dakota, as well as from Canada and the Caribbean.
So far, typical customers of Sonnen have not tried to get rid of their utility companies, nor have they been out of the grid.
Some people in rural areas are using the system for power independence, but most think it is backup power, Von Bormann said.
Von Bormann says consumers have every reason to stay connected to the grid.
He pointed out that German consumers can use the Internet to trade the electricity they generate and store, which is something that the United States may develop in the future.
At present, critics of the utilities industry see the technology as the ultimate challenge to the centralized power model.
\"It\'s happening so fast and it\'s worth noting,\" said Bill Bowles, an energy management expert.
Basic Engineering.
\"Every time someone puts the battery pack [solar]
The system is independent. \"ivan. penn@latimes.
More energy news, follow Ivan Payne\'s message on Twitter: @ ivanamore from German businessA.
The area of its power storage business closed the bank where mom and dad were looking for jobs?
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