Electronics, cars fuel battery market growth

by:CTECHi     2020-04-18
Grant Brown, deputy general manager of colvis energy
President of Global Marketing, owns a battery bank at the Richmond plant.
Battery customers tend to ask for the same thing.
Whether they need a small battery to power consumer electronics or a large industrial battery system to manage the energy needs of the ocean --
On ships sailing at sea, the requirements are often surprisingly similar.
Dave Boroevich, chief marketing officer at Alpha Technologies said: \"Everyone wants to get more energy capacity in a smaller footprint and they are willing to spend less money
The company designs energy systems for industrial users.
Global Battery Market-
Now it\'s estimated at about $60 billion a year.
It is predicted that it will reach more than $86 billion by 2018, mainly due to the growth of consumer electronics and electric and hybrid vehicles --electric cars.
Boroevich \"new technology,
Including Lithium
Ion batteries that have dominated the market in recent years
More expensive than traditional lead
Acid batteries, but they tend to provide more power and last longer. “When lithium-
Ions come out first, they tend to be 8 to 10 times more expensive than lead
\"But now the cost of the battery is only four to five times,\" he said . \".
Crow can Vice
Grant Brown, president of global marketing, said his Richmond company\'s industrial lithium
Ion batteries are popular among marine industry customers, although they are much more expensive than conventional leadacid batteries.
Shipowners often switch from diesel energy to hybrid systems
Because they can save up to 25 fuel costs.
A typical Corvus sales contract for a ship can be around $1.
Between $5 million and $5 million.
\"Having our system for 10 years is four or five times cheaper than replacing traditional batteries during this time,\" Brown said . \".
Isidor Buchmann, CEO of Cadex Electronics, said the battery was \"electric\" and his Richmond company designed the battery charger and analyzer
Chemical Equipment \", limited by chemical conditions.
He said it is common to hear forecasts for future battery power and durability index growth, but stressed that this is easier said than done.
\"I \'ve been in a lot of industry workshops recently and everyone likes to draw a curve in terms of energy density,\" Buchmann said . \".
\"But we have reached the peak, so we are mainly improving now.
He pointed out that the energy capacity of lithium
The ion battery has doubled over the past decade, but there are some high
Outline shortcomings along the way.
Sony has to recall nearly 10 million of lithium.
On 2006, the Ion battery overheated during use, causing some equipment to catch fire.
The problem is that the micro metal particles punctured the thin separation material in the battery, resulting in a shortcircuiting.
In theory, the energy density of the battery can be increased by 10-
Folding with solid lithium metal is still a scientific daydream.
IBM is developing a lithiumair battery —a metal-
Air chemistry, the current is induced by the oxidation of battery anode lithium and the reduction of cathode oxygen.
This technology may increase the energy capacity of existing lithium
The ion battery is five to 15 times, but Buchmann says there is a problem with the purity of oxygen needed to make it work.
\"Even pollution in cities can pollute batteries,\" he said . \".
The popularity of smartphones, the ability of tablets and other devices to make consumers eager to charge these products at any time, a company in North Vancouver quietly developed a portable hydrogen fuel cell charger that meets all safety requirements. The device —
Developed by Bic.
(Former Angstrom Power )-
It is possible to charge the device anywhere so that the consumer does not have to rely on the power of the wall socket.
This is the size of a small juice box that weighs less than half a pound and uses a replaceable fuel box that can charge your smartphone four to five times.
So why is it not listed yet?
Ged McLean, director of the Bic fuel cell division, said similar external battery chargers using cheap traditional batteries in China make it difficult to break into the market now.
He said Bic had to make a significant investment to ensure a wide range of replaceable fuel boxes.
\"The return can take a long time, so there can be huge business risks,\" says McLean . \".
\"This is not a technical challenge --
This is about finding a suitable business model that provides a return on incremental investment.
\"Boroevich said that although lithium
At present, Ion batteries dominate the market, and many other new technologies, including nickel batteries, are also competing for attention.
Metal sodium hydroxide battery.
Manganese, cobalt, zinc and aluminum batteries are also in different stages of development.
\"A new one seems to come out every month, and an obvious winner may not be sure for decades,\" says Boroevich . \".
Eric Kiyon, director of the fuel cell research laboratory at Simon Fraser University, believes there is room for several emerging battery technologies on the market.
\"I think as our needs change and increase, we will see a variety of different solutions in the future,\" he said . \".
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