Electric vehicles parking and charging illegally: property inaction will be fined

by:CTECHi     2021-08-25
As a portable means of transportation, electric vehicles have hidden dangers because of their power storage batteries, especially the recent incident of 'battery car elevator deflagration' that has attracted attention. According to the Beijing Daily, on the evening of May 19, Beijing organized a centralized night inspection of electric bicycles for illegal parking and charging of fire safety. A total of 2,876 electric vehicle sales stores, express delivery sites, warehouses, residential quarters and other places were inspected. At the same time, it supervised the rectification of 3561 hidden fire hazards or firefighting behaviors, found and urged the rectification of 1467 illegal parking and charging of electric vehicles, clearing 1829 illegal parking and charging electric bicycles, and criticizing and educating 1225 persons involved in illegal parking and charging. For electric vehicle sales stores, express delivery sites, residential communities and other places that are found to be illegally used for fire and electricity, electric vehicles illegally parked and charged, and 'three-in-one' places and other fire safety hazards, we will severely crack down and punish in accordance with the law, and temporarily violate regulations. There were 16 places, 13 “three suspensions” were ordered and a fine of 726,200 yuan was imposed. For electric bicycle violations, 24 property units that failed to implement fire safety management responsibilities were punished, and 20 parties who refused to make corrections were fined 225,000 yuan, and 2 people were detained. According to previous media reports, on May 11, a battery car in an elevator suddenly caught fire in an elevator in the Congshujiayuan community in Chengdu, Sichuan. The flame instantly engulfed the entire elevator room within 3 seconds. Data shows that 80% of electric vehicle fires occur while charging, and that 90% of electric vehicle fires cause injuries and deaths because they are placed in places such as halls, aisles, and stairwells. The poisonous gas generated by the burning of an electric car can cover the entire room in 30 seconds, and within 100 seconds, it is enough to suffocate a person to death. At the same time, there is a lot of black smoke from the burning of electric vehicles, which easily leads to insufficient light in the building and brings great difficulties to evacuation. Experts remind residents to strictly follow the following requirements during daily charging of electric vehicles: 1. Do not place electric vehicles in corridors for charging; 2. Do not park electric vehicles at safety exits; 3. Do not pull electric wires for charging; 4. , Don't park or charge electric cars in crowded places. In addition, if you discover potential fire hazards and fire safety behaviors of electric vehicles, you should call '12345' in time or use effective channels. Chen Chi source:
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