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CTECHi professional panasonic lithium batteries series for UAV

CTECHi professional panasonic lithium batteries series for UAV

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Product Information of CTECHi professional panasonic lithium batteries series for UAV
Product Details
The basic parameters of this battery are as follows: 3V120mAh, size 16*3.2mm, temperature -30~80°C. BR1632 can be customized for additional processing, add solder chip terminals, insulation packaging and configuration type, the model as following: BR1632/V1AN, BR1632FAN, BR1632/GAN, BR1632/HAN, BR1632/VAN. From the temperature characteristics below you can see how the battery operates at the same load and at different temperatures. When used at an ambient temperature of -10 °C, the voltage is 2.5V. When using 250h, we can see that the voltage rises to the peak. This is because the internal chemical reaction of the battery is active, the voltage reaches 2.6V, after 500h. The voltage drops to 2.55V, using 750h, the voltage is restored to 2.5V, and the significant drop is accelerated until the end of about 1200h. When used at an ambient temperature of 20 ° C, the voltage is 2.8V, after 250h, the voltage is maintained at 2.8V, after 500h, the voltage drops slightly to 2.75V, using 750h, the voltage is 2.7V, after 1000h, the voltage drops To 2.65V and continue to decline. When used at an ambient temperature of 60 ° C, the voltage is 2.9V. After 250h, the voltage rises slightly to 2.92V. After 500h, the voltage is kept at 2.92V. After 750h, the voltage continues to be 2.92V. After 1000h, the voltage is used. Slowly decreased by 2.9V and continued to decline.
  • 1-3V 120mAh BR1632 Dimensions
  • 2-3V 120mAh BR1632 Temperature Characteristics
  • 3-3V 120mAh BR1632 Operating voltage vs Load Resistance
  • 4-3V 120mAh BR1632 Capacity vs Load Resistance
Application Scope
This Battery stable voltage is 3V, standard continuous capacity is 120mAh, High quality small size of easy take and longer use, the size is 16*3.2mm, shelf life is 10 years. Safe and environmental friendly, 3V 120mAh BR1632 TPMS Device Battery Primary Button Cell can be used in emote Controls, Heart Rate Monitor, Watches, Cameras, Calculators, Car Security Alarm, toys, Keyless Car Remotes, Organizers, Glucometer, Photo Micro Lites, Computer Equipment (memory backup battery) CMOS, Motherboards, Garage Door Controls, Communication Equipment, Pocket Stations, data pack for video cameras, and other devices that requires this battery size.
  • 3V 120mAh BR1632 non-rechargeable Button Battery can be used in Clock
  • 3V 120mAh BR1632 non-rechargeable Button Battery can be used in Gas meter
Enterprise Strength
  • Based on market demand, CTECHi Group is dedicated to providing quality products and professional services for customers.
Company Advantages
1. The offered CTECHi panasonic lithium batteries is designed under the guidance of highly skilled designers.
2. It's easy to operate for our panasonic lithium batteries .
3. The test results indicate that panasonic lithium batteries has many merits such as panasonic lithium battery cr1620 .
4. It is a wise choice for CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd to acquire emerging or new technology relayed to panasonic lithium batteries from external innovative network.
5. All the products have passed the panasonic lithium battery cr1620 certification and panasonic lithium battery msds inspection.

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Company Features
1. CTECHi brand is famous in the field of panasonic lithium batteries .
2. CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd has a high level of technical development team.
3. Our company is dedicated to sustainability. We have improved our energy, carbon, effluent and waste efficiency and strive to maintain zero landfills. Sustainability is a crucial part of our company strategy. We focus on the systematic reduction of energy consumption and the technical optimization of manufacturing methods. Our company bears social responsibilities. We always attempt to recycle and reuse by-products or convert them back into valuable energy when recycling isn't feasible. We work hard to support environmental progress. We constantly seek new and innovative methods to minimize the ecological impact of our products and processes.
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