China's lithium batteries and Japan's lithium batteries, who is the future?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-19

With the support of new technologies in the new era, many equipment and products in our country’s daily life and production have been updated again and again. During this process, batteries have become an important power system for many products.

In this context, my country is focusing on the development of lithium battery technology to further improve the use efficiency of lithium batteries, and China has become the world’s leading producer and consumer of lithium batteries. , Responsible for the production and use of lithium batteries, especially in the context of the birth of new energy vehicles, lithium batteries have a broad market prospects.

However, we found that just as China applied lithium batteries to power new energy vehicles, Japan proposed to use hydrogen batteries to power new energy vehicles. China and Japan started After the dispute over vehicle energy routes, then who is the future of the development of new energy vehicles?

According to our understanding, Japan’s proposal for the development of hydrogen energy batteries is the best choice based on Japan’s national conditions. Due to its limited geographic area, Japan’s local energy supply Always nervous.

Especially after the nuclear leak in 2011, Japan realized that nuclear materials were not the best way to solve Japan’s energy crisis, so it proposed to vigorously develop the country’s new energy, comprehensive According to various data, Japan has chosen the direction of hydrogen energy and regards hydrogen energy as the main force of Japan's future energy supply.

Specifically applied to new energy vehicles, Japanese experts have added hydrogen storage devices to the cars. First of all, oxygen must be delivered to the cars. One of the oxygen and hydrogen storage devices The hydrogen in it reacts, thereby generating energy.

And Japan has also added a fuel cell part to the car. The energy generated before is used to complete the power generation through the fuel cell, and the excess power needs to be stored in the drive In the battery.

The driving battery to be used here is actually a kind of lithium battery, but compared to the full use of lithium battery power in my country, the lithium battery in this method in Japan only plays Auxiliary role, and core components.

Such a design can further improve the energy supply efficiency of new energy vehicles, so that the endurance of the vehicles produced is better than that of electric vehicles produced in my country, but compared to the Japanese hydrogen battery design , The design cost of lithium battery power supply in my country is lower, which can allow new energy vehicles to enter the homes of ordinary people.

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