CATL said that lithium-ion power batteries have become mainstream

by:CTECHi     2021-09-23
CATL announced on May 23 that the company received surveys from 21 institutional investors. During the period, the company stated that lithium-ion power batteries have become the mainstream after ten years of development. The solutions to several major problems in the development of electric vehicles (such as cruising range, charging efficiency, low-temperature performance, cost, etc.) It will also promote electrification, and the trend of electrification is relatively clear. Regarding whether hydrogen fuel cell vehicles pose a threat to the company’s main lithium batteries, CATL said that with the support of the state, hydrogen fuel cells will have certain applications in commercial vehicles, in terms of technical level, completeness of infrastructure, safety, and Considering the cost and energy conversion efficiency, there is still a long distance to be widely used in passenger cars. In addition, CATL pointed out that the company’s product safety, reliability, and product quality stability are at the industry’s leading level, and cost has advantages in large-scale procurement and localized supply. Energy density, charging speed, and cycle life are internationally competitive. At present, in the international market, the company competes positively with international counterparts. The company's products have been widely recognized by customers due to their excellent performance and quality, and have won the global designation of mainstream projects from many international car manufacturers.
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