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by:CTECHi     2020-02-11
All photos: Bill Griffith of the Boston Globe).
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Not long ago, a new modern model would appear, just hoping to \"draw the attention of potential buyers \".
How the times change
Today, the latest modern models have topped the list.
Their car and SUV segment levels.
Now that the modern 2011 Sonata Hybrid is coming up, the car has received a warm recommendation from colleagues and my expectations have been raised to an unrealistic level.
In the hybrid sector, Toyota Prius has built
At least in American consciousness.
Based on its long-term
Established levels of driving ability, fuel economy and reliability.
No other manufacturer can change that view, though there is one
There are more and more capable hybrids on the market.
This is similar to how Chrysler\'s minivans ruled the market in the 1980 s.
If you \'ve been hiding under a bucket for the last 15 years, Hyundai has become one of the world\'s most eye-catching brands --
Name conversion, from the bottom of the bucket to being the main player of all new models.
This hybrid takes the good look of the acclaimed Sonata, and with redesigned and deeper front and rear baffles, extended rocker panels, lower
Drag the shape around the wheel opening, blue-toned accents.
Frankly, it\'s an eye.
Catch the car.
Click on the photo of the enlarged version.
Hyundai offers the model at a basic price of $26,515 (
Including destination.
An important option is the $5,000 premium package with added navigation, rearview mirror, panoramic sunroof, heating (front and rear)
Leather seat, 17-
Inch alloy wheels and unlimited audio system after upgrade.
Our test is the basic model with only carpet floor mats and iPod cables in the attached bar at the bottom
The line MSRP for $26,650.
Hyundai\'s EPA fuel economy rating for the Sonata Hybrid is 35 mpg city and 40 mpg highway.
We stumbled at the age of 31.
A few days later, 8 mpg-
But the weekend trip in July 4 raised it to 38. 7 mpg.
The electric motor of the modern hybrid system is sandwiched between the two. 4-liter four-
Produce a cylinder engine of 166 horsepower and 154 lbs. -
Feet of torque plus a six
The speed automatic transmission replaces the CVT (
Continuous variable transmission)
Found in most hybrid cars.
Adding an electric motor to a vehicle with a rated power of 206 and 193 will produce results. -ft. of torque.
Hyundai is close to hitting home runs with this combination, but so far the ball has only reached the warning track, which has led to expectations that further improvements will perfect the system.
Initially, this hybrid will keep the electric mode if your acceleration is slow.
However, once you get into real-
In the world traffic situation, you will work harder to use accelerators, and computer algorithms are still considering economic issues.
So sometimes the transmission is a little hesitant to move on the lower gear.
On the other hand, if you say \"forget the economy\" and push the pedal down, sonata moves out subtly.
But the driving experience is not the same as in a non-driving environment. hybrid.
Maybe the driver felt guilty about leaving the gas. saving mindset.
There is a similar situation on the highway.
Sonata hopes to maintain the economic model and maximize fuel economy.
Hyundai has programmed the car to allow it to travel in an electric car mode up to 62 mph.
However, using your \"lead foot\" you will find that it will be fired out (
Relatively Speaking).
Hyundai has built a hybrid system that allows a variety of engines to be combined with the current six automatic transmissions, and if the hybrid movement continues to gain power, it will be well positioned for other models.
Click on the photo of the enlarged version.
The interior fully meets modern standards with electro-optic meters and high quality materials.
Pairing my iPhone was a breeze and the voice recognition system completed three consecutive calls.
The system then switches to press a button to play music on the phone.
The driver\'s seat is equipped with power control and waist support.
After some adjustment, it is OK to travel long distances.
Hyundai did a great job of squeezing lithium polymer battery packs into sonata, leaving enough behind
Seating space and plenty of luggage space.
Although we can still accommodate three people, the luggage space still occupies most of the clicks.
It\'s worth a day and a weekend back there.
The rear seats do not fold.
Click on the photo of the enlarged version.
The Sonata Hybrid is doing very well today.
Attention contest: it will only get better.
Basic price, base/test (
: $26,515/$26,650.
Fuel economy: 35 cities/40 highways, EPA estimates.
Fuel economy observed globally: 38. 7 mpg. Drivetrain: 2. 4-liter four-
Cylinder engine, 40.
6 horsepower electric motor
Speed automatic transmission and front-wheel-drive. Body: Four-door, five-Passenger car.
Specific horsepower: 206. 2 (
Combination of gas and electric motor)Torque: 193. 4 lb. -ft. (combined)
Total length 1898 in.
Wheelbase: 110. Height: 57. 7 in. Width: 72. 2 in.
Curb weight: 3,483.
OK: Styling, fuel economy, standard features, new
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