car battery goes dead after a few days

by:CTECHi     2019-12-27
I disconnected the negative (-)
Battery cable and many connecting me
Electricity meter between cable and battery column. (
Check to make sure it\'s safe to do so in your car.
I am reading the manual for another new car and it seems that something needs to be reset if the battery is disconnected. )
The meter is set to measure DC amps.
Check the terminals on the meter to make sure the dial wire is connected correctly on the dial.
Compared to the voltage or resistance reading, the lead is inserted into the meter at different terminals for current reading.
Everything was \"closed\" and the door was closed for a few minutes, so all the dome lights were \"closed\" and the keys were removed;
The current consumption is 470 mA, close to half of the amplifier.
I asked this question during a recent visit to the nearest dealer for routine warranty service.
I was told it was normal.
If I am worried, I should connect a trickle charger when I leave the car for more than a week.
Look at the second photo.
This is the battery conditioner we bought a few years ago for another purpose.
I can install it in the engine compartment and when we leave for more than a week I can connect the extension cord to it.
My question to the dealer is, \"What should I do if I need to park my car in the airport parking lot for a few weeks?
\"I know that there is no power outlet for parking in any airport garage.
The dealer may tell me that there is some information in my owner\'s manual that suggests that I pull a special fixture on the Fuse, which will reduce the current consumption to a very low level.
Yes, I should have read the entire manual after I bought the car, but it is hundreds of pages long.
The drawing is a page in my owner\'s manual in the fuse section.
It describes a memory fuse that can be pulled when the car is left unattended for a long time to avoid the battery running out of power.
Even if I have read the article, I am not sure if I will remember it or if I will make a connection in my mind.
From searching on the Internet, especially on the owner\'s forum, I suspect that this information has escaped the attack of others as well.
But finding a solution to my problem can be more complicated and confusing than it seems.
Some people have bad battery problems because of bad batteries in the battery, faulty battery cables, bad diodes in the AC generator, and even problems in the car radio.
A few days later the battery was dead was a problem with a few cars, not just my 2012 modern sonata.
Update: October 9, 2012--
A friend with 2013 Sonata spoke to his dealer in different states and cities.
He didn\'t let the dealer know he knew the memory fuse.
He asked if the battery was dead in a short time.
Dealers said that all brands and models of new cars have so many electronics running in the background that even if everything is \"turned off\", the battery on the new car will drop quickly.
When my friend asked me what to do, the dealer advised me to buy a trickle charger.
Then my friend asked what he would do if he needed to park his car at the airport for a few weeks.
All he got from the dealer was a blank look and no answer.
Then my friend brought a little dealer and asked if there was any kind of fuse that could be used to reduce current consumption.
The dealer said he didn\'t know anything!
This photo shows how to remove the panel covering the memory fuse, which needs to be deactivated when the car is unattended for a longer period of time.
Just lift the panel.
It is located on the left side of the dashboard between the steering column and the door.
The two fuses are connected together with a yellow plastic holder.
Sitting in the driver\'s seat can\'t see it, but must kneel next to the car with the door open.
However, you can find the fuse holder on the driver\'s seat by touching it without seeing it.
Grab the yellow fuse holder with your thumb and finger.
Pull on yourself
Click and the dome light will \"go out \".
\"To recover, simply press the yellow fuse holder with your thumb and replace the fuse cover.
There are two fuses in this bracket.
To remove the bracket from the car, squeeze it over the extension on both sides of your grasp and pull.
This releases two small captures.
Each fuse can be disassembled separately from the yellow bracket and replaced as needed.
Here you can see the reading on my meter after pulling the memory fuse holder.
40 mA.
Even if it\'s left unattended for a few weeks, it\'s not enough to keep my battery dead.
Check the owner\'s manual on your car to see if it has a fuse on my modern sonata, especially if your battery is dead after a few days.
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