Can polymer lithium batteries be delivered?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-24

Lithium (Li) is a very active metal element that will chemically react with many substances. Lithium metal will ignite spontaneously when it encounters water.

Lithium has not been paid attention to after being discovered by humans. Until recent decades, with the rise of electronic products, lithium and its chemical products have been widely used in battery power supplies. Such as lithium batteries, power banks, greatly facilitate our daily life. But at the same time, there are hidden safety hazards around us. Spontaneous combustion accidents caused by lithium batteries/power banks (liquid media) due to external force impacts and extrusions are endless.

According to the different electrolyte materials used in lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium ion batteries and polymer lithium ion batteries. Liquid lithium-ion batteries have always occupied most of the market share of lithium batteries and power banks due to their simple process and low price. In recent years, due to the increasing safety requirements for lithium batteries and power banks, polymer lithium-ion batteries with better safety performance and foldability have become more and more common in the market, and their market share is gradually increasing.

The polymer lithium ion battery uses solid polymer as the electrolyte. This polymer can be 'dry' or 'colloidalThe electrochemical performance of lithium ion batteries is more stable, and the performance of resistance to external impacts such as drops and squeezing is greatly improved compared with liquid lithium ion batteries. It has the advantages of long life, large capacity, small weight, and good safety performance.

Polymer lithium ion battery, including polymer battery, polymer battery power bank, polymer lithium battery, polymer power bank, back clip battery, back clip power bank , Electronic products powered by polymer lithium-ion batteries are allowed to be received and sent.

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