android battery life: the best smartphones for a long lasting battery

by:CTECHi     2020-02-03
There are a large number of Android phones on the market today, which makes it a difficult task to choose a mobile phone with good battery life.
There are many reasons why you want a phone with a long battery life, the main reason is that you can have a whole day without charging your phone, or two days.
However, it is well known that Android has poor battery life.
There are several Android phones that have a battery life of 8 hours or more, but these phones are listed according to their above situation
Average call, standby and usage time.
Motorola Atrix 4GAT & T has a battery life of more than a month.
The phone has several features like a digital camera, GPS and a digital player, but what\'s really amazing is its battery life.
The battery capacity of the mobile phone is mAh on 1930 (milli-amp-hours)
This is quite a lot compared to other Android phones.
It also features up to 528 minutes of talk time and up to 264 hours of standby time.
The impressive Android battery life of Motorola\'s Atrix puts it at the forefront.
In terms of battery life, LG Optimus SNot is the LG Optimus S of Sprint.
This is a great phone with a lot of cool features and impressive battery life.
It already manages 10, in line with Motorola\'s Atrix.
Juice for 7 hours
The cell technology used by the phone is lithium polymer with a capacity of 1500 mAh, slightly less than the Motorola Atrix, but it is still full of impact in terms of battery retention power.
However, the conversation time is only 300 minutes.
LG VortexVerizon\'s LG Vortex, part of the Optimus series, is a smartphone with digital cameras, media players and several other cool features including GPS.
It usually lasts 8.
65 hours before recharge
This is another mobile phone based on lithium ion technology, which works for more than 8 hours.
It has a capacity of 1500 mAh and calls up to 450 minutes, 150 minutes higher than LG Optimus S.
Standby time up to 500 hours.
Motorola Bravo for Motorola braavoat & T will reach 8 hours without recharging, if used frequently and will provide 408 minutes of talk time.
Up to 216 hours of standby time.
It does this with a battery of 1540.
This phone can be considered.
Price range, so it is one of Android phones with longer battery life and more affordable price. Motorola DefyT-
The mobile Motorola Defy is a little longer than the duration of the Motorola Bravo, which is about 8.
3 hours before charge is required.
The technology used on the phone is lithium ion, with a call time of up to 480 minutes, which is slightly better than Motorola Bravo, but higher than high-
Motorola\'s Atrix has a standby time of up to 432 hours.
The Motorola x2x2 verizon Wireless brings the Motorola Droid x2 to market, offering good call quality and many features.
This Android phone can use up to 8.
02 hours after charging-
The battery capacity is 1540 mAh and the call time is up to 480 minutes.
As the thinnest smartphone in the United States, AT&T\'s Samsung Infuse also has a very good battery life, with a capacity of 1750 mAh, 8 hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby time.
The thing that most affects the battery life is how good the battery life of the phone you use, it is best to check the factors that affect the battery life and take measures to extend the battery life, even if you don\'t have the phones we listed here.
The battery pig is mainly a mobile phone with a large screen (e. g. 4. Up 3 inch
Fortunately, some newer big screen phones come with better display and battery technology. Phones with Wi-
The Fi also uses more juice because it needs to spread and receive from Wi-
The Fi antenna, especially when the signal strength is weak, the phone must deliver more power to keep the signal.
Similarly, 3g and 4g services also consume a lot of batteries when they are turned on.
That is, you can improve the battery life of your phone by turning off the above features
Features mentioned when not in use.
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