Analyze the risks faced by China's lithium battery industry

by:CTECHi     2021-08-16

Lithium battery materials have high patent barriers. In the field of lithium battery core materials, the core technologies of key materials such as separators and cathode materials are in the hands of technologically leading Japanese and Korean companies. my country’s large lithium battery industry has Facing great material patent disputes, this has also become a sharp sword hanging over China's lithium battery industry. The promotion of lithium batteries in the fields of electric vehicles and energy storage will bring rapid market demand growth for two mainstream products: lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate + ternary materials. But in the future, who will lead the positive electrode materials of power batteries remains to be tested by time. Since the core materials of lithium batteries are still in the research and development stage, and there is still a certain distance from the large-scale mature application in electric vehicles, domestic companies still need to continue research and development and improve processes to meet the higher requirements of electric vehicles for materials. 'The technological route is always changing, so we still have to give the market enough time to test it.' Moreover, the emergence of new technologies may bring disaster to existing industries. For example: For safety reasons, the trend of replacing liquid electrolyte is inevitable. The next generation of battery technology is in solid electrolyte. If a breakthrough is made, diaphragms will no longer be needed. Existing electrolyte plants and diaphragm plants may not be required. Doesn't exist anymore. The current lithium battery industry is mainly constrained by three major factors: unclear development model, unclear standard formulation and uncertain technical route. Lithium batteries have indeed ushered in all-round development opportunities, but we must maintain a positive and prudent attitude, seek stable development, and avoid the impetuousness and falsehood of the Great Leap Forward. The development of my country's lithium battery industry also needs to undergo technology research and development and experience accumulation, and improve on this basis to achieve product maturity and stability.

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