Analyze the market development prospects of lithium iron phosphate batteries in energy storage power stations

by:CTECHi     2021-08-16

The market development prospects of lithium iron phosphate batteries in energy storage power stations. With the development and application of new energy technologies, there are more and more new energy power generation projects, and the power generation capacity is also increasing. However, problems such as the controllability of new energy power generation and power quality have also emerged, and these problems all point to energy storage technology. In the future, whether it is the construction of new energy smart grids, electric vehicles, wind power generation, solar photovoltaic power generation, etc., its large-scale promotion and commercial application, in addition to the macro environment such as policies, the premise and key lies in energy storage technology. The quality of energy storage technology directly affects the development of the new energy power generation industry. The state provides strong policy and financial support to promote the rapid development of energy storage technology. At present, there are mainly the following forms of energy storage: mechanical energy storage, chemical energy storage, battery energy storage, and phase change energy storage. Among various energy storage forms, chemical energy storage is the focus of attention in the industry, and many countries have already For energy storage demonstration projects under construction or under construction, lithium iron phosphate batteries are considered to have the most development prospects; moreover, lithium batteries are the first choice for the development of electric vehicles, and electric vehicles provide a broad market prospect for the development of lithium batteries. In addition, after the power lithium battery has decayed to less than 80% of the initial capacity, it can be used in the energy storage field in cascades, further reducing the cost of energy storage lithium batteries. Market prospects of lithium iron phosphate batteries in energy storage power stations: Under the promotion and policy encouragement of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, the Energy Bureau, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, FAW, Dongfeng and other central enterprise alliance car factories take advantage of the trend In order to build new energy lithium battery application projects in the field of energy storage and electric vehicles respectively; for example, in the field of power storage, large-scale new energy power generation demonstration projects have been built, such as the Southern Power Grid peak shaving frequency modulation power station, and the State Grid Zhangbei Fenghuang Storage and transportation project and Wenzhou Nanji Island island-type micro-grid project, etc. Most of the large-scale energy storage power station projects are demonstration and scientific research projects, but there are few cases in the civil and commercial fields. However, according to the national energy plan and the new energy revitalization plan, the market capacity of energy storage is very large. According to pessimistic estimates, wind power will add 117 million kilowatts (10,000 kilowatts) in 2010-2020, and solar energy will add 18 million kilowatts (10,000 kilowatts) in 2010-2020. Of the total investment of 5 trillion yuan in the new energy industry, wind power and solar energy will add 135 million KW. According to the calculation of energy storage equipment of 5,000 yuan per kilowatt, energy storage equipment will have a market space of 660 billion yuan. Distributed power and microgrid market: my country has included the development of distributed power in the national 'Twelfth Five-Year' development plan. The National Energy Administration proposes to promote the use of distributed energy systems in cities above the national scale by 2020, with an installed capacity of 50 million kilowatts, and plans to build 10 distributed energy demonstration areas with various typical characteristics. During the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period, micro-grid demonstration parks will be built in areas where solar and wind energy are dominant, and 100 new energy demonstration cities will also be promoted. Such a broad market prospect is in contrast to the current status quo of energy storage. Why is there such a situation? This is closely related to the characteristics and economic benefits of energy storage power stations. Energy storage power stations are characterized by large one-time investment and long profit time. Second, most of the large-scale energy storage power stations and demonstration projects in China are currently under construction and have not been in normal operation. The operation and demonstration effects of large-scale energy storage power stations and demonstration projects are not yet known. 3. The large-scale demonstration projects that have been constructed do not have the characteristics of civil or commercial promotion for the time being. The current bottleneck period in the energy storage market, or the transition period from demonstration research projects to civilian and commercial promotion, is the rapid development of the lithium battery energy storage industry and many problems have emerged. At this stage, the lithium battery energy storage technology is still in the early stage of development, and the research and development and demonstration applications of the technology are inseparable from the support of national policies and funds. Only with policy advocacy and support, energy storage technology can better carry out basic research and development, application verification, and gradually move towards industrialization. So can the lithium battery energy storage industry break through the bottleneck, successfully transform, and enter the civilian and commercial promotion fields? The main problems are as follows: (1) The price of lithium battery products is high, how to improve domestic lithium battery raw material production technology and production efficiency, and reduce lithium battery materials cost. (2) The consistency problem of lithium batteries in large-scale energy storage power stations. (3) The safety still needs to be improved and the life span is prolonged. In short, in the research and development of power storage systems, my country should adopt a model of combining production, learning, research, government, and strong alliances. It should combine current market demands and find supporting manufacturers that are conducive to market development to cooperate and promote product standardization. And actively understand the national or local government's funding for the development and application of electric energy storage systems to promote the development of the lithium energy storage industry.

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