Analysis and Research on the Misunderstanding of Lithium Battery Discharge

by:CTECHi     2021-07-12

The more the lithium battery is discharged, the greater the loss of the battery. At Ekron University, Tom Hartley, a professor of electronic engineering who helped NASA research to extend battery life, said that the more fully charged the battery, The loss of the battery will be greater. Lithium batteries are best in an intermediate state of power, in which case the battery life is the longest.

First of all, too high and too low power states have the most adverse impact on the life of lithium batteries, and the number of charge and discharge cycles is secondary. In fact, the number of rechargeable recharges marked on most of the electrical appliances or batteries sold are based on 80% discharge as a benchmark test. Experiments show that for some laptop lithium batteries, the battery voltage is often higher than the standard voltage by 0.1 volts, that is, from 4.1 volts to 4.2 volts, then the battery life will be halved, and if it is increased by 0.1 volts, the life will be reduced to 3 One part; the long-term low or no power state will make the resistance of the battery to the movement of electrons become greater and greater, so the battery capacity becomes smaller. NASA has set the battery power consumption on its Hubble Space Telescope at 10% of the total capacity to ensure that the battery can be repeatedly charged and discharged 100,000 times without needing to be updated.

Secondly, temperature also has a greater impact on the life of lithium batteries (mobile phones and other small electronic devices can ignore this point). The environment below freezing point may cause the lithium battery to burn out when the electronic product is turned on, while the overheated environment will reduce the battery capacity. Therefore, if the laptop is used for a long time without removing the battery from an external power source, the battery will remain in the high heat discharged from the laptop for a long time. More importantly, the battery will be in a state of 100% power for a long time and will soon be scrapped.

From the above, we can summarize the following points for attention to ensure the capacity and life of lithium batteries:

Most electronic products use lithium batteries. Since their introduction in 1990, lithium-ion batteries have developed rapidly due to their excellent performance and have been widely used in society. Therefore, lithium battery manufacturers have achieved the largest development. There is no need to charge the lithium battery to 100% full, let alone run out of power. When the situation permits, try to keep the battery's capacity near the half-full state, and the smaller the range of charging and discharging, the better.

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