advantages of led solar street light projects

by:CTECHi     2020-03-15
LED street lamps are new alternatives to traditional street lamps such as lp, hp or MH street lamps.
LED lighting has many advantages compared with traditional incandescent lamps: LED street lamp environmental protection, energy saving, economyeffective.
Due to the latest technological advances in LED lighting, the intelligent \"green\" option for this outdoor lighting appears in the green scene.
But for you, the more \"green\" option is for solar street lighting through a recycled green energy lighting system.
Energy saving and environmental protection can be used in residential, road, park and other places.
High quality solar panels absorb sunlight and convert into electricity, then charge for maintenance
Free battery, finally automatic LED street light on rest day, automatic
Rest during the day.
The working method of the solar street lamp is: the solar panel absorbs the sun, converts it into electric energy, and drives the LED street lamp of 60 w.
The whole system mainly consists of: 60w LED street lamp, solar panel, lead-acid battery, solar street lamp controller, pole (suggest 6-8m height).
Due to different weather conditions in different countries and different market requirements, the specifications of the entire solar street lamp system, especially solar panels and batteries, depend on the following factors: the local average daily sunshine time.
System working hours per night.
On rainy days, the backup day of the solar system.
Advantages of LED solar street lamps 1).
Low power 2).
High power, high strength.
Save all your electricity bills.
Savings on transformer and cable costs.
Free repair 4).
Environmental impact-
Elimination of dangerous disposal.
Longer service life: the service life of solar panels is 20-25 years.
The service life of LED street lamp is 6-8 years.
Battery life is 4-6 years.
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