10 best Bluetooth speakers

by:CTECHi     2020-03-26
The latest Bluetooth speaker offers excellent sound and is still the easiest way to listen to your favorite music without the need for cumbersome wires.
We have selected 10 of the best speakers on the market and highlighted some pointers on which features to pay attention to when purchasing.
When choosing a Bluetooth speaker, the first question to ask yourself is how portable you need it to be.
Some speakers are basically just a replacement for hifi, offering top speakers
High quality audio is no hassle, while the others are small enough to fit in the pocket, there are plenty of options between the two.
The smaller and lighter the less audio is done, but the more places you can take it.
Those seeking a truly portable speaker should be aware of whether the speaker will be dropped on the floor or left out in the rain.
Many speakers are now durable and fully waterproof.
What additional features need to be considered.
Many Bluetooth speakers are still just like this: Speakers, Bluetooth connections and power supplies-power supplies or batteries.
Others, however, include wifi audio streaming, which allows you to do other things on your phone when the music continues to play on the speaker.
Some portable models also allow you to charge from other USB devices, while others include microphones so that you can answer the phone through the speaker.
Some portable speakers also offer mono audio optionscalled 360-
Or more traditional stereo listening. Mono and 360-
Degree speakers are ideal for filling space with music, while stereo speakers are more suitable for close range use
For example, when you are watching a movie on your laptop, where you want to keep the stereo image.
We tested the ease of use, functionality, design, build quality and sound quality of each speaker in a variety of situations, including quiet bedroom listening, larger living room, kitchen listening and outdoor.
We also tested the portability and durability of portable models.
JBL Charge 4 is named because it can Charge your other USB devices.
While this is not a unique feature, it certainly does not have all the other models.
With a battery of 7,500, it can run for 20 hours on its own, or it can charge a typical modern phone several times.
It\'s also a fully waterproof speaker built in-
In the microphone so you can answer the phone with it (sounds great ).
It also offers proper stereo, so it is ideal as an audio upgrade for a laptop.
It is this versatility that allows us to choose the best overall Bluetooth speaker.
Buy nowBang & Olufsen is famous for its high quality
Terminal audio and video devices and Beolit 17 are exactly what you expect from the company\'s Bluetooth speakers.
It is a larger unit measuring 230x189x135mm with a weight of 2 lbs.
6 kg, but its lack of portability makes up for all other categories.
It is of excellent construction quality with aluminum frame and leather handle.
It also sounds great thanks to a huge 5.
5 in the bass drive, two 4 in the passive bass radiator and three 1.
A total of 240 W audio power.
Despite such a huge audio setting, it can still be used on the battery for 24 hours.
Minirig 2 is a great portable Bluetooth speaker.
There\'s a big 3-
The inch speaker, though only 102x73mm in size and just under 500g in weight, produces surprisingly powerful and rich audio.
It may only have mono, but it exceeds the sound quality and volume of many much larger units.
Its aluminum case is also stylish and very tough, and once in the supplied padded case it can almost survive even though it is not waterproof. The British-
The Made Minirig 2 also lasted an amazing 80 hours (typical 50 hours) for a single charge ).
The Volve is an elegant, powerful, easy-to-use Bluetooth speaker that sounds great.
It looks great for its aluminum look, trendy little fabric handle and simple aesthetics.
Its full range of powerful sounds is also very clear and you can-
Built-in speaker function microphone.
With a battery life of 16 hours, it\'s easy to last a few barbecues, and the IPX4 splash-proof feature ensures that it also survives in strange showers.
UE Wonderboom is a small but sturdy speaker that weighs only 94x100mm and weighs 430g, perfect for living on the road or next to the pool.
Its waterproof grade is IPX7, which means it can survive for half an hour in water up to one metre, and its sturdy look will not be hit.
It even comes with a built-in
In the fabric ring, attach it to the outside of the bag.
Sound quality and volume are also good-enough for some pool side fun-while a 10 hour battery life means you should be able to enjoy a day or two between two charges.
The deal was facilitated by a modest price of £ 60.
The B & W Zeppelin was one of the most popular iPod docking stations of the time and was well designed.
The same design has now been redesigned into more modern speakers that support the latest Bluetooth and wifi audio standards, including Spotify and AirPlay.
This is a big hifi.
Change the speakers and have a huge room
Fill the sound, due to its subwoofer size 6, 2, 2. 5in mid-
Range driver and two 1in tweeters.
What you get here is not just power, but precision.
That\'s it if you want a real hifi replacement.
If you\'re looking for a strong but powerful portable speaker, the UE Boom 3 is a great choice.
It is in size 73x184mm and weighs 608G, small enough and light enough to carry it with you and can be used continuously.
It is completely waterproof, tough in appearance and can withstand a lot of drops.
Sounds great too.
Its two 2in drivers and two 4in passive radiators generate 360-
There is enough strength and detail to the extent of spatial sound.
The battery life of 15 hours is not amazing, but it should allow you to spend a few days of use before charging is needed.
Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2 offers something different.
They are not stand-alone speakers, but a pair that can be used as a general Bluetooth speaker system and can also be used to upgrade PC or TV audio.
The cabinets are designed with walnut finish or smooth light gray, and both look and feel are great.
You can also connect digital and analog sources as well as Bluetooth devices.
As you expect from such a large unit, they provide a rich and powerful sound, full of detail.
If you want a simplein-
A home audio upgrade and they are a great choice.
Buy now is far from the first name to think of when it comes to audio products, but its ENEBYspeakers are a surprisingly qualified entry.
The large version has a small version (45) or a large version (80) designed to fit perfectly into the KALLAX shelf unit at Ikea, or both can be used independently.
The small edition also has an optional battery pack (£ 15 ).
Both versions look great and very easy to use.
Their prices are also much cheaper than you think.
This is not a good choice for backpackers, but it is a good choice for Ikea finders.
Buy Tivoli Andiamo now and its full purpose is to give the smallest possible speaker the ultimate in structure and sound quality.
It is only 135x55mm in size and is a small puck but can still be placed on a large puck.
The 5in driver and the 3in passive radiator create amazing powerful and detailed sound.
The design is also lovely: The outside is full of aluminum, and there is a real leather strap on the outside, which is every bit of the designer.
20 hours of battery life is also good.
Buy the amazing battery life of Minirig 2 now, small-
The size and excellent sound quality make it one of our favorite portable Bluetooth speakers, while for-
Home listening to the beautiful design and powerful, detailed sound of B & O Play Beolit 17 is a great choice.
However, the waterproof, excellent sound quality and overall versatility of JBL Charge 4 make it the Bluetooth speaker of our choice.
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