\'We believe our beautiful baby could have been saved\': Mother whose daughter died in agonising pain after eating a button battery was turned away from hospital THREE times

by:CTECHi     2019-12-05
A coroner found that medical staff provided \"reasonable care\" for a baby girl who died by swallowing a button-down battery that was not seen at three hospital visits
In 2015, the doctor sent the little girl home three times, thinking that her vomiting and fever were due to infection.
But Isabella\'s heartbreaking mother, Alison Reese, believesyear-
The elderly could have been saved and urged all parents to trust their intuition in the health of their children.
Isabella\'s parents took her to the Sunshine Hospital in western Melbourne for the fourth time after finding her covered in blood.
Doctor\'s and x-
Ray, but it was too late by then and the baby died soon.
The discovery came too late. Isabella, known as Bella, died shortly after 19 days of illness.
Health, including symptoms of vomiting, fever, and black stool.
Coroner Caitlin English, after hearing testimony from witnesses, medical experts and parents of the Girl, released her findings on Thursday.
She found that Isabella\'s parents raised concerns at multiple hospital visits that they suspected their daughter might have swallowed something.
These concerns are not translated into medical documents.
But MS English also agrees with the consensus of medical experts that \"medical care is reasonable \".
The Lei couple are worried that Bella may have swallowed something vague and not specific.
She said there were no incidents of swallowing, choking or choking together.
\"I am not satisfied that the records and concerns of hospital staff about them will change Bella\'s medical process.
She also noted that battery intake is difficult to diagnose, which can lead to internal ulcers and bleeding, but with general symptoms of fever and vomiting. \'The non-
The specificity of symptoms after food intake makes diagnosis particularly difficult, especially in young children.
Bella\'s mother, Alison Reese, thanked the coroner for the \"sensitive and attentive\" attitude of the investigation in an emotional message outside the court.
\"We think it is important, not only for our family and friends, but also for every child and family in Victoria, to hear Bella\'s story in the coroner\'s court, she said.
\"We believe that our beautiful Bella can be saved, especially in the early detection and intervention of button battery intake.
Mrs. Reese from Mount Taylor sent a message to all parents and carers telling them that while they may not be doctors, they know their children better than anyone else.
Make sure you tell your concerns.
Make sure someone hears you.
Because doing so could save your child\'s life, she says.
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