Promote research on basic materials for lithium batteries to improve battery safety

by:CTECHi     2021-08-06

On November 8, 2018, the 3rd Power Battery Application International Summit (CBIS2018) of 'Lithium Thinking' with the theme of 'New Era · Breaking: The Road to Industrial Transition' was held in Xingji, Beijing. The Birman Hotel opened. Wu Feng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, and chairman of the Expert Committee of the Power Battery Application Branch of the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the summit. The content of the speech is as follows.

Feng Wu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, chairman of the Expert Committee of the Power Battery Application Branch of the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association:

Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning! Secretary-General Liu made a very good speech, and I will say a few more words. First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations on the smooth convening of the 3rd International Summit on Power Battery Application in 2018. Warmly welcome friends from home and abroad.

Currently, China’s new energy automobile industry is shifting from policy-driven to market-led. The market-oriented competition in the power battery industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and industrial integration is advancing in depth. Related companies Both will face a more severe test and challenge. Although my country's power battery industry has made remarkable achievements in recent years, it still faces many problems that need to be solved urgently. For example, power batteries still face many technical bottlenecks that need to be broken through: including how to improve safety and driving range? How to achieve long life and low cost? And battery recycling and so on. In addition, there are overall overcapacity of batteries, insufficient high-quality production capacity, tight capital chains of related companies, and a new round of reshuffle is accelerating.

As we all know, the progress of materials science can often bring great strides forward to related industries. New materials should be designed and developed according to the market's demand for battery performance. For example, to develop battery cathode materials with high specific volume and low cost, we need to start with battery reaction mechanism and basic materials to conduct research and breakthroughs; to develop high-safety electrolyte materials, we need to develop both non-organic systems and solid-state materials. Development in different directions; in order to meet the use of new energy vehicles in high-cold and high-altitude areas, we need to start with battery materials to improve the battery's temperature adaptability and reliability. How to avoid re-pollution to the environment in the process of recycling and regeneration of used batteries? What are the prerequisites and conditions for battery echelon utilization? These problems are related to the better promotion and application of new energy vehicles and power batteries, and many of them often use key materials as a breakthrough.

When you walk out of the hotel, you can feel that Beijing is being hit by a cold snap in the past two days. When nature is about to enter the severe winter, will our power battery industry enter the severe winter again? We are well aware of the twists and turns of the development road, but as long as we make unremitting efforts and carry forward the spirit of innovation and science, we will have a bright future!

We are pleased to see that many companies still have the courage to devote considerable funds to basic research, scientific research innovation and industrial upgrading even when funds are very tight. This is also an important factor in our power battery industry's unremitting development. It can be expected that the materials, technology, structural design, process and system of power batteries and related theories are gestating a major change; what follows will be the comprehensive performance of power batteries, including a substantial increase in cost performance and market development. Greater demand.

I hope that through the two-day meeting and exchanges, I can bring different ideas to the guests at the conference, further stimulate our enthusiasm for lithium battery research, and jointly contribute to the development of the global lithium battery industry Contribute! So as to promote the development of new energy vehicles and the progress of national science and technology and economic prosperity. thank you all!

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