pedro arrais review: audi a3 e-tron a zap of fresh air

by:CTECHi     2020-02-09
The Audi A3, already one of the most satisfying cars on the road, has just secured a new power unit that stands out in the crowded luxury market.
High-end brands have added an e-commerce platform this year.
The current model of the A3 lineup.
It joins the regular A3 sedan, a taxi and a high
Performance S3 sedan. The e-
There is only one body type in Trona five-
Audi car door hatchback or sports carspeak.
It\'s only available with the front-
Wheel drive and sixspeed double-
Automatic manual transmission of clutch.
I opened a version of Technik with several options.
This is the most exciting thing found under the hood.
The high-end brand has owned fuel for years.
TDI is a turbo diesel that calls for frugality.
Unfortunately, as part of the Volkswagen group, it is involved in a scandal over diesel engines. The e-
Tron may just be the white knight who saved the day.
For the first electric vehicle, the company went out of its way to ensure its success in the market.
First, they made it into a plug.
In hybrid, turbocharged, directinjection 1. 4-litre four-
Cylinder engine with 75-
KW motor (
Weight 34 kg).
Doing so means that in some cases the driver may not have to go to the gas station.
Regular gasoline-
The electric hybrid operates on pure power under certain conditions, and with the acceleration of speed, the electric hybrid returns from battery to gasoline.
In essence, it helps reduce the load but will never replace the gas engine.
Even if you are the most careful driver, the small battery pack on most hybrid cars will be at stop-and-go driving. The e-
Tron provides four modes of control for the driver: with plug
In the system, the battery is larger and can be charged when not in use, which the normal hybrid cannot do.
In electric vehicle mode, the car can drive 26 kilometers separately using the battery under optimal conditions (
According to Audi).
If your commute is short, you won\'t spend a penny on gas.
In mixed mode,
Like other hybrid vehicles, Tron uses either or both of the power devices according to demand and load.
Unlike other hybrid cars, Audi owners can lock electric motors on demand in hybrid hold mode.
This feature is desirable in cases where the driver may wish to keep the battery in reserve.
In some cities, for example, electric vehicles have lower fees for entering designated areas because they help reduce urban pollution.
Drivers will want to use gasoline to get to the outskirts of the city and restore power while working in the core.
In the last option, hybrid charging mode, the internal combustion engine helps to charge the battery for later use.
Although a lot of effort has been made in fuel efficiency, Audi has not forgotten to help enthusiasts who put it on the map. The e-
The motor of Tron is 243. -ft.
Use the torque of the motor alone.
If the pedal is metal, the gasoline engine works at the same time, increasing the power at hand.
Audi claims 7. 6-second 0-
The maximum speed is 100 km/h and the acceleration time is 220 km/h.
The parallel hybrid power unit has 204 horsepower (
Electric 102 hp, 150 hp gas engine)and 258 lb. -ft.
Combined torque (
243 electric and 184 gas engine only).
On the way, it\'s easy to forget that it\'s a hybrid and enjoy driving that is known for its marque without any loss.
In fact, in the electric car mode, the car is the most interesting, seamless power supply from the hat.
Put your foot on the pedal and you can drive 130 km/h on the electric juice alone.
There is very little visual thing to distinguish between emails except badges
Tron from the traditional Brothers(
Well, big tip-
Is sports car of body
You can\'t mix systems in any other body style. )The plug-
Because the electric car battery is hidden behind the Audi logo on the car grille.
There are 8 vehicles. 8-kWh lithium-
Ion battery pack (
Under the back seat)
Consists of 96 units arranged in 8 modules, 12 units per module.
The battery system consists of the bottom shell of the mold-
Top case of aluminum and polymer weighing 125 (
Battery included-
Management Controller and junction box). The e-
Tron can pass 240-
Volt home charging station or home 120-volt outlet.
With the former, the car can be charged in less than three hours.
It takes about eight hours to charge a fully depleted battery with the latter.
In some jurisdictions, car owners may want to charge vehicles during off hourspeak hours.
The timer will delay charging before that.
When plugged in the charger, e-
Tron owners can program cars as pre-warm or pre-
Cool the vehicle to expand the range on the road.
People with smartphones can check the charging status of the car.
The interior of e-commerce
Tron is almost the same as regular a3.
The quality of the brand, quality, fit and finish is beyond reproach.
There is only a small difference between e-commerce
Audi such as war discipline.
The button on the dashboard allows the driver to cycle into driving mode.
This information is displayed on the information screen on the instrument cluster and multiple devices
The function screen at the top of the center console.
Audi is unique and offers drivers the option to turn off the central screen.
Not only that, in an otherwise busy world, the screen retracts back to the dashboard, reducing visual confusion.
The meter replaces the tachometer in the meter container. The e-
Tron has a traditional gas meter and a meter that can also give you the battery power of your electric car. The e-
Tron can be ordered at one of three trim levels: ultra (lower case u)
Progressive SIV and top line technology companies.
The price starts at a reasonable $39,200 (a Prius plug-
By contrast, starting at $35,905).
I have a navigation system behind my car.
Check out the camera, Bang & Olufsen sound system, LED headlights, and advanced parking systems with front and rear sensors.
The technology package adds active lane assist and adaptive cruise control. As far as plug-
In mixed competition, e-
Tron can work with Toyota Prius and Ford C-MAX Energi.
Toyota has a smaller battery and less mileage, and the latter has more than a few kilometers of battery life.
However, neither the quality level nor the performance can be compared with Audi. The e-
Tron is a rare example in the automotive field where you can also eat cakes.
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